The Invincible Mothership!

Hi guys, just had a quick question; does anyone else have the same issue I’m having? I seem to have an “invincible” mothership, at least up through mission 4 (where I currently am). I let the ion frigates pound the crap out of my mothership to test this theory, but it’s health only seems to dip a couple percentage points while under fire; the instant the onslaught stops, it regenerates back to 100% instantly.

Not sure if I’m playing on trainee mode or something :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, Gearbox this game looks fantastic. Thanks again!

Edit: Yeah, I just tried again to blast my mothership with everything I had: 6 ion cannons, an assualt frig, five heavy corvettes, 10 interceptors, and 10 scouts. Health dips then restores itself instantly…

Edit: Left single player and started a new vs cpu; nothing they’re throwing at me is affecting me in the least.

My mothership after three minutes of hammering at it.

That’s interesting, and suggests changing tactics for the mission – it’s less urgent to take out those ion frigs than it appears to those who remember ye olden days.

The Banana (or Toaster) were pretty much invulnerable in M2, which made it possible to let missile corvettes run out of fuel so you could capture them. Now you just point the salvage corvette at one and it comes home. The kids have it so easy.

Haha. I read the post about the garden of kadesh too having become a walk-over. I also remember salvaging corvettes to be nearly impossible in the old HW1. Now after the first three missions I have three regular and one missile corvette from the turanic raiders. I think before I continue with mission four I’m going to check more closely the gameplay difficulty settings. I “hope” there is a way to turn this into a bit more of a challenge.

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I’ve also noticed that in this specific mission. Not however in skirmish same situation just with other faction ions… so my asumption would be to believe that it is an issue with the Turranic frigs perhaps. they probably should get buffed. Also the garden missions need to become a lot harder…

compared to my own scouts and intys I thought the turanic raider fighters were more than formidable enough. I imagine they’re cheaper, and that the carriers are able to produce dem infinitely, as I read in some other bug thread that the way resourcing works is different now compared to old hw 1 so… I’m not entirely sure I would buff those particularly much. Especially not when it appears like the passive/defensive/offensive setting in combination with fighter formations not working at all…

I was only referring to their Ion frigates as they seem rather weak by the damage output they give… Their corvettes seemed fine though their missile corvette is little weaker than in classic hw1