The Jennerit Empire

yes i know. “everything” i wrote was wrong…

just so you know there’s a lot more fundamental things from the article that i also missed than just what you’ve shown here; like the difference between the empire and the imperium (which i got completely wrong) for example.

i would make changes, but now there’s really no point. all the info is there in the article coming straight out of the mouths of the creators.

there’s nothing for me to add.

Didn’t say that. Only thing i remembered from this topic was

So when i noticed the details on Caldarius i thought i’ll add them here, because that was the mystery question. I like the article you wrote and the Empire & Imperium thing still gets me confused.

Thanks for this great info collection :smiley:

Some weird thoughts about Calderius in the replies - Cyborg/Robot is the platform, I guess he (the ghost) was Jennerit/race under Jennerit control before. I don´t really see why it matters if his new body/platform is a robot or a cyborg…
The first thing Caldarius reminded me about was the Prometheans from Halo4 - human souls uploaded and sustained in robot like bodys from alien-alloys and hardlight.

My guess: uploading a ghost into a robot/cyborg host in a widespread tech within the Battleborn Universe (see ISIC?) and within the Jennerit empire its handled as an award, as you already said. The worthy become sustained, their ghost becomes immortal.
(btw. ISIC could of course be a true AI, its just a thought)

Other thingy:

I love to think of the Jennerit as a Type-II race on the Kardashev-scale, which means they are able to use all energy produced by their (sacred) central star.
wiki ->
On the artworks showing the Solus system we can see a giant red dwarf star surrounded by red light shards “howering” over the Jennerit homeworld. For me it seems they converted their sun into a movable reactor - no wonder they have Sun priests and a sun cult + highly advanced knowledge about light (lasers, hardlight,ect…)
I guess their own converted red dwarf star is not enough so they may harvest other stars.

As such a high evolved race its only understandable to become a bit megalomaniac and selfcentered, and in this manor it could explain why Rendain is so confident in his idea to work with the Valresi.
(love that. His overconfidence is his weakness. Oldschool but always working^^)

additional point: The Valresi could be a Type-IV civilisation, harvesting the entire universe.

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Great wiki link!

The Varelsi are, without a doubt, Type-IV.

The Jennerit are at the end of Type-II, bordering on Type-III.

In other words, the “good guys” in the Battleborn universe are screwed.


Thanks^^ To much science in my head…

I love it when Sci-Fi comes in big dimensions, and dealing with high type civilisations is epicness at its best^^ (reminds me a bit of the backstory of the old “X” scifi-games)

Ohh, did I wrote Type-III?! I´ll change that now. Valresi are definately Type-VI, no wonder Rendain is tempted by such power… Nyahhhhhh so goddamn exicted!!!

It’s just a love story. Rendain has got his eye on the lovely Jennerit Empress. If the Jennerit can travel to the other dimensions with the Varelsi they all get to live another day. The Jennerit Motto is “Any Deed, Any Price” The price is the universe, but love overcomes everything right. So in Rendains eyes he’s doing the right thing.

R-Type pffff… Powerlevel over 9000 that what the lady wants :wink:


Interesting insight! Hehe, love conquers all, literally xD

Ohhhh yes they do! :smiley: God, now I want to read my old DB mangas again^^

I have a semi-off topic question here for @Jeffybug @Joekgbx
Why do only the Jennerit have their own sub-category while the other 4 factions do not? (It must be because they are the best faction, yes? :wink: ) Should the others be added as well?

They are there but don’t show up?

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Weird. Looks like they need to be made visable then!

Are you or anyone able to post in those sub-cats? (My settings are a smidgen different so even though it shows that i can post there, it may not be the same for you guys)

Yes, I could create a topic in the Rogue subforum, and now Rogue shows up on the main Battleborn forum directory. I think we’re good to go!

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What could be level 6, if 4 is already the universe? 5 would be multiverse then, right?
Or was that a screwup with Roman numerals? (IV = 4; VI = 6)

Mhhh, good question, but as far I know Type-4 is the highest evolution on the Kardashev-scale^^ But who knows, maybe there are aliens who use multiverses as batteries as well!

Yeah, traveling through the other dimensions seems like next step after conquering travel in 3 dimensions. There’s a great detailed explainer on YouTube about conceptualizing dimensions beyond what we can perceive - Imagining 10 Dimensions

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I was rather mentioning a multiverse theory, than dimensions. Small difference :slight_smile:
Multiverse theory is mostly about several “universes” existing simultaneously, while dimensions are more about visualizing space and time. (Although both still share connections, depending on which multiverse theory it is).

In connection with the Kardashev scale it’s rather about the physical scale in which a civilization can harvest energy, so we’re staying to space only (3D) here.

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They’re the same thing! Traveling through probabilities happens in the 6th dimension. That covers all the post-Big Bang multiverses, at least. You have to go 1 dimension higher to travel in the plane you exist on - so we move through the 3rd dimension via time (the 4th dimension), and you move through time via probability (going through an alternative version of our universe where thing hasn’t causally happened yet - the 5th dimension), and you move through different probabilities via phase states, which is where you’re getting into the multiverses. It all kind of stops making sense to me after that, but if you want to get to multiverses, you have to leave the 3rd dimension!

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@Gorgonaut is right, the dimensional theory is linked wih multiverse theory. The Valresi are most possible able to fold 6th or even 7th dimension to interact with different universes. (alternate universes to ours are reached by folding the 6th dimension, other universes and their pool of possibilities are reached by folding the 7th or 8th dimension)
For this interaction they´ll need hillariously high amounts of energy, which only could provided by utilizing energy potentials of entire universes or at least multiple galaxies. Thats were the Kardashev-scale comes into play. Without energy no dimensional traveling, at least not in our universe^^

After folding through 6th-8th dimension to reach another universe, any traveling mass/lifeform(3D lifeform) would collaps back to a 3rd dimensional state.
If the lifeforms/masses origin is a higher or lower dimension (5th or 2nd) they´d collaps back to their natural dimension after travel. At least thats what think is most desirable and comfortable, I mean otherwise it would a a one-way ticket into multidimensional endless pain.

If Rendain wants a way into a certain universe with a specific reality, the Valresi ar definately the only race that could fullfill this wish.

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Depends. If you take the bubble theory for example, what would it be? Did you change dimensions or did you just cross the void that exists between 2 bubbles? Seems like a rather physical process to me.
In case of the alternate reality theory you’re totally right though.

But imo it’s debatable, whether this still makes use of the original Kardashev scale.

Also another question we haven’t answered yet:
Is the Varelsi universe one of infinite alternate realities of our universe, or a completely unique one among a limited amount of completely different universes?
First one is a product of continually splitting the time stream at every “decision”; the latter is visiting a different house in the same street.


I love you^^

Uhhh hard nut - as the Varelsi are designed, well as they look they cros the voids between universes, maybe, along bubble theory they are maybea existence that sprung from the void itself?
A bit like the Abyss from “Andromeda” - a contra-universe, the negative space/universe between all universes/realities that achieved conciousness itself.

Good question! I guess the Varelsi are designed to be as xeno and foreign as possible - so I´d guess they come from a complete uniqe universe, no alt. reality of ours.
As said, maybe they come from the void between universes (a bit like Tyranids in Warhammer xD) or try to convert this void into another state using the matter/energy of foreign universes/realities.

Ohhhh this is so much fun, maybe someone should move it into a own topic?
Like “Battleborn - Astrophysical and philosophical Thoughts” :slight_smile: