The ideal composition of races in 3v3

Right now i consider a synergy of fleets best.

You need one player to go for BCs, just because they are that strong. Hiigarans are obviously the best candidate for this.
Then you need some early game, fighters, corvettes. Vaygr reign supreme. Did you know that a swarm of meager assault craft can shred a torp frig hyper rush with ease?
Lastly, a HW1 race, currently leaning to Taiidan. Support is the key. You have the cheap probes, the cheap scouts, defenders, repair corvs, salvage and of course, grav wells.

A mix of these 3 races should be ideal.

What do you think? Tell of your experiences with setups.

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You’ve pretty much nailed what, in my experience, is probably the best setup for 3v3s (at least for crimson bond).

Hiigaran are necessary for the fastest BC tech rush as well as having a BC that can project damage far easier than the Vaygr equivalent.

Vaygr have spammable strikecraft which is great for fending off opponents’ strikecraft or torp frigate harass early on. Vaygr are mostly useful because of command corvettes and hyperspace gates.

A HW1 race is inevitable due to the amount of support it can provide - ideally the Taiidan are far more useful than Kushan due to defense fighters but more so because of defense field frigates (cheaper and more subtle than Hiigaran’s and they work on projectiles, missiles and Ions). Unfortunately most people are too lazy with micro and any field frigates I transfer to allies often ends up dying before doing anything useful so my role usually turns into “That guy who turns on the grav wells and field frigates around everyone’s fleets.”

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