The inventory Simm formely known as BD3

PLEASE, please, Please , on bended knee we plead , do the bank update early,

because spending 50% of the time doing this is not any fun at all

Adding space can’t really happen before performance updates because adding more items makes menu lag worse than it is now.

I agree that I want it ASAP, but not if its game breaking.

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honestly at the moment its on the verge, I’m trying to put together a spec and list of the best ways to run the new terror effects via passive slots that trigger the weapon effect for after the event, giving the terror mechanic some longevity, but having to throw away legendry’s to do this, is at the least heart breaking if not game breaking lol :slight_smile:

Many are creating mule characters, its not a perfect solution by any means, but its one option we have now.

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TY much appreciated