The hunters: Fanart and a short Marquis X Thorn story summary

Out of nowhere, yes, but this has been something I’ve thought about for awhile. So yeah until there is a fanfiction page, I’m going to write and place what I have on my story here. This is for those who are interested in a story of how these two could possibly come together.

The story takes place between the algorithim, the void, and the renegade. The team comes back with ISIC, but are also hurt, injured, bruised, in crappy condition. The cause of this is Marquis and Thorn’s hatred toward one another, not really wanting to fight together at all. This is noticed by Ghalt, as well as the other Battleborn, and though some would agree with one over the other, they know that the fighting between the two must stop, before they pay the price for their inability to put aside their dislike for one another.

Ghalt calls in both Thorn and Marquis, who are also injured, but not from ISIC’s doing. Ghalt gives them a speech, telling them by fighting one another, they are helping the real enemy. That there is a real threat is staring them in the face, and that with all the in-fighting they only improve the enemies chances of victory. Thorn understands, but Marquis does not accept Ghalt’s sound logic. Ghalt figured as much, which had been why he included Phoebe in the conversation. Phoebe tells Marquis to put aside his petty squabbles, and to work with those he considers “hobos”. Marquis voices his opinions, and tells them all that he would rather die then look like the hobos he is fighting alongside. Even worse, he insults Thorn when he says that there was simply no chance that a penniless, jobless, savage such as her could possibly work with someone as sophisticated and popular as he. Thorn glares at him, ready to pounce, and she would have if Ghalt didn’t have Montana and Oscar Mike waiting outside the room in case something happens. Ghalt glares at Marquis, and tells him that with that attitude he would be among the first to die in the dark. Marquis scoffs, and Thorn cracks a smile, glad that Ghalt had put him in his place. Phoebe voices her outrage at Marquis, and tells him unless he wizened up to their current predicament, that he would be fired, Marquis takes the conversation more seriously after that. Ghalt then tells the two that they are to get along with one another, and that starting right then and now, they were bunking with one another. The two rise in unison, not wanting anything to do with one another. Ghalt’s voice hardens, and tells them that this will prove their loyalty to the cause, and that if the two kept fighting or killed one another, they would be booted from the Battleborn. At this, the immediately quiet down, and grudgingly accept Ghalt’s terms. Phoebe looks to Marquis, as he nods in understanding. As the two begin to walk out of the command deck, Ghalt tells them to start packing up, and start moving their stuff to an agreed upon room. When they reach the door, it opens automatically, sending both Montana and Oscar Mike falling forward on to the ground. It’s obvious the two were ease dropping, but that doesn’t matter. The two make their way past them, and begin taking their belongings to their new room. There the two fight over who get’s top bunk, ending with Thorn kicking Marquis in the face. The magnus is about retaliate when he stops and realizes she has already infected the bed with poor people cooties, but vows to pay her back none the less.

