The juggling ruins this game

I have no problem with chained skills involving knock up. The thing that makes me not want to play anymore is my character going defenseless when something is under me. So I get knocked up and a minion or another character stands under me while usually rath is spinning to win while my character is limp. If this is a preferred mechanic that’s fine as I will just trade it in, but I’d rather not since 88% on the platty. Please let us know the deal with this as I haven’t found anything mentioned on the forums.

I think they were going for the same mechanic used in the BL series where you kinda just slide off whatever your stuck after a couple of seconds but for some reason it doesn’t quite work as well as it did in those games hopefully they can fix it. It doesn’t happen to me often but is annoying when it does happen. Except for the other day I was stuck on top of an enemy Montana and just looked down and started shooting him in his tiny head while he couldn’t do anything about it. (I know its not supposed to work that way but it was funny)