★★ The Hyperion K4RT ( go Kart ) by T-man

Ok, time to get this started.


this things gonna be SWEEEEET!

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I’ll post this now. My subs have seen these videos already. But not the pics.

Then it was time to do some sheet metal work for the lower foot areas.


These were made from 2" flat stock X 1/4 thick


@T_man- this looks like it’s gonna be amazing! Passing along to the team because go karts!

Thanks for the kind words everyone.




Now its time to start working on the steering.


here is a spoiler … if this video gets to laggy you can see it here. http://blip.tv/tmansgokarts/hyperion-k4rt-go-kart-test-drive-7203566

( VIDEO REMOVED ) The platform that supplied hosting has shut down. Sorry.

Please let me know what you guys think so far? Do you want me to keep post this on the forum?

As much as you don’t want to risk banging it up, you just cant resist driving it haha!

LOL, ya… I’ve done that with all my builds. I get to the point of steering, engine and axle set up and I just have to try it. heck some times I dont even have brakes ready. I jump on it and take it for a drive.

After the steering was done , it was time to work on the body panels.

These last two show how I set up the mounting brackets for the rear panel.

Here is a few pics of it somewhat assembled.

In this video I was at the peak of being sick ( i think it was pneumonia ) but I was irritated, couldn’t talk right, was getting frustrated with everything.

Ops forgot this one

This is how I did the foot Wells.

Hell, yes.

Ok great, well in the next video thats going public, the front panel is made and I start building the mounts for it. So in the video its unpainted.
But here are some pics I did when I was painting it…

Here is the next video…

From the video above , here are a few pics of the bracket/support painted.

Now in this video I make some “look -a - like” booster rockets.

I forgot to put these up. These are some of the larger plates painted also. The first picture 2" x 1/4 " thick flat stock… second picture is 2" x 3/16 thick flat stock. I made 3 of them.