The Jennerit Empire

The Jennerit

I found this space and thought it’s about time i’d delve deeper into the story of the Jennerit.


From newly released Info and older Info; I feel I can finally piece together more or less what the Jennerit are about.

Edit: Got more in Info + Info

FYI: There are parts where I am discussing what the Jennerit may have been like previous to the events of Battleborn (, as in previous to the last star scenario), please keep that in mind while reading.

The Jennerit Race

A proud multi-planet humanoid race, obsessed with Domination (and Immortality). A race with a major classist system in place akin to that of the Ancient Greek and Egyptian societies of yesteryear. I would presume that they also have a massive fundamental religious system in their culture; i’m basing that on Ambra’s highly influential position as a sun priestess in the Jennerit society.

The Jennerit are known as De facto ‘vampires’ by the other races, this is probably due the Jennerit’s ability to live eternal lives through ‘The Art of Sustainment’; performed by the Silent Sisters, the priestesses of the Jennerit Empire. Also the Jennerit really seem to like the colour red, i don’t know it’s a cultural thing or…


‘The Jennerit Art of Sustainment’ uses the their sun harvesting planet, Tempest to transfer immortalising energy into the Sustained few.
A person only has to go through the act of sustainment once to become immortal, once they have they are eternally sustained (, as long as they stay close to home). Sustainment may be the reason many of the Jennerit are so pale. Sustainment may also come at a ‘cost’ of some kind (, probably a slow decent into insanity or a ‘sensitivity’ to sunlight).

‘The Act of Sustainment’ is a privileged activity; one that only the upper classes (and special cases) got to partake in. This probably means the lower classes live shorter lives. The only way currently revealed allow the underclasses to rise to the sustained caste is through becoming a champion of the gladiator pits (, most likely because they thought nobody could actually do it).

I don’t think I am going too far assuming they had slaves (or at least forcibly ‘indentured’ servants), since the cultures the Jennerit seem to be based on had them as integral parts of their societies.

They also have Gladiator pits! With Gladiators! Which is Awesome!
The gladiator pits were probably used as a distraction (, to the rich and the poor alike) and a source of false hope for the underclasses to aspire to.

The Jennerit Empire

Ruled by The Immortal Empress Lenore, a Great Imperialist Empire that spanned many galaxies with powerful solar-powered high-tech weaponry (Lasers!!!) used at their Empress’s whimsy. I have a feeling the Jennerit Empire has a long history of conquest and enslavement. The Empire uses their Planet/Ship (Ship-Planet), Tempest to fly from sun to sun as a power source

The Empress has an Elite Guard; ‘The Keepers of the Blade’. Verod Rath was a member of these select few, but left for the front lines (He missed the sweet taste of battle!).

The Empire has a chauvinistic society with xenophobic points of view. As for the cause of their nigh never-ending desire for conquest? Resources probably, or just plain boredom (, i mean what else are they going to do, they live for a really long time).

The Jennerit Imperium

The Warring Section of the Jennerit Empire (either that or the Specials Forces/Navy Seals part of the Empire). Housing the Crème De La Crème solders of the Empire like; The Katana-wielding Sith-Samurai Rath, the Infamous Warlord Rendain and the recently freed Gladiator Caldarius; all of which are sustained. This may be because of the battle advantage being sustained gives them or all the best soldiers exclusively from that elite upper caste.

The Jennerit are a warring race, so i’d say it’s safe bet they had a massive fleet with a plethora of warships for the conquest of whole solar systems at once. Now… I’m not saying the Jennerit are Evil! Just Evil like.

With the Jennerit Empire being such a classist race I can’t imagine the upper classes fighting as foot soldiers (they’ll have the cushy jobs as generals, etc); as such it was probably people in the middle-class, or the lower classes with it being one of the few realistic viable options to send food home for the family. Also it should be taken in consideration that in their chauvinistic society being in the military would be seen a respectable/honourable thing (even if the cause was meaning-less conquest).

After Rendain’s successful coup of the Jennerit Empire to the Varelsi, the surviving members of the Imperium still loyal to reality and common sense decided to continue the fight against the apocalypse with the Battleborn.

The New Jennerit Empire will predominately be the main villains of the game.

Their planet, Tempest is more of drill rig/solar panel, used as a power source for Jennerit technology (Lasers!!!) with which the Empire has conquered many.

It was hinted somewhere that some people are part of an ‘Apocalypse Cult’; wanting to allow and/or cause the end of the universe for religious reasons. I think that might be the Jennerit (, or parts of it).


This is nice. Are you planning on writing these up for all the factions?

maybe. :sweat_smile:
depending on how well it’s received.

Great write up.

I don’t think the entirety of the Jennerit empire wants Solus to fail and Varelsi to win, in the recent IGN interview Randy Pitchford said that What’s-his-name “sold out the universe” by allying with the Varelsi.

Also the Jennerit have sun priestesses, so I don’t think destruction of the only remaining sun would be very popular.

But maybe they wouldn’t want any research or experiments done on Solus either, as Randy said each faction had different ideas about what to do.

I have no idea about what I’m saying, but a Sun worshipping culture trying to forbid experiments on their “holy artefact” makes sense.

maybe its just a few people miss read the scriptures or maybe its propaganda propagated by Rendain or maybe…

yeah… i could see that. they must be called ‘Sun Priestesses’ for a reason (, or is it only Ambra who
is one?).

