The Insanity Of Whiskey's Rifle...!

(SalkinM) #41

I have a reserved playstyle. I always keep in mind that I’ll possibly need to disengage and that’s my approach to every fight.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #42

I have yet to be killed by Pendles when playing as Whiskey Foxtrot. I have no idea what I am doing right. Or what they’re doing wrong maybe. Maybe I haven’t met a good Pendles yet when I’m playing WF.

(Easplund) #43

Pendles has ruined Whiskey for me. He is actually ruining the entire game for me. I wish they would do something about him. He does way too much damage.

(Lazy Hermione) #44

I have to say I don’t think any of the Battleborn are that easy to kill. Miko is low health but he’s a small target and has easy health regen… Alani is quite squishy now and health isn’t always on hand. I’d also put Thorn, Whiskey and indeed Pendles on that list. These guys have to be played very carefully to stay alive.

(Easplund) #45

“I’m the conductor of the poop train!” WTF! I still crying!

(Medic player #5774545) #46

Personally, the #1 way to counter Pendles is to try to see him while he’s cloaked and/or watch your back
Or, you can try to bait him out of cloak as a medic
Or, you can try to bait the smoke bomb so he can’t run away
Or, try to hit him with a debuff so that his cloak is effectively cancelled for the effect’s duration.

All of these work, don’t know if they work for WF.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #47

Whiskey is fine without the mutations actually, honestly they are kinda overrated

(Lazy Hermione) #48

Really? You think napalm is overrated? Wow, you must be a way better player than me. Sticky Mirv, Napalm, and Killer Regen made a huge difference to my Whiskey gameplay as soon as I got them. Of all the characters’ mutations, I think I’ve found his the most useful.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #49

Im probably not better, but I’ve had excellent success with the other options