The Imbalance of Lore Challenges

So, I’m loving Battleborn since release. Gameplay is fun, it’s humorous, nice to play with friends. I’m about Command Rank 43 now, completed all the story missions on at least normal, and have played a lot of Incursion on Overgrowth. I’ve only played a handful of characters seriously so far, (Orendi, Shayne, Toby, Whiskey Foxtrot, I like the rogues!) but each feels unique from each other.

At first, I was really excited about the lore challenges, they add some backstory, are humorous, and at the end of it you get a piece of legendary gear with a skill specific to your class. Nice job, deveopers! That’s an all around good use of it. Unfortunately, I did Orendi first, whose challenges are pretty easy to complete. A couple take several matches to finish, but you get progress every match. Lore complete, legendary unlocked, hilariousness ensued listening to Ashley Burch do ‘crazy voice’. Then I completed Shayne & Aurox, same story, easy enough lore challenges, legendary unlocked.

Then I moved on to Toby. Okay, first three were pretty easy. HMm, blow myself up and kill 20 enemies. Can’t figure out how to do that one, oh wait you have to wait until character rank 9 and you unlock a mutation at level 7 to blow yourself up when you die. Okay, easy enough to do now that I can actually do that. Finally, get 10 double kills with my ultimate. Well, I was getting double kills with Orendi’s ultimate this shouldn’t be too ba- Holy ■■■■, this is impossible. Low damage, have to kill 1 enemy at a time, need 2 enemies nearby that are low health already, oh and the 2nd one doesn’t decide to flee while you kill his buddy. In a dozen or more matches, I came close to getting 1 double kill with it. I didn’t, but I almost made progress. So, shelved Toby for the time being, came to Whiskey Foxtrot. Okay, couple to do in story mode shouldn’t take too long, in versus, critical hit Battleborn, sticky them, not too tall of an order. KIll Oscar Mike 25 times. Hmm. Well, out of a dozen games, no one picked Oscar Mike on the other time for me. Not really making progress. Now i’m sure eventually there will be an Oscar Mike, and maybe I can kill him a few times, but that’s still a huge imbalance in the time to unlock the lore.

So this is the crux of my point. I’m not complaining about Toby’s ultimate, maybe it needs adjusted but that’s a different topic. I’m complaining that this super specific, highly unlikely event happening is the criteria for completing his lore. Lore that is interesting to read, funny, and leads to a cool unlock for the character. Same thing with Whiskey Foxtrot. His challenge is slightly less daunting than the Ultimate bu tthe time to complete is miles longer than Orendi or Shayne’s lore challenges.

That’s what I really hope to see from the Devs is to go through and any of those challenges that can’t be completed in a dozen matches at the most or so, needs to be reworked. Make Toby’s a kill so many enemies with his ultimate or do so much damage, or something, or kill multiples of ANY enemy type.


Interesting and detailed analysis.

This is exactly the kind of stuff which helps the Devs hone in on community interests.


“Kill so and so 25 times” should just be replaced with something more manageable and predictable.


My idea for a simple fix is to have a PvE or PvP alternative for some of the harder ones. I’d like to see Toby get a “Do X damage” or “Get X kills” for his Ultimate ability lore challenge, so you can at least make definitive progress. Ideally, I’d like to see that lore challenge completely changed, since it’s basically impossible unless you cheat and get two pre-made teams to matchmake until they get in the same instance.

Maybe an alternative for Whiskey Foxtrot’s lore challenge is to get a certain number of kills in a mission, or do the highest damage on his team or something.

Just examples, but anything that requires specific teammates or enemies, or requires a specific game mode, should have a viable alternative. Both alternatives should be fair though, so each one is about the same difficulty, but with more likelihood of having reliable progression on at least one.


I think the Dev. Team has grossly underestimated the desire for a Single Player game here.
They seem to assume that it will mostly be played in Multi-Player mode with the Single Player game being little more than Practice Mode. From what I’ve seen and heard, I expect it to end up rather the opposite, with most of the Player Base living in Story Mode or Private Matches.

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There’s a discussion about that in this thread:

And I do agree with the OP: the lore challenges should have alternative ways of obtaining them like the character unlocks do.


Exactly, Gulwulf. They did well with the character unlock giving you a way to unlock a character earlier if you jump through some hoops to do so. (Though, I want to shake the hand of the player who got completed all the story missions with a silver rating on advanced to unlock Ghalt earlier. That’s dedication… or obsession)

I don’t even necessarily mind having to go to versus to do a challenge, I honestly play both equally. Story is fun, funny, and challenging. Versus is fun with friends and have even had some okay random matches.

I just think there should be a benchmark for how long it takes to complete all 5 lore challenges. Orendi’s weren’t instant. It probably took several hours to use Shadowfire PIllar 50 times in a match X times, and to knock enemies into my Shadowfire Pillar so many times. Every character needs to be around the same benchmark though.


Something like “kill 25 Peacekeepers Battleborns” instead of specifically Oscars, or If they want to go the specific character way, make it just 10 kills.

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Well killing Oscar mike specifically makes sense with the lore that comes from the challenge.

At the very least, assists on the character should count. I hate playing Galalia but her last lore challenge to kill Ambra 25 times still isn’t done. The rare event that an enemy team actually has an Ambra, my own team loves to troll and kill steal. Usually, I don’t care at all over kill stealing but with a lore challenge - my last lore challenge for that character - it can make me get a bit salty and removes the fun out of the match.


I like the idea of having to kill X amount of people on the enemy faction. Usually there’s at least 1 person of a faction.

To get the kill missions on specific characters you can do that easy by using the private pvp match features, just load up a match against the computer, If Oscar Mike isnt in the enemy team reload the pvp untill you get him. its same with be on team with certain Battleborn. You can use the private PVP match to get a team.

Except that private PvP matches don’t count towards lore challenges.


Yeah. It’s going to be super fun trying to kill Ambra (whom I also never see on enemy teams) with Galilea once they give up and nerf her into unusability.

They just need to allow Lore challenges to count in Private Versus. What better way to grind them out and learn characters without hindering Online matches because someone is too focused on one objective


Im doing Benedict lore challanges in random groups this weekend. If you bump into me and wish to play something other than a peacekeeper, expect a group of 4 or less, because i will be leaving all other groups.

I dont like quitters, but this is Battleborn.

How did they not see this coming? :grinning:


I love WF but man only 7/25 OMs ko’d atm and I have him at 14/15 char rank xD

Almost any time I find him he’s in the back like me so we have a shootout between all the massive ISIC/Montana/S&A player models etc

Also 9/10 near death he cloaks, runs away, gets killed by something else ( * ~*) lol

I’ll get it him eventually! shakes fist

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Just wait for 50 online glide kills! Red bars make agitating work.

Party with a kevin or Galilea, they weaken the stun and you rain fiery death from the skys

My plan is to stick with PvE until this changes and if it doesn’t ill go back to borderlands :frowning: