The Insanity Of Whiskey's Rifle...!



Awwww Krieg & Maya…a meat bicycle built for two!



(Cast Iron Chef) #23

He does have the shiniest meatcycle after all.

(since CTT) #24

I like Montana. A lot … :duketease:

(Cast Iron Chef) #25

So do I, but we’re not talking about the big guy, we’re talking about the defective clone. :dukejk:

(You know... Ireland.) #26

Are you saying Whiskey isn’t big? :dukejk:

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #27

now now, no one’s calling size into question…but if size is being called into question just ask deande(I couldn’t stop myself i’m so sorry!)

(Cast Iron Chef) #28

Not when compared to Montana. :dukejk:

(SalkinM) #29

Almost exclusively the only character I play.
Just too versatile and effective.
Plus…he’s majestic. As. F&%@.
And, like his lore emphasizes, he can he stupidly difficult to kill. It’s awesome.

(You know... Ireland.) #30

:dukegum: Montana shoots quicker than Whiskey but the extra effort is rewarded with power. I’ll stop now.

(Cast Iron Chef) #31

And don’t forget to show yourself out as well. :dukejk:

(Easplund) #32

How do you come by that? I tried playing him all this week, and I ended up being murdered incessantly by Pendles. It got so bad that I have quit playing him and changed to Oscar Mike.



No man, take his early “Health Regen on kill” mutation!

It’s ANY enemy kill, not just other Battleborn.

I find myself surviving for RIDUCULOUS amounts of time while my whole team gets killed off.

He’s a bloody cockroach!

(You know... Ireland.) #34

Yeah, I don’t find him particularly durable I must say. You have to stay back sniping but don’t have the same get outs as OM, and even though his mutation gives him health regen you can’t depend on that so much in PvP. You can kill minions but they’re not always on hand and it’s a distraction from what he does in PvP (boom. headshot). Whiskey is powerful but only really with his mutations, and OM does a lot more (though I guess they’re not really comparable).

(Easplund) #35

I always take that, but it doesn’t save me. Pendles just pops up, “pffft, pffft, pffft,” and I’m dead.

(Easplund) #36

That won’t save you from Pendles! Oscar Mike can shoot his grenade at the ground and kill that frickin’ lizard, but Whiskey has no real defense. I think that I killed Pendles once, maybe twice, and Pendles killed me the other 35-40 times.

(You know... Ireland.) #37

Yep. Quick melee is basically the only way I’ve found (and running like mad!). Whiskey does have one of the best quick melees in the game, but it’s often not a consolotaion when that snake rears its head.


Sticky, Quick Melee, fire. When he decides to bug out because you just emptied 6 rounds into his fat head for crit damage (heck, you ought to have crit him with the melee too), hit him with the scrap launcher. Pretty straightforward after that.

You… did take Swiss Cheese when you saw there was a Pendles on the other team, right?

(Easplund) #39

That never works for me. I have tried both Swiss Cheese and the other one. Pendles invariable kills me in three blows. I knock him back with the knife, he just runs forward again and kills me. I use three shots from the scrap cannon with knockback, throw a grenade at him, and he just keeps coming forward and kills me. I try to run, he kills me. It’s like one of those bad Chucky movies!


Don’t know what to tell you man, practice makes perfect I guess.

He should be very easy to stay away from after that first quick melee since his own slow ought to have worn off, just make sure you’re not standing in place when you’re dealing with him.