The Ideal Playthrough for Borderlands 1

The oldForum link is busted. So here is a copy of the text I retrieved via wayBackMachine. I couldn’t bare to see this gem of a text fade into archives alone. Someone can feel free to dress it up with formatting. I’m starting another playthrough via backwards compatibility on xbox one so I wanted to look it up.

My favorite part is this:

|Main Game PT 1| --> |Main Game PT 2| --> |Moxxie PT 2| --> |Knoxx PT 2| --> |ZI PT 2| --> |Robolution PT 2| --> |scaled PT 2.5 free-play everywhere!|

Original source link (now broken):

Apparently you CAN load it up via gearbox forum site still. I still think it’s a good idea to get this text in the new forum. Link here:

Continuing the discussion from Ideal Playthrough and Skill Points and Knoxx:


Boop, this archive works.[Doesn’t work as of 2018]


Dude, I started a new character a few weeks ago and was super disappointed my old link didn’t work.

Thanks for saving this

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I was hoping someone would port this over as I’ve recently got back into BL1.

Many thanks!


Useful to read ths guide, as i may play the game through again as Hunter - only been Roland up to now.

have to say though my approach last time was pretty simple and more or less worked - i played everything on PL1, then ignored all non-essential missions in PL2 so i could take them on in 2.5 with everything scaled up.

the only downside is that DLC4 - Claptrap’s Revolution - is not very challenging even on PL1 - to make it combative you probably have to try and play out of sequence, eg after the main game, but then the story doesn’t make sense as it incorporates characters from the other DLCs.

I’m finding that with Knox on Pt.2, and I skipped the Underdome completely. Part of that was playing the same character in co-op, and part of it was levelling up faster because with Lilith I was tackling main story quests a bit under-levelled, which meant more XP all the time.

Vaulthunter, if you’ve completed the main game on playthrough2, you should now be in ‘2.5’ mode, but the problem is (I think) that Knoxx doesn’t scale up in the same way

Nope, not done Pt.2 yet. Having the same thing to some extent with Roland also - going through Pt.2 with either character I can generally take missions when I’m under-levelled, but then end up over-levelled because of the XP from the kills.

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Link to “List of main-game story and side-missions, to help prevent confusion:”

Link to archived “Jaredhite’s tool for fixing glitches and adding replayability:”

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Hey, great thread. Thanks for bringing this old info back.

One misgiving, won’t doing things in this order prevent you from getting some backpack SDUs? It’s been a while, so my BL1 knowledge isn’t in tip-top shape, but, for example, if you’ve completed main game PT2, you cannot get the SDU in the Lumberyard in Dr Ned for PT2… I believe.

I remember that I would never enter the Vault on PT2 until I had completed all the DLCs a second time, and I’m pretty sure this was why.

Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!


Oh! Please do confirm or deny. I’ve been following this “Ideal” and so haven’t done any of the DLC (save for first rounds of Moxxi) and am just about 4 or 5 missions from finishing up PT2.

I didn’t bother with the save->exit->retry attempts to get SDUs from the first 5 PT2 claptraps and only got lousy 'nades. :frowning:

Need moar backpack!

Hey! So I did some more research, and I’m fairly sure I’m correct (though I would defer to the BL experts that populate these fora).

From this page:

“Once the second playthrough is finished, it is impossible to gain any more SDUs from the Claptrap Rescue Missions. The only known legit way for a character in playthrough 2.5 to gain SDUs is to finish the Claptrap Rescue Missions in a multiplayer game hosted by a player who didn’t finish the second playthrough.”

So basically, if you need more backpack, don’t enter the vault on PT2. I’m pretty positive that is what triggers PT2.5. So you can get to the promontory, but go no further. Cheers!


If you finish PT2, then you can still go back to get the PT1 backpack SDU’s at the Lumbar Yard (ZI PT 2) and Tartarus Station (Robolution PT 2). You won’t be able to get those two backpack SDU’s for PT2, so you will max out at 66 slots instead of 72.

I did this just two days ago, and when I finished each of those two DLC PT2 Claptrap Rescue Missions, no items were given. Not even a grenade, just some XP that I couldn’t use.

(removed questionable info)

I mentioned the wrong tool to “fix” this problem. I should have mentioned “Jaredhite’s tool for fixing glitches and adding replayability:” which was in the original post on the old forum.

I’ll let @Kitty_Jo or @Psychichazard answer for this specific situation. In general though, if the context is console-related the answer is no. There is some leeway for PCs, such as the various game mods that add extra maps and so on. Not sure what the official view on PC save editing is though.

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Thanks for the quick response. Actually I should have mentioned QuickFix instead of WillowTree.

Ok sooo. I never seen you explain quite why your skipping all these side quests and killing as least amount of enemies as possible. What is the point of doing that? The first time I played borderlands back in the day, I did playthrough 1 with a little help of a friend but 80% by myself. Then playthrough 2 completely by myself. And all the while I completed EVERY single side mission and killed as many enemies as possible to make sure I was over leveled for the next part of the game. And that made it easier for me. Then after playthrough 2 I did the dlc’s in order: zombie island, moxxi’s, secret armory, then robot revolution. All the while completing everything but a few tedious missions. (Like the “crazy requests from tannis” missions.) And I ended up at level 67. Then after that I would occasionally farm the crab and the armory. And like I said before I did most of that gameplay by myself. And it was never too difficult. So I just don’t have a single clue why your guide is all about staying underleveled the whole time. I know this is old but I stumbled acrossed it and am curious.

This guide is to keep from getting overleveled, so it stays as difficult(or scaled) as it can get, for the longest possible time.