The Impact of Streamers on Borderlands 3

There are not many that i have seen because one thing gives it away load times i can tell pc from ps4 from a mile away im not hating on anybody that plays on pc my pc would play bl3 but i have always been a console player on pc you can copy paste a character to get them to max level with a artifact without killing graveward thats how busted the game is on pc.Moxsy plays bl2 on ps3 sometimes.

Well dont worry dlc 4 is lackluster from weapons to bosses only thing good to come out of this dlc is new classmods and thats it only 3 weapons worth farming they dropped the ball big time on this why so few weapons they better have some kind of event coming up with better weapons then this or that playerbase will take a nose dive i like new ways to play the game the story is fine but thats not why i play borderlands its always the gunplay dlc 1 had alot of weapons dlc2 same dlc 3 oh my now dlc 4 barely any i am so sick of using the same weapons it has killed the game for me just give every gun the hellwalker treatment only way to be sure they will be viable.

This is a good point i had never thought of that they only let a select few have early access i think everybody should have access at the same time no matter who you are.

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I actually have a problem with early access for dlc lol and I lol as it actually has nothing to do with bl3 but outer worlds reviews I may be an old fart but that made me angry and yes I feel stupid for it lol

No disrespect intended here but if you don’t want the game spoiled don’t pay any attention to the videos. The more we ignore these videos the more many of those “streamers” will actually have to go out and get real jobs for a change. We need to quit encouraging them. I’ve never understood the appeal of watching some other yahoo playing video games. Give me the controller everytime. I’d much rather spend my time playing the actual game.