The Imbalance of Lore Challenges

I too agree, idk if it would be hard in PVE but that mode feels like a grind and I’d rather be playing PVP but it seems like its going to take forever to get Shayne’s 200 kills with stealth strike in PVP because stealth strike is an opener, not a finisher. Its proving to be quite slow going. For that matter, hit enemies with boomerang while separated is kind of a pain too just because throwing my boomerang during my ult is the last thing I want to be doing but its only 60 times so thats not nearly as bad… just terrible.

Yes very much for this. I also find that the time requirement as well as skill requirement for lore challenges should be normalized along with a PvP and PvE alternative provided for any ones that are currently restricted to a single type of play.


I recommend using shield penetration or critical hit gear for Whiskey if you need to hit Oscar Mike for his lore (i also use recoil reduction or reload speed but its not that needed lol). I mostly hunt for Oscar Mikes during Incursion mode since there’s many places you can corner an Oscar Mike even when he’s cloaked.

Alot of Whiskey’s mutations help tremendously when dealing with Oscar. If you’ve unlocked his Napalm mutation it helps especially if you’re able to stick a couple near the healing stations where most Oscars hide for health regen and sniping. I have 17 out of 25 with a lvl 11 Whiskey Foxtrot so far and imo Incursion helps more than the other modes. Plus when in doubt, save your ult strictly for Oscars (I got 3 that way lol)

I agree with OP. The very situational ones should be looked at. Boulder’s one is pretty tough too unless you can organize a group. If you are relying on randoms, you will never ever get it.

I thought “killing on rails” would be easier when i read that only the SECOND kill of a double kill needs to be done with core discharge. I was wrong… I usually have a 4-0 K/D with Toby, but this challenge is near impossible, as i always seem to be paired off against competant players, who run, attack or CC at the right times. As i have tried to comment on every post regarding difficult lore challenges (in the hopes that Gearbox will see and consider it), all they need to do is allow lore challenges to be completed in private PVP matches while playing SOLO. The CPUs are easy enough to complete “killing on rails” (which is arguably the hardest lore challenge to complete) in roughly ten matches (at least for me, if my counting has been on par), but decent enough not to make it a complete walk-through. Your thoughts, my fellow Battleborn?


This is so true! Benedict is my personal favorite character and one of the challenges is play 5 games with the other 3 peacekeeper characters. I am command rank 10 with him and dont even have that once. Something I can never control and could take forever to complete! At least make it 2…

do PVE with friends, play the algorithm on hardcore everyone runs and jumps off that counts repeat 4 more times

I’ll help you if you’re on XB1, just go on the algorithim, turn off unique characters, turn on hardcore, and have everyone run off the cliff as Benedict. You’ll be able to help every player in the lobby complete this

Gt is Alpacadude01, message me if your on Xbox

Every time I’ve been able to get in a match with Mike, someone else has taken the kill :disappointed_relieved: Sigh… Some day.

Isn’t This A Buddy Comedy?! - Kill 200 enemies with Stealth Strike.

Any enemy should count. If a challenge is purely PvP It’ll usually state that very clearly. “Enemies” should be counted as every enemy in the game.

I used to be of a like mindset where I thought that making challenges available in private matches against bots was the way to go. But when I really thought about it if that were done then no one would ever go into matchmaking to get their challenges, they’d just grind everything out in private, including the stupid easy challenges. The only challenges that are causing issues are the kill specific character challenges, Toby’s “Killing on Rails”, and maybe Ghalt’s first blood. Ghalt’s aside, these kill specific are the biggest issue. You have to hope and pray the enemy will choose the character you need to kill and then hope you have an opportunity to kill them. The kill is very likely to get stolen by a team member or interference from the enemy team will cause them to escape. It’s all very luck based and at that point isn’t even a challenge anymore as much as a random occurrence. People end up bending over backwards and doing panicked, stupid moves to try and get these kills and often end up simply feeding the enemy team. The best possible solution for this is to make it so assists count towards the challenge. That way you can focus them down and if your team is on point you don’t end up hating them for simply being good team mates and helping to, in their eyes, assist you in your struggle. The challenges would be less stress inducing and take a more reasonable about of time to complete. Yes, you’d still have to hope for the enemy you need to show up, but at the same time when they do show up you aren’t only getting one point towards it per match with several missed opportunities due to your team.

