The Jack Betrayal Conspiracy

So, if the Science & Violence ending dialogue is ti be believed, Roland and Moxxi, but NOT Lilith, knew about the plan to betray Jack afyer shitting down / restarting the Eye of Helios?

Basing this on the fact that, after the 3 scientist airlocking, Lilith acts shocked and confused, while Roland just over-rules her, accepts what has just happened, and moves on.

Like he knew that Jack would be getting his soon.

But why not tell Lilith?

To me, he just comes off as a hardened military dude that doesn’t really let much phase him anymore. Like when Bloodwing dies , he’s all like " that sucks bro, but we need the chip, so get moving."

Because Lilith is well, fairly stupid and irrational.

How about because they hadn’t come up with the plan yet? That sounds a more reasonable excuse for Lilith not knowing about it.

Always thought that scene played out a little odd. Perhaps Lil knew about it but was just so mad at Jack at that moment…

They had the plan from the start.

I agree Teddy / Neddy / Zeddy.

Maybe Lilith had to act surprised?

Or they planned to betray him all along, but the airlocking was a dark and unexpected development?

I thought it was because Roland was aware of the betrayal that Moxxie had planned.

So, he was playing it cool.

And yeah, Lilith was wearing her heart on here sleeve again.

i still think Moxxi had some kinda knowledge of Zarpedon before we get to Crisis Scar. How much knowledge… i dunno. Listen to the Meriff recording before we leave and when we get back. It has a whole lotta extra dialog after we kill RedBelly and return to Concordia and black mail the Meriff. Something to the effect of the Meriff swimming in Dahl money. She had that recording but didnt say anything. one could argue if she said anything then we could have just gone to the meriff without going to Crisis Scar and dealing with RedBelly, but then why play it (or add it into the game at all). So she either was somehow involved with Zarpedon or she was planning her own thing. How involved Roland and Lilith are with Moxxi before the airlock i don’t know either but i dont think she included them until after when Roland wants to talk to Moxxi.

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