"The hunters" book in borderlands 3

Can someone post a clear screenshot of the book found on most maps as on console its impossible to read same as the easter eggs on borderlands 2 were such as the bsod and facebook pages


3 days and nothing … wow gotta love that community spirit

Maybe nobody knew wtf you were talking about. I certainly don’t. “the book found on most maps” means nothing to me whatsoever.

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There’s an open book object found in many locations (I believe it’s in Sanctuary, too) that seems to tell a story about vault hunters. I suspect it’s written in Marcus’ storytelling style, but it’s too blurry to read - on console, anyway.

Ah I see, that’s a lot less confusing.

It’s blurry on PC too, this is on ‘Badass’ settings.

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It’s entirely illegible no matter what you do. There’s like ten copies in Wainwright’s home that I have stared at while farming Whispering Ice. I gave up trying to read it.

Which is moderately absurd because it absolutely has words in there. You can make some out in certain sections. So it’s not like they just put totally fake text there.

Do we need badass settings at 4k? Because that would be a nightmare to even pay for. Lol.

Not entirely illegible. The first words clearly are, “so, you want to hear a story, eh?” I am guessing this is from one of the game-opening scripts that Marcus reads.


And the last line on the first page appears to include ‘beautiful day full of opportunity’…


Mos def. It may be the opening script from BL1?

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Well i included the name of the book in the title and most maps because im gonna be honest its everywhere and ive even noticed any paper lying on the floor has about a 60% chance of being a page from the book and once i strategically complained about the community the post immediately had people replying

Not everyone looks at things like that. I only helped out because someone explained it, had @jgartenbenz not explained it you’d still be without SS’s. If you explained it better in the post I wouldn’t have ignored it like I did the first time.

And, honestly, I only knew what it was about because I spent a fair amount of time staring hard at the blurry book in question, wondering about its significance myself.

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Well @kabflash and @jgartenbenz if you didn’t know what i meant from my description considering i wasnt at my console when i was asking so i couldnt get a better description then thats not my fault but seriously if you see a post and ignore it once and come back because someone says about a lack of community spirit you literally prove my point

I didn’t ignore it once. I didn’t see it until after you whinge-bumped it and kabflash responded. It’s a relatively busy forum. A lot of threads get washed away with minimal response just due to traffic, not necessarily because they’re being actively ignored.

It’s best if folks talk about the game, rather than other forum users.