The "I can't play Borderlands 3" bug to end all "I can't play Borderlands 3" bugs

i bought this game yesterday. haven’t gotten to play it yet and it’s already given me an aneurysm.

but to put things nicely and clearly, i have been unable to open borderlands 3 AT ALL. i launch the game, and it gets to the 2k logo screen before freezing and using 100% disk space. here are some things i have tried to fix it:

  • deleting the game and reinstalling
  • deleting the launcher AND the game
  • disabling cloud saves
  • launching the game offline
  • rolling back, then reinstalling, multiple updates on windows 10 AND my gtx 1070
  • running the original .exe as admin
  • running epic games launcher as admin
  • completely wiping my pc and reinstalling ONLY the required items to play borderlands 3
  • contacting epic games support (haha, no luck yet)

i am completely out of ideas. o great gods of PC, please save me from this torment, and assist me in playing this game

Maybe it is your computer? Not doubting you though. I have had trouble with the game as well.

Since you say it’s using 100% disk space - what file(s) are growing and taking up that space?

And how much RAM is on your system?

What are your PC specs?

$150 says your video card is below spec (regardless of what Epic/Gearbox might say). My kid has a 1070 and can’t play. I just put in a new Titanium card and mine works. Still it’d be kinda nice if I dunno Gearbox would give some official responses.

I have a 1070 and I can play. You can absolutely play this game with many of the low-middle end GPUs out there. Unless he’s running something like intel chipset graphics

Well that’s hopeful and pisses me off at the same time :slight_smile: Stupid Bethes…errr…Gearbox!