But why join the Varelsi if they don’t what the sun destroyed? :confused:

the Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars”; maybe they just what to keep the suns/stars secrets from themselves.

Nah, if she was a one of a kind thing she wouldn’t be a “Priestess”, she’d have a more unique title.

There’s loads of priests, but only one pope (who would seemingly be the Jenerrit Emporer/whatever their leader is called in this comparison).

The IGN interview seemed to say that Rendain was doing it in exchange for his own life/being saved by the Varellsi.

Maybe he saw which way the war was going and allied with what he thought would be the winning side, in exchange for salvation/ascending with the Varelsi to another plane of reality.

It’s a classic setup of a bad guy making a deal with a force he doesn’t understand and will bite him in ass at the end.


I may have happened upon some new info from an old source.

These are some image and concept art of the Jennerit Home World

Apparently they where going for the ‘sci-fi, gothic-cathedral TRON land’ kinda look

Confirmed! There is/was an Empress of Jennerit Empire. Named Lenore, with Rath working as one of her elite guard (the Keepers of the Blade) at some point.

Confirmed! The Jennerit Empire is an Imperialist one.

Confirmed! The Jennerit do have a major classist system, with an ‘elite upper caste known as the Sustained’, they are practically immortal.

Confirmed! Caldarius is an immortal Sustained (, but i thought he was a robot… unless he’s a cyborg!), who rose up to the class through fighting in the gladiator pits. Of course it didn’t last long the sustained threw him into prison for some arbitrary reason. Only those born in the sustained ‘class’ can truly be seen as sustained.


That images are wallpaper worthy. I am thinking about doing some of those for my tablet.

Found another nugget of info on the website.

The Jennerit Empire values power above all else and as a result is entirely focused on complete domination of what little resources remain in the Solus system

It turns out the Jennerit are obsessed with power not immortality (, they already have that)

Caldarius is a heavily armored shocktrooper

This may be the answer to a question i’ve had for a while; is caldarius a robot?

No… the answer is no :expressionless:
But he might be a Cyborg!

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Caldarius death animation - only torso and arms are intact. I would also guess he is a cyborg.

Although i’m happy find out there’s a cyborg in this game, he isn’t exactly what i had in mind.

This is. … wow. Surprisingly close. :smile:

You’re wrong about Caldarius. :slight_smile: In a couple of places.

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A Cyborg would suggest Caldarius is a human with part robotics. It was said that you can only be born into Sustained, right? Well, Caldarius looks to be completely robotic from the visuals, so how can he be born into it? Technically, Robots are immortal, but would they be considered as Human and Sustained in the Jennerit Empire then? I would guess probably not.

So, we know Caldarius is atleast part Human, but not a Cyborg, but the Robotic part of him allows him to live immortally. We also know he was ‘Born’ and not created. What if I were to suggest that the only part of Caldarius that is not Robot, is not physical but meta-physical. His mind. You are born into the Class of Sustained, and at some point in time your consciouss is transfered to a Robotic shell and host so as to grant you Immortality.

sustained is a class…
you can be born into classes.

i’m still not completely sold on the “caldarius is a cyborg” thing, i think it might just be that it’s armour and he has a tiny head

Come on man! :weary:
stop with the teasing. where and how?
at least give me a hint…

is caldarius a robot or is he just wearing armour? (its an easy question and i’m so close…)

also bonus question: is caldarius’s head really that small or… is there a midget in that armour? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There might be some hints about Caldarius’ appearance here: :wink:

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You’re making the right speculative arguments about Caldarius’ race, but you haven’t hit it yet with any guesses here. That is ALL I am saying about the “thing behind the armor”. I’m holding this one near to my chest until launch.

Some of the details about Caldarius’ loyalty aren’t quite right. Again, not going to clarify much here, because these are topics you’re actually going to get to reveal and uncover during the game. :slight_smile: Don’t want to spoil all of the fun.


Wait… Was Caldarius actually BORN Jennerit? He uses Jennerit Shock-Trooper armour, but could he have stolen or salvaged this? He gained sustainment through the Arena, it never actually states he was born as a Jennerit though?

I like the stolen/salvaged gear idea. He may have gotten it this way so that he could manage to get through the arenas.

Judging from the GameInformer article @LuckyLou linked, it sounds like Caldarius was born Jennerit, just a really low class. As a classist society, that’s one reason the Empire would imprison him, but it could also be because he stole their gear and that’s something we find out during the campaign. :wink:

P.S. @LuckyLou, has the OP been sufficiently well-received for you to delve into the other 4 factions yet? :smile:

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In battle, the Jennerit believe in aggression and overwhelming numbers. The Sustained among them are very capable and trained warriors, but very precious. Don’t spend your immortals if you don’t have to. This leads them to depend on other races–like the thralls–for their ground troops. The Jennerit see most non-Jennerit as inferior, and have long engineered and enslaved the thralls to be the manual labor and grunt army of their war machine.

There’s also a middle-caste to the empire, and you can see them in battle. Those who prove their loyalty or excellence–they are at least elevated to more than grunts, and occasionally, when they perform exceptional service, can even be considered for Sustainment. Caldarius is one of those troopers and is a playable Battleborn hero. He’s not part of the Jennerit race, but he earned a place in their fighting pits, served as a shock trooper in their military, and gained favor across their Empire.