The Insanity Of Whiskey's Rifle...!

So, almost have Whiskey mastered over these last few days.

What an AWESOME experience, definitely one of the favourite characters I’ve mastered so far!

Such a tough and versatile mofo, so many different ways to play him, and what a scrapper / survivor!

Such a more interesting character than boring old Oscar Mike.

Anyhoo, let’s talk about Whiskey’s rifle.

First of all, if just looks SO BADASS!


Assault rifle.

Scope or dot sight can be added.

Shotgun (scrap blaster).

Grenade launcher.


Am I forgetting anything?

It looks custom made, I wonder if he pieced it together and upgraded it while he was out on the run and surviving on his own for all that time.

So cool!


His lore explains how his rifle is made and such - you’re looking for one which is a discussion between WF and “Fan-of-the-empire”.



Whiskey and Deande, huh?

(Love that “Fan of the Empire” wordplay, clever Gearbox)

I still have 2 lores left, “Push back 500 enemies with Scrap Cannon” (not bad) and “Kill 100 Battleborn with Whiskey’s quick Melee” (nightmarish).

I don’t mind spoilers…care to fill me in?

Once I do the mission I’m in, grinding the turret building in Renegade and leveling - I’ll post when I have the screenshot.

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Last I checked it was only kill 100 enemies with quick melee, not battleborn(that would be literally ridiculous XD). Also kinda forgot the lore for those, unless one of them is the one where he insults all the oscar mikes.



Oh thank God!

It’s a heavily modified version of the rifle Mike uses: he had the scrap cannon and the full auto function added on. By the way, he shoots his grenades via a launcher on his left hand, not on his rifle like Mike does.

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This should probably be in #battleborn:whiskey-foxtrot

Mod? Care to help out?

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They’re only in spoiler tags in case someone who doesn’t want the lore spoiling stumbles in here @FlamesForAll.



Dude, awesome, thanks!

I’ve got all the lore if you need any so feel free to ask.


Wow, I knew they had implications of a thing, but I had no idea it was so blatant

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Whiskey flats out mentions it in voids edge something like

Wolf - So what you doing after the whole blow up the portal thing

WF - got a date with miss deande.

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@Tokesy97 @epicender584

“…bare you in a heartbeat.”


Hubba Hubba!


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Yeah, I noticed that, but I thought it was just that. I didn’t know it wasn’t a one night thing. I figured she was just giving him a chance (this was before some of his lore told me that he was actually pretty intelligent), but “usual place” confirms that they’ve been a thing long enough to have a usual place.

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By the way, what’s the tag for SPOILER on these boards?

I tried [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] minus the spaces but no dice…

That’s how you do it. Just use the gear options symbol and click spoilers if it doesn’t work

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That’s what I used…hmmm.


spoiler text

EDIT: Ok, got it, sweet & thanks.

So Whiskey likes intelligent women with a sophisticated non-regional English accent? Yes! :sparkling_heart:


I hear Krieg does as well. :dukewhistle: