The importance of character rotation

After having a good conversation with @yourvillain, we think it’s important to throw out some info on why character rotation should be a thing.

For starters. Let’s define character rotation:
A small set of normally locked characters become available for a certain time period. For example, ghalt, isic, and Kelvin would be available for this week. Next week deande, Ambra and Boldur would be available to play. Everyone can play them, even newcomers. This you be on top of the starting 7 and all characters would still be unlockable like it is currently

I’ve personally become tired of seeing the initial 7 in so many games. I’ve fought Kelvin, ghalt, and Toby once. Why do so many people stick with the originals when they start unlocking other characters?
“You will most likely continue to see the same seven BC of how the 15 level unlock system, taunts and achievements function. People have already put time and work into playing with the starter characters whether they want to or not and will probably just continue BC hey, they already unlocked all the mutations and such.” (From my conversation with @yourvillain).

So what benefit is there for character rotation?
A) Variety. Especially for people who just started playing.
B) Balance. If you open up ghalt to everyone for a week, you’ll find out very quickly what’s wrong/right with him
C) New play style. I really didn’t like rath when I started and he’s really the main melee character everyone plays. I love deande though. She plays so much better to my taste.

So @joekgbx, @jythri. Please look into adding character rotation. And thanks again @YourVillain for the great discussion.

What do you guys think?

Edit: I should clarify. This is on top of what exists. I still want the 7 starters. But I think a small handful of extras will help. I still want the characters to be unlockable just like they are now.


As good of an idea this is I say we shouldn’t do this. I say maybe a little more variety into the starting line up but people play what they like and the starting roster has a bit of everything thats why people use them so much. I personally agree rath was not for me but most of the others like Phoebe, Deande, and Shayne and Aurox are much more to my style. But the rotation is almost a punishment for those who did put in the time it takes to get to the characters they like to play. I mean it takes a lot of time to get to level 40 I have put numerous hours into the game and yet im only rank 31 people do the challenges or level unlocks because they have the dedication towards that player that they want to play. So why should we force lock characters when others want to play them because it is what they like. Don’t get me wrong sure its annoying to see so many starters over and over again but can you really deny the fact that Oscar Mike is typically always a very valuable member to a team because he is so versatile. or that a rath is not a great character for some CC. Each character brings in the people who like to play them. The others don’t.


Hopefully we will see more variety as people become more comfortable with the better unlockable characters. Since I got them all open I rarely use the starters

Though I pesonally have no issues with the unlocking of chars I really like this idea for newcomers! :heart:
It could get Faction-flavoured, maybe a “Week of the Sustained” or a Peacekeeper “We Want you - Weekend”.

Though I figure there could be alot of crying and rampaging about “I was half done with his lorechallange you ■■■■■■■” or “Why lock them again?!”-stuff in return… Its nifty and risky. But a very interesting idea!

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This is a bad idea. Here are my reasons.

The game has been out for two weeks. The forum posters are a microcosm. Give other players time to catch up.
Locking variety will stagnate the game and make people upset.
Every character can be unlocked in reasonable time and order. This isn’t a f2p game. It doesn’t have 127 characters.


Great post. Couldn’t have said it better.

it doesn’t take that long to unlock the characters

if anything if the game is made F2P they can have 3 free characters unlocked and the rest on rotation for the F2P community.

Personally I’d disagree with this.

I understand why you are suggesting character rotation, it can get a bit samey in matches (though it’s not always the case). However, you do have to bear in mind that the game only launched 10 days ago and some people won’t have unlocked many characters yet. As time goes on and people unlock more characters, I believe we’ll see a greater mix of them in games.

