The Invincible N0V4-TP : a Level 70 Fragtrap build

This is by far one of the most fun builds in the entire game. It’s not the most plug’n’play thing but it’s not the most skill-based build. You just need some thinking and management to use this build at its maximum potential (use a grenade or not to keep the Subroutine working or switch to another, use the IVF if you don’t have a good Subroutine, manage health and shields …).
This build is fully based on Explosive damage and freezing enemies to deal the most damage. Reloading, freezing, managing Frag stacks when you have a good Subroutine and grouping enemies are the key things to make this build work, but once you’ve mastered this playstyle, you’ll become a PBFC (Pretty Badass Fucking Claptrap).

First, here is the build that I use for this build :

Now that i’ve showed you my spec, let’s get deeper into the skills :


- Start with a Bang : the main skill of this build, gives you the ability of releasing an Explosive Nova when you shoot the first bullet of your gun. When boosted and when enemies are frozen, this Nova can actually deal awesome damage ! This skill is awesome when paired with Tediore weapons since you’re constantly reloading and shooting the first bullet.

- Load’n’Splode : this skill works really well with Start with a Bang, Tediore Reloads and the Flakker since you are reloading a lot. The boost can get pretty insane with 5 stacks + 9/5 on the skill. It is a must-have.

- Livin’ Near the Edge : awesome skill on this build since it gives you a lot of Reload Speed, giving you better DPS since you rely on reloading guns.


- HIGH FIVES GUYS : don’t underestimate this skill, because having Health Regeneration and some extra Gun Damage is very nice (please note that the Gun Damage boosts makes the Gun Damage penalty from a wrong Subroutine null). On coop, this skill is even better.

- “You’re … GOING TO LOVE ME !!” and “It’s a Trap … Card” : they are both healing Nova skills, and they really give you a lot of extra survivability. Healing is always nice when you need to face multiple enemies.


- Grenade Vent : this skill is a MUST. IF you have 9/5 on this skill, you get +81% Grenade Damage. THIS IS INSANE ! This skill makes Tediore reloads, Novas and Splash Damage weapons like the Blowfly absolutely awesome, use this skill for the love of God.

- Death Machine : well, the name speaks for it. Extra Reload Speed, Movement Speed and Gun Damage is always nice in such a build. At 9/5, this skill becomes pretty f*cking powerful.

- Blue Shell : a nice boost for Fragtrap, giving him extra Gun Damage, Reload Speed, Fire Rate and some FFYL Time. Don’t skip it, it is a really handy skill.

Now that we’re done with skills, let’s talk about the recommended items for this build :

- Fridgia : the best freezing weapon in the game (with the Excalibastard), with a nice reload speed. If you want to have a Novas-only playstyle, this is the kind of weapon you want to have.

- Probe : less freeze chance and damage, but healing ! If you have a Chronicler of Elpis equipped, you can use it. I don’t like it, but it is viable.

- Absolute Zero : an awesome laser on Claptrap. Since you have a small magasine of 12 “rounds”, you reload constanly and you can chain Novas while dealing awesome damage with the actual weapon. It is an awesome weapon, use it if you like lasers.

- IVF : the best Tediore-throwing weapon imo. It is a great weapon for this build, since you can deal astronomic damage, and even MORE on frozen enemies. It is a good all-rounder for this build if you don’t have a good Subroutine active.

- Laser Disker : the highest damaging Tediore reload in the game. It is an awesome weapon on Claptrap since he can boost it by a large mile. Again, use it if you like Lasers.

- Torgue weaponry : Torgue weapons are awesome with Claptrap, since he can boost both their raw and splash damage, making them lethal. Weapons like the Spitter, the Ravager, the 88 Fragnum and the Flakker are awesome on Clappy.

- Nukem : I love this Rocket Launcher. Combined with a good Singularity Grenade, you can do insane damage with it. This is Claptrap’s room cleaner, use it, it is awesome.

- Luck Cannon : an awesome weapon, and the best Jakobs weapon imo (the Flayer comes close). It works very well with Start with a Bang and One Last Thing if you’re specced into it. It is a good all-rounder, it is accurate, and it becomes lethal if you have the Pistol Subroutine on.


- Tediore Shields : they are awesome on Claptrap since he is gonna damage his shield a lot and they’ll recharge insanely fast. Shields like the Naught and the Cracked Sash are awesome, but Instant Shields with Hyperion Parts work as well. They are good all-rounders in terms of Shields.

- Adaptive Shields : pretty underrated imo. Since Claptrap gets wiped out by Corrosive Damage, having Elemental Resistance is very nice. The extra health provided by those ones is also a great boost to Clappy’s survivability. If you want to use one, the Reogenerator and the Haymaker are both good choices.

- Prismatic Bulwark : it is an awesome Shield in areas where enemies have a lot of laser weapons, and when you are using a laser weapon. If none of this circumstances are matching, then you’re better off with another Shield.

- The Sham : I feel that this Shield is pretty underrated and underused in this game, but it’s a good choice for areas where enemies are using bullets. Like I said earlier, if enemies aren’t using bullets, then use something else.


- Chronicler of Elpis : this is the most effective COM for this build since you boost a lot of awesome skills AND you get a lot of extra freeze chance and a bit of Shield Capacity as well. Use it if you have it.

- Foolhardy Sapper : if you don’t have the Chronicler of Elpis, then use this one. It gives you 11/5 on Start With a Bang, but you’re missing a LOT of other boosts.


- Meganade : the best Singularity Grenade imo. It is great for grouping up enemies THEN spamming Novas/Tediore reloads or simply shooting a Nukem Rocket to annihilate everything in the area.

- Quasar : if you don’t like the Meganade, use the Quasar, it’s as simple as that.

- Vladof Cryo : the best freezing grenade in the game. I don’t like it on Clappy, but if you like it, then use it, because it is awesome.

- Cryo Transfustion : a good grenade for freezing and extending Clappy’s survivability.


- Bomber Oz Kit : the best Oz Kit for pure DPS, giving you even more Grenade Damage. Use it if you’re going for DPS overall.

- Moonlight Saga : who wants to turn all his weapons into Moxxi weapons ? Use this Oz Kit ! Since Claptrap doesn’t breathe, you can’t complain about the 50 O2. If used well (i mean : if you don’t spam jump boosts), this Oz Kit will turn you into the most badass CL4P-TP in the universe.

- 3DDI.E : my personal favourite, it is a good all-rounder in terms of Oz Kits, and it will give you some extra ammo and health.

Well, that’s it :smiley: ! I really recommend you this build, it is powerful and very fun to play. If you never played Claptrap, this is a good way to start playing it. I hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think about this build and share your possible ways to improve it, thank you for reading :slight_smile: !


What, no luck cannon? That’s always been my favourite for Claptrap. Other than that, excellent build!

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Oh my lord, I can’t believe I forgot it ._.
I add it right now, this thing is awesome ! I’m sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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How did the censor miss that

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Just reading that line made me picture an Ultimate Badass Trojan dressed up in drag doing questionable things to our favorite little yellow robot.


Did you get the reference at least ?

No I don’t know the reference.

It’s a reference to a reference actually ^^

The E-Tech Maliwan Launcher in BL2 was called the PBFG (Pretty Big Fcking Gun), which is a reference to the game Doom where there is a gun called the BFG (Big Fcking Gun).
So I called our friend Clappy the PBFC (Pretty Badass F*cking Claptrap) :smiley: