The Ideal Playthrough for Borderlands 1

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Well why would anyone not want to be overleveled? If you chose to do that then every boss fight through the whole game will be very difficult and you will be nearly forced to play with other people. The game doesn’t let you overlevel that much anyways, as soon as you feel like your overpowered than bam! The next area is harder. This guide is honestly pointless to me without a better explaination.

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Because easy mode is unappealing for many of us, especially the 50th or 75th time playing the story. My very first character through BL (and the other games in the series) I preferred being over-levelled. After that, though, I find playing at or slightly under-levelled is more appealing.

It’s all about balancing challenge and reward. The more challenging, the greater the feeling of reward for getting through; too challenging, and it’s an unbearable slog. That spot is different for different players, and changes with experience. It’s definitely a thing, though!

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Hmm I guess I kinda understand that, but if you’ve played it 50 times then maybe play the other borderlands games or fallout 4? I’ve played a few games in the past 5 times through and it was pretty boring. The better way I play games these days is I play through a game all the way and complete everything. Then I completely stop playing it for at least 2 years. Then I go back and it’s just as fun as the first time because you actually forget everything.

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Played them all, and still playing them, because I’m still finding them fun. There are games I’ve completed that I will happily never play again, but the Borderlands and Fallout games in particular seem to hold my attention extremely well. And I will say that despite multiple playthroughs, I am still discovering things in these games that I had not seen before. I have no doubt that some of the games I couldn’t get past more than an hour of are obsessive favourites for others - that’s just the way it is.


One thing I’m still confused about… I’m basically following the flow in this thread, I’m in the Eridian Promontory on PT2 of the MG, no DLC yet. I was going to finish PT2 then do all the DLC in the order listed in this thread, but then read that the DLC SDU’s will be inaccessible (once you finish PT2 of the MG and enter PT2.5). Does this apply to the SDU’s in both PT1 and PT2 of the DLC? I’m reading conflicting information about that. Some say all DLC SDU’s will be inaccessible on PT2.5, others say just the PT2 DLC SDU’s will be inaccessible (but you can still get the DLC PT1 SDU’s). Can someone confirm/deny?

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How I recall being told how to maximise backpack space was to not rescue clappy in pt1, play through to pt2 and then start collecting them, then go back to pt1 and farm him for them.

No idea if this method was more successful than others.

My ideal play through was to do pt1 including side missions and then do pt2, collect the side missions but don’t do them until 2.5 that way you can do all the side missions capped and if you wish to farm you can do it for capped gear.

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The random backpack SDU vs grenade mod reward thing just aggravates me to no end. I don’t like trying to farm the quest until I get the backpack mod and I don’t like playing missions when I’m over-leveled.

So I decided to just ignore the issue. Especially when I’m playing it on a PC where I can fix that a different way (no further comment on how).

On console I just have to acknowledge that and move on.

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Maybe we should say “over-leveled to the point that the game is too easy”.

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As far as needing to the side quests before Sledge, I beat the ones to level up against Bone Head, but I was able to beat Sledge while under-leveled by running him around in circles.

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Try doing a no side mission play through, round about level 30ish it can get very interesting.

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holy bejesus, you got me on this one. as I’m lurking this thread, trying my best not to necro, I come across Kitty’s remark. Still cracking up. :joy:

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Thanks for the link as I was able to find my Main mission only play through but could only view the first page.