Days pass, and there is no improvement. The two are not communicating, and are becoming worse. Ghalt begins to think the plan is a bad idea, until a mission from Ekkunar presents itself as a solution. The L.L.C. have sent an ambassador to it’s people to show off a new magnus. The magnus goes rogue, and kills a member of the observatory. This causes the Eldrid faction to distrust the L.L.C., as they begin to attack L.L.C. embassy’s with representatives. Ghalt calls both Marquis and Thorn to the command deck, as well as Oscar Mike. Marquis and Thorn glare at one another, causing Oscar Mike to walk nervously between the two. This was not his choice, the two walked on opposite ends, leaving him only the middle. He just hoped they didn’t start a fight, even he could sense their tension. When they get there, Kleese, Ghalt, ISIC, and Orendi are there. Ghalt and Kleese then tell the five their mission. To restore peace between the two factions, and to hunt down this rogue magnus. The irony of the situation is not lost on ISIC, who can’t help but laugh at his current predicament. He doesn’t want to do this mission, but since Kleese had “Fixed” his “Bugs”, he had no choice in the matter. Kleese had said he wanted to test ISIC in the field, to see if he actually works, which was why he was going on this mission. If he died, it didn’t matter to Kleese, it meant one less crazy A.I. to worry about. Why Orendi was there, she really, really, really wanted to go. Angry homicidal residents of Ekkunar, and trigger happy magnuses of the L.LC. hell yes, it was going to be a blood bath, how could she not join for this mission. Oscar Mike was there to keep the peace, and to keep both factions from lashing out and make the situation worse. Thorn and Marquis had been called because they needed to hunt down the rogue. If it was as dangerous and crafty as the L.L.C. claimed it had been, it was better to have competent hunters that could kill this thing at a distance without risk of loss. Kleese and Ghalt make their objectives clear, they were to protect the people, keep the peace, hunt down this A.I., and if possible find out why it had done what it done if it wasn’t crazy. Thorn just laughs at the idea, as she says that there was no possible way they were going to talk to this “thing”. It was a murder machine programmed for war, it doesn’t feel, care, or know anything other then that. It couldn’t possibly feel anything, for it had no soul. This remark was made toward Marquis as she said this, Marquis just looks at her with the only expression he’s capable of. His face remains blank, but he adjusts his eyes to let her know he was glaring. Right then, Nova cut in, and asks Thorn if that was what she truly thought of A.I.'s. That they were beings unworthy of respect, understanding or protection. Thorn then realizes that Marquis isn’t the only A.I. in this room, and that in fact ISIC and Nova had heard this as well. ISIC takes no offense, cause it was obvious this was how she felt toward the gentleman sniper. Nova couldn’t help but feel hurt. Either way, Thorn had said what she said, and only hoped that the two didn’t take too much of an offense. Though this quip was made toward Marquis, this had been how she felt about A.I.'s. An awkward silence ensues, and no one says a thing. Kleese awkwardly ends the silence, and says the meeting is over. As they all leave the command deck, Marquis stops Thorn at the door, and tells her that she is right, he does feel nothing for her, but it was not because he was a machine.

Now there is a lot more. This story will take us from Ekkunar, to the Detritus Rings, to the L.L.C. Arc fleet.

On Ekkunar, Thorn and Marquis hunt this rogue, albeit reluctantly when they bump into one another. They end up as slaves, and are forced to fight one another to the death in the Detritus rings. Long story short, the two get along, but none of the lovey dovey crap. Their bond will become close, but awkward as neither are willing to have their egos deflated. The two unknowingly begin to lower their guards, as they realize there is more to the fading universe and each other, then just the way they envisioned it. They learn this concept through one another, and though they try to keep hating one another, there are certain traits about one another they can’t help but cherish and respect.

Orendi and ISIC discover the true villain pulling the strings, and are caught at a crossroads. The two must either decide to take action, which would most likely end in their deaths and the needless deaths of others, or to to wait for the right moment. After a Dirty Harry moment between the two pointing their weapons at one another, they come to a compromise, which not only helps the team, but also tortures their enemies at the same time.

Ghalt and Kleese are indisposed, as the ship is blown out of the sky, and are forced to abandon ship. Said ship crashes into the secret house Phoebe had given Marquis for his stay on Ekkunar. She used this location to study Eldrid magic, and to see if she could combine it with her technology. They hide near the observatory, as the chaos goes on below.

Oscar Mike is taken by the villain, and is being kept alive for a horrifying purpose. ISIC hurt his feelings, Thorn and Marquis are missing, and the Battleborn have become the enemies of the Eldrid, the U.P.R, and the L.L.C. In short, this badass is scared s@#tless.

Now that there is a fanfiction page for the story, I present to you all the link:
I hope this inspires others to make fanfics of their own in this dying universe with badass characters, with even more badass stories to be told. Of course disclaimer, Battleborn belongs Gearbox Software. I would also like to thank Gearbox Software for making this great game. Love it to pieces, and can’t wait for the stories and maps ahead.

