The jabber don't care about "lick the wounds"

I’ve noticed for a moment that the jabber is very lazy when it comes to put you back on feet, contrary to the spiderant, but what just happened now… I was fighting Wotan (I never did it with Fl4k) and this idiot jabber just casually went past me who was dying to chase after Wotan’s brain! I was about to win and just needed a last revive :expressionless: really I wish I had recorded this because that was beyond absurd … there was nothing left just Wotan brain and the Jabber was literally 1m from me and he decided to go after the goddamn brain goofing around instead of reviving me.
I swear I ll never use the jabber ever again.
So is this just me or Jabber is super bad at reviving?

Are you using Not My Circus? If you were in Fade Away when downed and had that augment, he will go run to melee range to taint. Really, really broken mechanic.

But, I have seen him just casually stroll by while I bleed out without this augment on. So it is possible.

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it is possible that is that, I was indeed using not my circus. That makes sense because Wotan brain was super far away and I was wondering why he had the urge to go over there. But that means “it’s not my circus” the problem then not the jabber?

I’m not entirely sure, but that’s usually the culprit.

I have seen a pet completely ignore me while I bleed out though. Like just chilling right by me. This has been extremely rare though.

Generally when the pet can’t get you back up, it is because there is some sort of pathing issue. Slightly higher or lower levels, stairs, boxes, elevators, etc., all can make this an issue. However, this seems fairly rare for me. I do not generally have a problem with the pet reviving me (specifically the Jabber), but it does happen occasionally.

If this is happening anything more than occasionally (like I think I have had it happen 4 or 5 times maybe?), then I would say this is some sort of bug that you could do a support ticket on. But if it is just sort of random, then probably I would say that is “working as intended.” :rofl:

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Well in this particular case I think it is what vCarpeDiemv pointed out. As for in general the jabber does revive me but it seems to take him a while to decide doing it contrary to others pets, but that may be my bias against someone with a barrel fetish :rofl: