The issues? I don't know if BB should release they way it is

I did say a few years. And working on BB 2 doesn’t preclude GBX from working on BL 3. I just hope 2k doesn’t decide to farm it out to another developer like they did TPS…

True, but I’ve seen more than a few positive reviews on here and YouTube, so time will tell. I think Overwatch will have a large player base at first, but will quickly lose it when people get bored and decide to give BB a try.


Every YouTube video and review I’ve seen/read has nothing but great things to say about BB. Sure, it’s not perfect but the game isn’t even out yet and you are concerned with it’s life span? The games development cost will be made back from all the copies being sold.

Can you provide a link to the YouTube reviews that have given the game a thumbs down?

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Multiplayer is in a fine state to release. Its deep, theres a pretty good balance overall bar a few possible outliers which I consider impressive across so many characters and most of all its loads of fun.

The campaign is shaping up to be a total mess though, and thats probably unavoidable at this point. Voids edge was… passable. Unremarkable but at least functional. The algorithm though doesnt bode well. When randy pitchfords advice to someone was to use a ranged character rather than admit balance and level design may be totally off in a game with more tham a few melee characters, I’m not sure if they’re gonna bother fixing the flaws that just totally bring it down. Its also jarring to see such unresponsive enemies when in borderlands the AI was much more active and better at presenting a threat.

Agreed 100%. Battleborn will be a hit and have a long lifespan.

Some games are released and burn out quickly (Evolve, I’m looking at you). This game will be around a long time.

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After Evolve, I have a little bit of trepidation about multiplayer games I enjoy that require a solid playerbase (last I checked, there were 181 ppl playing Evolve on Steam - ouch), but it’s not Gearbox or the game itself I’m worried about here: there isn’t the same kind of terrible, gimmicky release strategy to make ppl dislike it w/o even playing it (for the love of Minrec, I hope 2K/Take-Two does not have them selling skins for 2.99), I doubt it will get many reviews that are mostly negative, & they already have the BL series as a proven track record. The game itself is hard not to like on some level once you try it, so I expect word of mouth to be a big deal once it gets rolling.

Also, Overwatch releasing around the same time could be considered a hindrance, but I don’t think so, I think it could end up being helpful. The two games are more complimentary than in direct competition, gamers play a lot of games, and after playing one & getting bored or burned out, “trying out” the other seems likely. Battleborn has a lot of depth that could draw in Overwatch players looking for a meatier experience, or just something familiar but different. The issue w/ multiplayer games now is that there are just so many games available (and a lot of ppl just stick w/ one, like, for all of eternity), so there’s literally no way to tell what will catch on or what will last, but after the open beta I have a good feeling about Battleborn.


From the post on the GBX forums mostly. I like looking at the game from multiple persepectives so i do take EVERYONES opinion in condsideration before trying to validate my own. Here are some post/links.

Just a quick few. I do realize these re opinions for the most part. But someone of them are opinions that have been popping up like wildfire.

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here would be one, but like i said i do realize this all just someone’s opinion.

Its not just the community here. But several articles about on the web. The one thing most people seem to have in common is the idea that the game isn’t worth forking over 60 bones for it. I had already pre-ordered before the beta came out. When i could find a single confrimation on 60fps red flags started to pop up.

The skins are an issue not really because they are just nice to look at, but because they are an aspect of the game to achieve. If the skin are/was just recoloring it give people less of a reason to care about that aspect of the game. BB is obviously going toe to toe with Overwatch, and even though OW doesn’t have a campaign, both games seem to be more MP focused. If OW has more polished graphics, higher frame rate, less clustered gameplay, and/or more pleasent to look at because have you seen those OW skins? Bro the are nice. Rambling…

All im trying to say is that If they launch this ship, they better have the major whole filled it. Or it most likely will sink.

Riiiiiight. Because the people on the forums crying about the stupidest things you have seen in your life making you wonder whether the only change BB should have done is to be rated M represent the whole community.