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Nice work, yo! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well it’s your lucky day, just accepted my suggestion they add a Battleborn category, so you’re good to go.
Plan to add some Battleborn fics myself…if I ever get around to them.

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Thank you :smile: thank you so much. I look forward to your fanfics as well.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: and if you’re looking forward to it, mind if I ask for any advice? How many times have you played the Algorithm mission?

I have played the mission only five times. Two times with Marquis, one time with Thorn, and one time with Rath. The fifth time was with Oscar Mike, which I played solo. As for advice, what do you need it on for your story? I’m guessing the story takes place on the mission the algorithim, so what would you like me to answer for it?

Hmm, that might help…and you’re right, it does take place during the Algorithm, now it also has to do with my Crossover Battleborn thread, the idea is for an adaption of the mission so I can have two canon Battleborn and four of the crossover ones (the squad sent in consists of five members…but Cosmo Kramer ‘invites himself’ into it) be the ones sent in to deal with it.
Now I haven’t decided exactly on who I might send in for this possible story save Kramer, partially because I might use some characters I haven’t even released yet, and partially because of something else I need…the specialized dialogue for the mission, now since you’ve played it multiple times, do you think you could help fill me in on it?

I’m not sure I can help you with dialogue, it changes each time you go back and play the level. Three of the times I played this level, I got the same dialogue, the fourth and fifth time were only slightly different. None of the dialogue was memorable, save entertaining, it was basically them guiding you and telling you to move forward, with ISIC threatening you along the way. The only thing consistent is ISIC’s ambush. What the characters say is something you need to learn through listening to their dialogue through the game. The only thing that would be different, would be how the characters you choose would react to the situation. As for characters, I would suggest Carl from ATHF, Kramer, Wile E. Coyote, the other two being the two characters from Battleborn.

Don’t sell yourself short…I know it changes every level, and that’s why I need advice, I’ve heard some samples of it. But I don’t know every combination…you could tell me what ones you did hear, especially the beginning dialogue. And since I’m unable to play the game due to wireless troubles, that isn’t an option…still, thank you for your advice, that is helpful.
While those are good suggestions, you should be aware I have plenty of characters in the works currently (such as, for example, Rorschach from Watchmen, the Tazmanian Devil, Alchemiss from Freedom Force, Chica from Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls) so you can still see why I’m unsure exactly who to use…still, I’ll consider your advice, though there’d be six characters on account of how Kramer’s involved due to ‘inviting himself.’

Believe me, the only dialogue I got from any of the characters was Marquis’s, and it was him telling Kleese how right he was about magnuses like him being insane. At the moment, I’m trying to write to write my fanfic, but I have no idea how to begin it. I mean, I know how the chapter will be, but what to write at the opening to hook readers is proving to be a real pain. As for your crossover characters, I’d try to keep out of the main stream. It’s exciting with characters like Rorschach , Taz, and Alchemiss, but these are characters that could fit into Battleborn seemlessly. Gravity falls may fit, but it is also a kid show, it’s bad guy is an eyeball with a pyramid for a body. FNAF is not a good idea either, as the animatronics are evil, or have no reasoning. Ghalt wants people to join their cause, but not so desperate to hire those that would undermine or not care for what it is their fighting for.

