The inability to choose VS faster queues

Gearbox has a clear goal : get everyone to play everything and as long as possible. A noble goal, far too optimistic. But not everyone has the time or patience or gaming preferences/styles to achieve such a thing. But we are all here because we absolutely adore lots of things about this game.

  • The Voting system
    Playing online is done by voting. You don’t get to choose which level or mode you want to play, you vote. This decision is of course in order to get faster queues. I don’t know why you don’t get to choose if you want to go random or not. The UI would need to be changed in order to see which levels as the biggest potential to go live, and you could choose to go random. But it far more complexe than that, because of platforms, regions and skills. And with the new matchmaking, they really want people not to be attached to playing one way. They say they are experimenting and we’ll see where it goes. Does it piss off more or less people. But they will piss off people.

  • Lore challenges
    Ah this one. You don’t like a mode? You don’t get to unlock everything. That’s what Gearbox is saying. So people would love to do stuff in Private Matches, but oddly enough, Gearbox allows only private story mode to move foward. They say it’s because they don’t want people to “cheese through”. What’s the difference? Less people in Public Versus queues. Again. But they would be willing to sell Booster XP/Credit packs? But still you couldn’t unlock through Versus private? Come on. Allowing people to unlock challenges through private versus won’t “affect gameplay” as much as selling booster packs (which is also debatable right now).

Not everyone is a completionist, but the Platinum trophy is just mean. We want to know about the lores and find out more about this game, but “forcing” people to play everything is odd. The next character will have something like “Obtain 10 legendaries”?

Make it possible to choose the level you want to play first. Then people will decide if they want to wait or play random. And please RE-consider the private versus?