The increase of the bank capacity

Why is the bank capacity 50 instead of 150 250 or 300

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i’m preatty sure GBX is going to expand it sooner or later.
maybe with the dlcs?

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Why are they advertising the game with “MOAR THAN 1 BILLION GUNS!!!” and then we have 50 slots (bank) + the character inventory…

i already sold so many weapons id like to keep… :frowning:

(still love the game tho <3)

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WHYYYYY? make mule-characters and give them all the extra weapons!
don’t sell your legendaries! :sob:

i know this is a possibility to deal with it… but… idk… i dont like it :smiley:

They’ll probably increase it, but after the bank bug is gone. Increasing it now will just make people yell harder on the forums because they’ll lose 200 leg instead of 50

99,99% sure this will be a DLC, which I personally find sad. I hope they prove me wrong:)

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You really think they (Gearbox) want to face the unrelenting backlash of hiding vault space behind DLC content? Not sure they are that crazy.

Assume if they think it’s not going to break the game then it would be in a major patch.

If they were creative about it, they could create a small mission about Claptrap and a hidden treasure cave, lined with gold and jewels like from the Hobbit or Sinbad etc. Then when you enter it you’d have huge vault space in a really cool environment. Then just keep the Sanctuary Vault for the character, not Profile.

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i love that idea!

personally i’m amazed at how short sighted they are. some games have literally unlimited space for stashing gear. it’s not game breaking, they just haven’t thought it through which is even more amazing as they think of themselves as the Looter Shooter developers.

Fallout 4 - Unlimited until your game breaks.
PoE - Paid tabs, but incredible storage.
Diablo - Hundreds
Destiny - Lots (not sure)

I’m sure there are plenty to add to this, my heads not working right now :rofl:

Even MMO’s like FFXIV and ESO you can save so much gear it brings this game to shame.

I have seen so many companies do marketing decisions that made/makes them look bad (but at the same time rich - like Activision juuuust did recently with Modern Warfare 2019) so nothing surprises me anymore. Let’s just call me quite sceptic;)

Your not wrong. And I’m sure there are plenty of people thinking 2K would be all over the cash for grabs idea behind DLC Vault Upgrade

50 is clearly too small, but before increasing it, we need the bank disappearing bug to be gone.