Really?..Okay, then is there any dialogue at the beginning?
I know what you mean, it happens to all of us…Were you planning to start it after the mission of The Algorithm?
I disagree, I can draw good potential characters from pretty much anywhere (plus I usually use characters I’m familiar with), and the mainstream can provide good choices too, like Sander Cohen for example. Rorschach, Taz and Alchemiss do work well, but Bill Cipher’s just as good of a choice, after all Loony Tunes may not be strictly for kids but it’s pretty child friendly…plus, Bill Cipher is bat**** insane, and Gravity Falls has a lot of mature elements in it…Cipher could fit in the setting pretty well (especially with how I plan to use him) and under normal circumstances he’d never help the Battleborn…my version would only do so because only HE gets to end the universe in his eye, so he wants to work with them until he has what he wants…while Kleese is planning to kill Cipher when this is all over for a failed deal he made while younger. And I wouldn’t straightforward adapt FNAF, it’s more like a character based off of Chica, whose personality is more like a caricature of her…she’s more Magnus than haunted machine (or maybe a mix of both?) Truth be told though, I added Bill because I was having trouble in figuring out people to draw from the Jennerit.

This is what I got so far.

A ship lands in an abandoned U.P.R. base, as a man retrieves his team after their long fought battle. This man is Trevor Ghalt, captain of the ship Nova, and he leads a group called the Battleborn. The Battleborn consists of individuals from the five remaining factions left within a dying universe. This group has put aside their differences, and faction affiliations to fight a trader named Lothar Rendain, who has allied himself with the cosmic horrors known as the Varelsi.

These beings are the ones responsible for the destruction and darkening of countless worlds, and their stars. During such times, you’d think that those remaining would unite to fight a common enemy, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Those who have survived the darkening, have all gutter balled around Solus, the last star in the universe. The five remaining factions mentioned earlier, all hold different ideals and beliefs, and fight each other for what is left.

The Battleborn are those who are willing to fight alongside each other, despite their own interests, but for some, it is much easier said then done. There are still those who fight within this group, and the actions of these two individuals had nearly cost their team the mission, as well as their lives. The two I speak of, exist within the opposite spectrum of life and belief. One is of flesh, blood, and magic, while the other is of metal, wire, and evolutionary science.

The former’s name is Thorn, an Aelfrin from a faction known as the Eldrid. The Eldrid value the natural universe, and spend great deals of their time and resources, observing, preserving, and cataloging all that they learn and find. The latter’s name is Marquis, a magnus from a faction known as the Last Light Consortium, or the L.L.C. for short. The L.L.C. are the war profiteers of Solus, supplying the factions with machines of war in their endless pursuit of profit.

The two are proud hunters, with more in common then they know.

Hmm, and this is the actual story writing, yes?

Yes, I’m actually about to post the first chapter as a sort of intro, much like how Kleese had introduced us to the game in the prologue.

Here is the actual fanfic page:

Groovy, I’ll go read it soon…also, been thinking more about who to use for the story, I’m thinking Carl’d be a good choice after all, as well as El Dragon…undecided about whether or not to use either Thorn or Ambra, either Alchemiss or Paige, and either Mr. Bubbles or Kamina from Gurren Lagann (who I’m also planning to adapt to this setting), while the fan characters I can choose, it’s Thorn or Ambra that’s really got me wondering…also, if I decide to go with Thorn, could I have some advice in writing her?

Use Thorn, Paige, and Kamina. As for Thorn, I’d say keep her dialogue straight to the point. The woman is smart, but doesn’t say much for conversation. She will say what she will do, and will not do, and will not bother to hide her contempt for someone if she doesn’t like them or if they say something she knows isn’t true. If she likes you, she will likely join you in a high five or give you a simple nod. Thorn is a woman of anger, action and vengeance, she does not like those who waste her time with stupid notions.

Hmm, those sound reasonable, though I’d have to finish Kamina first before I even tried the story…and still undecided on Thorn or Ambra, on one hand I don’t need two healers and both ladies are quite interesting…on the other hand, while Carl hitting on Thorn and constantly getting injured for it, due to Ambra’s classist tendencies it’d be even funnier for her to do it as she’d get even more upset with him, and probably be worse to him than Thorn would.
Also, thanks for the tip, if I use Thorn I’ll use these guidelines.

Change of plans, I won’t be using Kamina for this…I came up with an even better idea (chuckles) betcha nobody’ll see my new Battleborn choice comin.