Here are a few reasons that I don’t think it’s a good idea:

  • Forcing people to play particular characters for a week is going to put people off.
  • Newcomers to the game who have only just started playing some characters will find them being locked and another new set being open to them.
  • Casual gamers who only play say once or twice a week at most for an hour or so will never get to grips with characters.
  • Dedicated gamers who want to play a particular character to unlock their lore may have to wait for several weeks to do so.
  • Character pairs for some lore would always have to appear in the same rotation.
  • It would also soon become dull having the same mix of characters from the subset playing against each other.
  • It would be difficult to see how the full range of characters deal with a particular character when there’s only a subset available at a time

Some people will only ever play from the same small group of characters for various reasons (suits their gameplay etc) just as some people (like me) will want to play with every character and try to master as many of them as possible. Therefore we shouldn’t force either of these types (and those in between) into playing the game in a particular way as the game will only suffer.

As I said, I think we’ll see a greater range of characters in the weeks to come as more people become familiar with the game. When hints and tips about playing these characters start coming out, that’ll also help some venture to play characters that they’ve not tried before.


Honestly I think the best solution is to have had the characters unlocked from the start. I really don’t see how restricting the characters does anything but shrink diversity. I for one didn’t even have real fit until I unlocked Phoebe.


I think the unlocks give people something to strive for and rewards people who put the time and effort in. Its even minimal some characters you unlock long before you hit the challenge and others down the line are unlocked easy enough Phoebe is 50 kills in PVP i got that with 4 games. I don’t think a full unlock roster should be set but I do feel either more right away or a bit of a different line up to start would be better. with new characters coming in more should be available right away imo.

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I should clarify. This is on top of what exists. I still want the 7 starters. But I think a small handful of extras will help. I still want the characters to be unlockable just like they are now. Just a little taste of your other options and an incentive to try and unlock them

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I agree, it’s one of the things I liked, something to aim for, unlocking each of the characters (and I still have 4 to go). The other thing it provides is a limited character set for new players to explore. I think it would be overwhelming to give a newcomer to the game all 25 characters, each with their own unique abilities and complex helixes.

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What are you suggesting for someone like me with 20+ characters unlocked (and as I said I’m someone who wants to play all of them). Are you saying that the rotation doesn’t apply to me or would I be locked out of characters for potentially weeks at a time?

You’ve put in the time and you have them permanently. If one of the 5 you haven’t unlocked is available you can play them. Otherwise you’ve already got them. So this is really the most benefical to those who are newcomers or just can’t put in the time to unlock every hero

I have always unlocks in games. I feel it’s an tedious and artificial way to extend game time. The only thing I “strive” for in games is fun. If it’s fun I’ll continue to play but to keep playing some pve game mode I have no intentrest in trying to get silver to unlock ghalt for pvp is no bueno.

And hell, say you try ghalt and find you hate him, you won’t dedicate many hours trying to unlock him. You’ll spend it playing another character you enjoy

Ghalt is unlocked at level 40 (all characters have level unlocks as well as an alternative challenge unlock) so you’ll end up unlocking him anyway.

@jjand302 in your initial post you seemed to be suggesting that character rotation should be introduced because people are sticking with the original unlocked characters even when they get new ones unlocked:

However you now seem to be suggesting something completely different:

So I think you need to clarify your idea further to help the devs and others understand.

I like the idea! … even though I would actually prefer getting rid of fixed starter characters in general and instead have a similarly big pool of different rotating characters each weak.

This idea is mainly aimed at newcomers, but would benefit everyone. As I said, most people stick with the first 7. I believe this is partially to wholly because they’ve already become invested in a character (via skins, taunts, mutations, and lore) by the time they do unlock other characters that may be of interest to them. My vision of how exactly this would work is everyone has access at the start to the starter 7 plus 3 randoms. These 3 randoms would be the same for everyone and would change each week. This opens up opportunities for players to have an interest in another character before becoming invested in the 7. This also provides incentives to want to unlock particular characters based on a trial method. All 18 locked characters are still unlockable through rank or challenge, even if they are available that week through the rotation. The difference between this idea and the current unlock system is the immediate availability of alternative characters from the 7. And again, this has extra benefits such as discovering balancing issues on rare characters (like ghalt)

Yup, true story