The game is great and more than capable of delivering a great launch and support its longetivity. If you judge its reception by the number of “Nerf Rath”, “Reduce effects” and “Have a 3rd Person Mode”, then you are just missing the point. These people are just a part of the community that do not invest enough time to the game to learn it, let alone buy it when it is released.

As far as youtubers are concerned, could you point us/me to some videos in which the youtuber is negative towards the quality or the longetivity of Battleborn?

Ok, point taken. A video from Lazy Peon, that Blizzard fanboy.

And even that fanboy, The Lazy Peon, actually lists only 3 cons. The third is a lack of a tutorial, which is a lie by the way. The first time you enter, Nova informs you about everything you need to know for each map. The second was the matchmaking, which shouldn’t have been mentioned, since the game was still in BETA at the time that video was taken. And the first was about the game having too many effects indicating that the particular youtuber did not really take the time to learn how to play the game and distinguish the effects on the screen. A very bad video from a very bad and biased youtuber. Any others?

Name calling isn’t considered very polite. Please don’t do that. It doesn’t help…anything.


Perhaps it’s hyperbole but which major hole? The frame rate? I’d love to have it higher but I don’t think it’s a major hole.

Balancing is continual, every game has that.

The game costs as much as any other game.

You are concerned that the game is releasing too early, that is your opinion and you have a right to it. All I wanna know is what hole they need shoring up before launch?

So far I’ve heard framerate, not pretty enough, campaign too short, no tutorial, skins, cost and balance. I think all of those were adequately addressed. Are these the things that need fixing?


Point taken and post edited.

Thank you.

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I see a lot of framerate people on here and polish. Looked fine to me on the PS4…nothing like that pic posted above. I’m also hearing the balance thing, which ALL games these days have and get hotfixes without people even konwing it (CoD, BF4, Division). I’ll be buying it and the season pass because it was so much fun to play alone and with friends/family on the BETA.

Well last night i was watching a live Overwatch game and MANY of the comments were rants about it being 40€ and that they could get other similar shooters for a lot less, yet im pretty sure this game wont tank at launch…

The thing is, if you’re basing your opinion on a forum and a handfull of youtubers, you’re basing it on a VERY small and very vocal part of the community, this is true for anything not just games.

Besides you can go to a very well estabilished game forum and still find a lot of people complaining. I remember a few time ago when there was a very good BL2 sale on Steam, there was a surge of new players from it and the forums started to be lit up with players complaining about things that were discussed to death years before.

Its a byproduct of having online forums, most people of have complains come here and complain while those who havent are simply plaina something else waiting for the release, you end up getting skewed results.


Played the beta, unlocked all characters and had a blast. From my experience it’s definitely ready to launch, sure there maybe a few tweeks needed and a couple of fixes, but the game ran great, it was fun and i hardly came along any issues.

Matchmaking balance was probably the worst thing for me, but they can fix that and leavers were a problem at times, but you will get quitters from matches even if it’s released soon or further on.

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Game will do fine.

And from what I’ve played in the beta it runs very well. It just suffers from the same complaints as BL1 got before release.

From my understanding, Destiny was bleeding players not too long after release, quite a bit.

Right there is is a misunderstanding. This is not meant to be a game with a massive long campaign, its a fun campaign with high levels of replay-ability because you can play with 25-30 characters. So making a really long story wasn’t the goal.

A lot of the complaints I have seen are people wanting this to be something it isn’t.

This is truly a new game making a new genre so there will be a lot of people wanting it to be something else but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t ready, just maybe means players are not used to something new.


No, it isn’t. And the people that are really paying attention to what Battleborn is about understand that. The problem is with people that insist on comparing the two without understanding what Battleborn is. I will say that I think some fault lies with the developer and publisher here for not getting the message out a bit better.

By the way, I’ve said this a number of times before, but I think the short campaign is an asset with such a large character roster. A CoD size campaign makes sense when you can play it a bunch of times with characters that work in dramatically different fashion. A borderlands style campaign would make no sense for Battleborn.

I think this video from Datto did a pretty nice job of breaking down just how different they are and helping people decide which might be right for them: