The issues? I don't know if BB should release they way it is

Not as easy as it looks.

Killzone Shadow Fall allows for 60 FPS in the campaign, but as soon as the AI is onscreen it goes into the 40s, or high 30s, when you have the FPS uncapped. And that game runs on an engine that’s been around for ages.
Only reason it is 60 in mutliplayer is because no AI is loaded. Until you go for Botzone, and that mode only allows half the players multiplayer would.

There are wayyy too many factors, and console hardware is already falling behind.

Now, this is just jumping to conclusions. We havent even seen the full campaign yet!

That a good point but kinda not true. Crackdown 3 is using Cloud servers to render a huge chunk of its physics, and graphics. With cloud computing you can basically get software upgrades that work like hardware upgrades. Example if you game need 8 gb of RAM but you only have 4 gb the cloud can compute the other 4gb.

There was something i read or saw on hardware upgrade my be replace with online processing, making it so you would never have to buy a new console as long as you can access the internet.

Why i said “guess” i pick my diction carefully lol :sweat_smile:

Whoops. On this part I made a mistake by jumping to conclusions, and like to apologise for it.

And I admit that this is new to me. Care to share a few articles via PM if possible? Don’t want to derail the thread at hand.

From the post on the GBX forums mostly. I like looking at the game from multiple persepectives so i do take EVERYONES opinion in condsideration before trying to validate my own. Here are some post/links.

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Not to the slightest.

Halo 5 is an X1 exclusive designed for a specific hardware configuration with a specific engine tailored to a specific console under specific conditions.

Battleborn is a multiplatform game designed to work with many hardware configurations, with a general purpose engine working on different machines.

It is no wonder that the number of visually competent games running at 1080/60fps on consoles is, well… one.

Also, Smite’s textures look like they were free assets from the Unity Asset Store. Low resolution and bad effects.

A good point. But cloud computing is still there so is dynamic scaling. I think Gearbox wanted at 60 fps even if it was at 720 rez. Some people would even take the cut in details for smoother gameplay.

Cloud computing a. has yet to proven and b. would eat up bandwidth and add latency to the mix. It would be like trying to stream a mp game… its just a bad idea. Not that they couldnt get it to 60 of course some other way, but that way would not work.

Wow… Thats not how things work dude. That would need MASSIVE amounts of bandwith and add huge amounts of latency. Neither of which we want here.

I think i would handle the more static elements like riggs, animations, basic mapping. While the processor and RAM handles more of the taxing graphics. The Cloud basically works kinda like the south bridge of textures, sounds, data etc etc. Cloud doesn’t do the heavy lifting.

No the cloud can only handle latency ok tasks. In crackdowns case you’ll get latentcy prone physics in buildings… allegedly. You wouldn’t want latency prone physics in a mp shooter, hit detection would quickly become a mess. You wouldn’t want lagging sounds, or lagging player collisions etc. Look around on it, but all claims regarding what it can do so far are largely just that. Claims. Its largely blast processing 2.0


I gave a like just for the ‘blast processing 2.0’ line. The kids won’t get that reference.

If you have so many concerns about release, why not just hang back, see how launch is, player feedback, reviews and maybe wait to see if it’s a viable purchase at the time for yourself. May be cheaper when you decide also, so it may be more of a fair value to yourself as the game stands at your time of purchase.

Already Pre-ordered, was excited about the story which was the main reason why i pick BB over OW and Gigantic. Got the Beta and was like -_O? Not that story is written bad, I don’t like the way its structured and how it looks. Im hoping that the game will have enough secondary content will make up for it. Just some false based assumptions on my part. Still think i will have fun with the game, just want the time invested over the next few months to be worth it,

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Ok, hope you enjoy and your concerns are put to rest after release for yourself. To me, this game feels like one you can play and enjoy, go play a new release and come back to. It’s so much fun for myself personally and it seems to just have a vibrant and all round fun feel to it. I’ve personally not had a blast with games as much as this for a while, i can see myself becoming really invested in this one.


Yea thanks i keep saying the beta was 10.5 gb and my preorder is like 20gb so im anxious to see what in the other 10 besides the missions.

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I could care less what “YouTubers” or “game journalists” think.

YouTubers usually have an agenda, and gaming journalists are so jaded and cynical that nothing pleases them.

Also, I immediately dismiss anyone who compares BB to any Moba.

The game is FUN. That’s enough for now.