The issue with the new Meltdown (Unlike the old one)

Like many of you , I got to try out BB’s big update.

smooth 60FPS on Consoles (F-UCKING FINALLY) , dojo mode to test your loadout (BIG LIKE) .
and… new version of Meltdown ?

I was skeptical at first , because I didn’t understand this “change” that came out of nowhere.
I played it several times, and I find it very different … for the bad reasons.

Lets compare the Old and the New, Shall we ?

Objective :

  • Old - Get 500 score first by getting your minions (big or small) to a certain point where they get REBORN !!!

  • New- Get a one (if I’m not mistaking) GIANT MINION to a certain point where they get REBORN !!!

Now , the way it works is by phases :

Phase 1 : each team needs to score between 0-300 , the objective in this time is (like in the older version) get as many minions to Minrec’s Mouth.
Depending on how your team and the opposing team got , each team gets a different type of Giant minion for Phase 2

Phase 2 : There are no small minions that spawn .
Each team gets 2 giant minions from HQ that they need to get to the other side. If both teams destroy the other’s Giant minions , The giant minions grow stronger in the next wave.
If one gets in , the match is over.

The issue’s that come with the new game mode :

1.LvLing up to max is next to impossible - Because there are no small minions in Phase 2, it is hard to lvl up your character when you only have enemy players and giant minions.

2.Emptiness - In addition , the big map becomes empty as only giant minions go thru the lanes in Phase 2.

3.Even if we one team gets 300 , the other team still has a change to win easily .
if only 2 minions needs to be destroyed and 1 minion of yours needs to get in , one team can easily hold 2 minions from reaching their objective.

4.Matches end due to timeout - It is very easy to destroy a giant minion when he is the only minion in the lane.
smart players can easily split themselves to 2-3 teams that each one need to focus fire on 1 giant minion.
This tends to prolong the match to a point where most cases end in a timeout.

It seems gearbox didn’t really seem to care about this-- >
–> post right here , I made a while ago Why Meltdown is better than Incursion (IMO)

And for some odd reasons , tried to make Meltdown a sugar friendly match (a casual quick match)
Sorry for being rude, but this game is suppose to be like a traditional MOBA right ? well traditional MOBAs tend to have long matches in almost every game mode.
Meltdown is a great example of a MOBA game mode , when Capture has striking resembles to Domination from FPS games.

So why , in the mothers of gods , did you make the game mode in to something inconsistent in what its trying to be !!

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Correction - the team that scored 300 gets a super minion. (On both lanes) The team that didn’t gets nothing. Only one super minion needs to get through.

This ends up with; Winning team picks one lane and pushes it as a 5 man. Losing team has to split up to stop both minions while also fighting the enemy teams players. Guess how that goes.


Correction - the team that scored 300 gets a super minion.

On each lane for the first wave.

So winning team has two super minions off the bat while enemy team has none. This is by far the best chance to secure a win if you simply go for the squad wipe and/or stack one lane and keep it clear.

Since only one needs to get in the deathball of 5 works well to escort one side.

However, if the enemy team does stop the first pair the mode can be very exciting end to end sudden death once both sides have uber minions charging down the field.

I’ve had several matches in this mode go the full timer and they’ve been great, while the matches that were already very one sided tend to end quicker as well.

I don’t think it’s really addressed the issue as they’d hoped, since I’d still prefer a close match of classic meltdown over this, and it hasn’t changed the stomps at all.

Be happy super minions even spawned…I just played a game where we got to 300 then…nothing. Nothing happened. The timer just counted down and nosuper minions ever came, so we just continues to pummel the other team until they finally surrendered with about 4 minutes left on the clock. I can’t say that was fun.


Yeah had that happen to me too a little while ago. Thankfully the losing team surrendered with about 12:00 min to go. If they didn’t, i was seriously considering voting for surrender because at that point it literally becomes TDM

What if we gave both teams the same number of minions, except…

One lane has two minions of equal strength (one for each team obv)

Other lane has a minion for each team as well, but one is stronger depending on the winning team.

And/or we could slow down Ultra minion speed.

Increase XP earned from minions in Phase One.

I am still working on a daily quest of winning 3 meltdowns. Gonna take a long time, as it doesnt get voted on much for these reasons.

I think they have it opposite when it comes to the finale bots. Losing team should get the Bot advantage, and If winning team eliminates the bots its over. If losing team happens to score a Mega Bot then both teams should get equal bots and the first team to score the greater amount of bots would win.


^ i like this idea.