The Importance Of Healers In Incursion?


Two groups.

Equal skill.

Choose any incursion map.

Will the one with a healer win?

I know that having spent the weekend mastering Alani and Ernest, my “flowing through the levels healing like a flowing river of love” really helped my team survive, and then as Ernest, when you are keeping people pinned down at a choke point with your grenades and eggs, if you have a healer there keeping your crew alive while you pour fire into their base and advance egg by egg up to their sentry, you can just stay there without ever having to retreat.

So are healers a necessity in Incursion?

Or is just dependent on player skill?

i’d say it depends less on skill then on tactics.

having a healer to keep your team alive is of course ideal, but if a person has built the sustain into their character either through helix choices, skills, or equipment then forgoing a healer is completely viable in my opinion.(and I have a few examples for how I do that with some characters)

edit:oh and one other thought as well arguing for healers being vital as well. take a character that can glass cannon the sentry(i’ll use rath for this example), and consinder them the “payload” to use an overwatch comparison

a healer would be needed to keep him around until the sentry’s shield is down, because after that rath’s own lifesteal can sustain him just fine


If a team is really high burst + wound they will totally negate the enemy healer


and this is another example of counter healer tactics which comes back to fight smarter than your enemy.


Which characters can wound?

I know Gali can.

mellka’s venom seems to act like a wound from what I’ve seen. but ISIC can via a helix choice. Beyond that I only know for certain pendles can with his legendary

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So wound seems to be even rarer than healers?

Usually the team with a competent healer will always dominate the team with no healer. Even if the other team has a competent support (such as Kleese), that won’t be enough to trump a competent healer. An Ambra and/or Miko who are exceptional at keeping everybody topped off will be invaluable to the rest of the team. Less time going back to base means more time in lane pushing, Skirmishers can skirmish, get healed, keep on going very quickly which is scary, and defenders/territorials like Gali or Boldur won’t ever have to leave lane thus fulfilling their role to the best of their ability.

A Healer MUST have exceptional map awareness and know who needs heals and when, as well having a team that will protect him/her/it at all costs.

I usually feel uncomfortable without a healer, I know it’ll be tough unless the enemy team somehow also ended up with 0 healers.


Attikus on Hedronic Arc
Caldarius on Melee attack
Deande with level 3 mid Helix
Gali with level 1 and 2 helix
ISIC with level 5 mid helix
Mellka with Spike if the enemy is venomed
Phoebe with level 6 right helix
Whiskey whit is Scrap Cannon

Pendles with is Legendary onInjection
Ernest wiht an helix


It’s worth mentioning that Phoebe’s is absolute garbage(no reason to take it over Contingency Plan), and Deande’s is incredibly situational (Competes with 10% life steal on auto attacks). Pendles also gets a wound added to his ult at level 10.

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Depends on the map. I’d say a Healer is a lot more important in Incursion than Meltdown in general, but ESPECIALLY on a map like Monuments where the only heal station is a mile away. Wound doesnt really matter, its about keeping people on the front line, not alive under focus fire. They’ll back out behind cover and get healed up and be on the front again. Much less downtime.


Totally agree with some of the comments in this thread. If both teams are equally skilled then it will come down to the strategy, communication and coordination each team implement. The team with the healer doesnt have a big advantage in such scenario.

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Healer should almost always win. They usually do to.

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The uppercut also messes up her melee combo. It was arguably worth it when it added the juggle, but for a short wound… probably not.

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She already has lifesteal, so apparently it’s better to just take increased damage as you also get some extra lifesteal.

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I agree. It’s significantly slower. For some games, a negative helix. Along with instant gratification, multiloader, and the one where ISIC drops his wards.

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The level 3 bonus damage only applies to thrown fans though right? I dunno, I’ve always preferred extra lifesteal.

Funny you bring this up, because the reason so many BB had Wound added to their kits was because healing played a MUCH bigger role in this game than the devs originally anticipated.

Two teams, equal (competent) skill, equal communication, good team comp (other than one lacking a healer), I’ll bet the healer team takes that match 90% of the time.

One way to think about it is that the majority of damage in Battleborn is done by skills. Or at least, the majority of the “meaningful” damage. People tend to score kills with skills, all bursts involve skills, and a LOT of waveclearing gets done by skills. Obviously, every character deals more total damage with their basic attacks over the course of a match than they do with skills (except maybe Orendi) but the point is, it’s about timing of that damage. Skills are vital for damage and they have cooldowns.

A LOT of the healing in this game is not based on skills. Miko’s beam, Kleese’s Heal Chair (nerfed as it is) and Alani’s Wellspring aren’t, and Ambra’s skill-based Sunspot healing has an easily proc’ed cooldown boost and the ability to sustain with an unlimited resource pool via Stellar Ritual.

So it’s easy to see how skill-based damage is outpaced by non-skill-based healing. If you’re expending skill resources on players that are being healed by non-skill-based resources, you’re going to fall behind in the overall momentum battle. You won’t have those skills to secure kills, you won’t have them to clear waves.

Having a healer is a huge (but not vital) advantage.

I agree with you but not on the part that character mostly score kills with skills… (what i say here is for a majority, ofc you can even go and kill a boldur with quick melee, but you don’t do that often xD)

I would say it’s 50/50, there is already snipers (Marquis, Toby and ISIC) that doesn’t need skills to kill.
With Whiskey, Oscar (end-game 2 magazine and the enemy is dead), Kleese, Attikus, El Dragon, Phoebe, Benedict, Ernest and maybe some others, i the majority of my kills is without using any skill. Ofc they are better if you use them, but they are really potent without them

Don’t always need skill to depush, there are many character that can depush really well even without skill. If you can burst down at least 2 enemies with your skill before the healer can do something (that’s the point of burst) it will be a 3v5 and even normal attacks are enough to finish them.

It’s really hard to say as there are many think to take in count. as is your team heavy CC, high sustain, high burst, etc…
But i’m sure that there are teams that can counter really well an other one with one or more healer (and the one i see for that is burst+wound), same for the other kinds of team…

Each kind of team have his own counter

btw the most balanced our team is the better it is so you should have a Tank, DPS, Support, Healer and a Skirmisher/Melee

That is true. I forgot that. Good point.