As for the Toby challenge, I manage to do it but it was entirely luck based, every point into it. I would get a kill and immediately go into my ult before looking for who to kill. Most of the time it was wasted and when I did manage to contribute to the challenge it was only because of random chance that a weak enemy would happen to run by out of left field. Most people are too smart to just stand there in his ult and will either break line of sight, which is stupid easy to do as Toby moves incredibly slow, or use CC to knock him out of it, also incredibly easy with almost any character, or simply take advantage of this state and kill him. Toby is super vulnerable in this state and while yes, it’s simple enough to get kills with the ult, the task of getting double kills with it is backbreaking. This is the only challenge I can say for sure needs to be changed to a “Kill enemy players with Core Discharge”. Up the requirement for how many need to be done if you want but this one is excruciating to try and pull off. The lore reward for completing said challenge doesn’t even reveal anything about Toby as a character or even delves into his personality, which makes me wish I never even bothered with it.

I think one of the easiest solutions is to allow an alternative entirely

If you need to kill Oscar Mike 25 times in PvP, make it so you can also get progress by scoring higher than an Oscar Mike in PvE. You could base it on kills, damage dealt, damage taken, healing received etc. Make it all share the same progress, so getting 15 kills and getting 10 higher scores totals the entire 25.

I’m also down for a tweak to some values, far too many challenges require hefty grinding to get done (Reyna’s 1000 kills with her pistol, Toby’s 10 double-kills with his ulti), and some are just too easy and can be done in a single match.

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At least you got the pilot ejection taunt, and CAN get the double hug and “Master of Toby” title for completing “killing on rails”. You must have some crazy luck, because i’ve gotten two points into this lore challenge in roughly 75+ matches doing the same thing you described, and failing for the reasons you described. I’ve stopped grinding it in the hopes that Gearbox will change some of the more ridiculous lore challenges , such as this one.

These lore challenges are extremely annoying and luck based. One of alanis challenges is to kill Ambra 25 times… Ambra. It’s very hard to find enemy ambras and even harder to kill them since alani is slow as hell. Can we rework these in one of these two ways.
Drop the count to 5-10
Make assists count towards the 25

Yes to this. Those are the worst challenges. Like Toby’s where you need 10 double kills in PVP with his ult. I have played PVP everyday from release with zero double kills with Toby, much less with just his ult.

yeah this seems to be the big complaint with lore right now and truth be told something needs to be done about it

Please, please, please! Change these challenges already. You want the game to be fun, not grindy, right?

I’m pretty sure GBX is discussing this considering countless people have been complaining about it since nigh day 1.

i hope so these are tedious and it’s the only thing between me and that sweet sweet alani legendary

Oh god I hope they change these lore challenges.

25 kills on Ambra? After they broke her? No one plays her, I’ve been playing Alani pretty much everyday since her release and I have managed a whopping 8 Ambra kills, and that was 2 games worth…over the past 4 days…5+ hours a day. I havn’t seen an Ambra in the past 2 days at all!

What burns me even more is how other characters get a free pass to their lore, take orendi for instance. I finished 4/5 of her lore in THREE GAMES, THREE CAMPAIGN GAMES. The only reason I didn’t get the 5th is because she is required to play 10 games as one of her challenges. I did Toby’s 3/5 lore challenges in ONE GAME. Arguably his other two are a bit more tedious, but I hate how certain characters get a free pass and you can grind out the lore in less than 10 campaign missions but some require a specific character with a very high kill count that no one plays.