The immunities on bosses/badasses

Like playing Zane on mayhem 3 isn’t hard enough. All the immunity phases on bosses just sap all the burst damage my poor Zane is capable of and i’m not even going to start on the anointed and how insanely aggravating most of them are especially the militants who are literally immune 95% of every fight to every element. Seriously some areas i’ve ended up against 5 anointed at one time and i’m just kinda dub tee effing with the design choices gearbox chose to go with on these guys and Zane in general. They nerfed this guy before launch??? Really? LOL I find it impossible to believe he was more broken than current Fl4k or Moze to be perfectly honest.

His abilities do seem a little weak to me compared to the other characters :smiley:

He undoubtedly is. I just got my Moze to 50 after going hard on Zane and even with less than stellar gear Moze DESTROYS compared to Zane. It’s not even funny how much higher her DPS is. I can only imagine Fl4k is even more insane which again makes me question wtf they were thinking nerfing him of all characters.

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