The increase to 80 seems to have helped Axton the most

Being Able to get all the grenade damage boosts while having two slag turrets to draw aggro has made Axton much stronger especially at OP10. This seems like the only 80 build for him that makes sense.


I have practically the same build except i put 4 in able instead of grenadier and 4 in resourceful and take 1 in quick charge.

Practically, all benefitted, maya can take ss and get the healing skills you need.

Sal can invest in brawn.

My dt gaige can now go down anarchy tree.

Krieg can have additional 8 more points to his awesomeness. Possibly zero is the least benefittes since at 72 melee build is almost complete and gun builds doesn’t have any benefits going down the melee tree.


Umm no, it’s not a terrible build, but not the only one that makes sense. This is what i settled on if i ever started playing again


Forbearance? No points in Quick Charge? And no Gemini? lol
Nah this ain’t it.

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This over QC is completely based on your choice of shield

Basically unnecessary if you run a slag grenade or a com boosting expertise(legendary solider, which is debatable his best com anyways)

Gemini draws twice as much aggro, Twice as much slag and boosts the turrets killing potential significantly. it’s never not useful and if the second turret dies you can just redeploy it. As for Quick Charge Unless you’re running just the Rough Rider or the Bee there’s no reason to take it over forbearance and if DoTs are really an issue just use a shield with an elemental immunity.

I’ve not got much experience building with the characters with skills that reduce dot duration, I did a bit of investigation just now, but in which situations would you take forbearance over quick charge? My first guess would be if you were taking neo/evo(forbearance) versus blockade(qc) but I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for.

Also, based on some investigation I did on the value of quicken for a maya build, I think you guys might want to look at how much time you actually get from resourceful, for maya it was an increase in total expected uptime of less than ~6% with level 90 gear(bone and leg siren)

It’s after midnight, so forgive any rambling/bad sentence structure

Low recharge delay shields(i mained an all Hyperion blockade for most of my time at OP8) i tend to favor forbearance. The bee also always gets forbearance, and when i ran the lowest possibly recharge delay tediore shield. A big boom blaster or antagonist i’d most likely spec QC for. Evo/neo i honestly can’t remember, i hardly used them om Axton

Pretty much completely playstyle based. You don’t need the aggro relief if you can survive anyways(able, willing, pressure, grit, forbearance on top of a good shield). And the extra slag well like i said a slag grenade(magic missile in most cases) or boosted expertise are both better replacements in my experience(probably around 2k hours)

Re: my edit:
Adding 5/5 resourceful on top of lvl90 leg soldier and bone will net you a 1.4s shorter cool down, for an increase in expected uptime of <2%

With that in mind you could probably both get what you want with something like this:
Flexing points between grenadier, able, and Gemini, and grit, forbearance, and qc, as you prefer.
Not using a bone(for a torgue build for example) 5/5 resourceful gets you ~2.5s(still ~2% increased uptime, axton’s as is dominated by duration) so probably still not worth it imo

Axton’s skill trees balance out really well against each other even at high skill point investments and don’t really focus on specific playstyle niches. He also doesn’t have any skills way above his power curve that diminish the value in investing in other similar skills.
Basically other characters peak by 72, he doesn’t. So he gets more out of the extra points.

I think that Axton now can take all that is worth taking in his skilltrees. I always dreamed about JUST one more point to get do or die with the double up gemini build, and boooom, 8 points for him. I honestly feel like after 30+ days on my main Axton, he definitely got a LOT better now.
If we set apart 5th DLC enemies, which have a ridicolous amount of health, the rest of the regular mobs now don’t stand a chance.
I felt reeeeeally divergent feelings for that lv CAP increase, but I will never thank Gbox enough for what they did for Axton with this extra points


It probably depend on each personal build as to how helpful it was. It did helped mine a lot as I used to switch between COM and had 3 skills at 1-3 points that I was… “Able” to fill. :wink:

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I too think that the Do or Die Gemini/Double Up is the new cookie cutter. It just allows you to get everything useful and freely swap COMs to change pace without the need to respec.

We still have Able x Grenadier and Quick Charge x Forbearance but it really depends on your setup to be honest. Not even worth discussing imo.


If i am not against a lot of small targets (for whom i often just with magic missiles), i mostly run Nuke + Gemini, the aggro gain of two targets with nuke is way better for me. I also run the leg soldier, so my weapon swap speed for slagging myself is top notch.

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I use the Antagonist for that! :wink:
Kidding appart. I use Gemeni/Nuke too, with Mag Lock.


Nuke is a lackluster Capstone imo. The damage is just not there. The cc is cool, but I would not give up my Slag turret for it.
Also, Ranger is a skill I would not put a point if not using a COM to boost it. +5/6 for 1 point is worth it imo, but investing more is kinda meh.


I use Nuke mostly for the cc and don’t really care about the damage. Agree about Ranger. doesn’t worth it.
It might be doing more damage on console than pc though… :thinking:
@Jefe Have we tested that one?


We tested turret, Cloud Kill, Unforseen and Deathtap damage between platforms - but not Nuke damage. One would assume PC Nuke is lower than console Nuke like the others.

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One would. Because if I compare what I experience and I what I read about Nuke…
Nuke damage ain’t that bad imo.
I’ll check later for the actual damage at OP0.

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Lol i just remember, i have been thinking of doing pete before using only the nuke. But it might take me an hour just to dent his shield so i didn’t bother. Lol

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