The inevitable Moze nerf

Seen as we’re all having fun with Moze and grenades, if you do take away or reduce the grenade regen rate can you ensure that grenades are included in ammo crates? Most of the time I find them as drops or in small loot boxes.

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Please no, Moze was not overpowered in the slightest with infinite ammo.

I’ve actually moved away from the grenade spam build because it isn’t really strong enough to consistently use in mayhem 3. (which kinda makes my complaints redundant, but I’m complaining nonetheless).


I am actually running a bottomless mag/splash with this new legendary gun I got and a legendary mod and it is crazy I got the orge assault rifle with a class mod that let’s me do 100% more splash if I don’t reload and I never do with my mag always filling back up I can take down badasses no problem with the set up

Moze has a 1 shot kill everything (literally) build too, grenades do insane dmg too but the problem isnt the dmg but the gameplay of that build, its standing there hitting 1 button, the heal is absurd, vampyr + the class mod is the problem, not the grenade dmg itself, there are other builds with lots of dmg, i dont mind that, hell i dont even mind if they keep mozes broken mechanics still going, i just want to play her as a mech soldier, i want to use iron bear, i want to be effective with assault rifles, shes an ex vladof soldier, not a torgue maniac.


I hardly use my grenades since I got the orge the legnday assult rifle that dose alot of splash damage and has a 70 clip but add my boost to clip size it is a 94 and my class mod ups splash damge so long as I don’t reload so I don’t I just let more fill her clip back up with her ability

Use the ogre with a grenade, Infinite ammo, and nigh infinite grenades.
You don’t even have to stop firing.
I recommend the Nagata grenade, though it can crash the game; it is incredibly amusing to me.

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I am not trying to be broke just want to have alittle eadge on it

Let’s just hope there will be no nerf we can continue to go crazy. Not even sure what the problem is. If anything buff Iron Bear and give us a reason to actually stay in him longer.


In my build no my iron bear isn’t all that great but my own dps is pretty good

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Exactly, most builds don’t include iron Bear much so wouldn’t it make sense to give it a buff. I hear the problem is IB doesn’t scale well in the harder Mayhem modes.


Ya I am sure he doesn’t I have yet to do my tvhm or go higher then mayham 2 lol but for a while I run a good ib build but once I got that legendary I respected

I hear in Mayhem 3 is where IB becomes useless except to jump in and right back out for the unlimited ammo buff. Moze does more damage outside of it. I would think find a way to buff IB and make it more appealing to use, not make Moze weaker. :crossed_fingers:

I have fond the blue tree is best for iron bear and I was running double rockets one with lower Dame but makes them more effected by other Dame then I unleash hell lol but I feel the trees should be made so we can always get an edge for your playstyle

I think grenade regen is bad. they needed to nerf that because grenades are powerful for mobbing not so much for bosses. plus with hex being as strong as it is. or even just tracking grenades being a thing you can just sit there and toss grenades all day. zane can do it to if he doesnt take his second skillz.

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Ya I don’t ever notice my grnades comeing back like that

I remember unlimited rockets with Sal in BL2, especially in the Bar Room. Stand in one place and melt the whole room. Norfleet Gaige with the Sham I just ran around using unlimited rockets on a full run. I don’t understand what the difference is now lol. I understand wanting to make other options appealing but chasing that by nerfing will just end up being a continuous cycle.

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Ya but they will Nerf and buff away till they feel it’s good

i on the board of nerfing the damage output or slow the regen down of grenade regen. like hex grenades just running tossing grenades you dont need to even face the enemy its safe play style. like with unlimit ammo atleast you get up and shoot the enemy. i would just say nerf grenade regen on both of them. or nerf the damage of tracking grenades to make its atleast some what skill to use the other grenades

I feel all the vault monsters should drop at least one legendary every kill and maybe more depending on players luck and stuff

Stop giving them ideas for nerf.

The issue is, not every one has the gears you have & people that don’t will have harder time.