The Kadeshi Ambassador sounds dumb

I am sure we all remember the ambush by the Kadeshi in Mission 08, in which Karan hinted that the Kadeshi were related. In that, we all remember the amount of emotion poured out by the Kadeshi Ambassador, indicating that they absolutely did not want their nebula polluted by the evil that drove them there in the first place.

Now, if you listen to the ambassador in the same mission in Remastered, it sounds pathetic and emotionless. You can hear this emotionless person here:

The zealot nature of the Kadeshi is basically missing. This re-recording should never have happened. What should have been done was to just use the original recording in lossless quality to preserve the high importance of this scene in the game (it’s pretty important), whereas the remastered version just loses it and makes it sound like the dude got drugged up before he recorded his lines.

Let’s hope Gearbox can fix this and restore some of the passion that was had by the voice artists back in the day of 1999.


Huh, didn’t notice this is my playthrough, but the difference is noticeable.

Why didn’t it notice? Well that’s because the cutscene was bugged and there was no voices whatsoever!

Same, I don’t recall hearing it and played the mission twice.
Perhaps it’s because I start attacking the lot right when the mission starts.

Yep, new voices are lame.

I don’t get it. Rerecording Karen’s lines for HW2 I can understand, but completely butchering HW1 voice acting? Wtf Gearbox.


They might be a little different, but hell, I still enjoyed every second.

I understand complaints over ship handling in homeworld 1, it significantly impacts gameplay, but voice acting being a little different? c’mon, these forums are overrun as is.

Also personally, I thought the kadeshi ambassador’s emotions still showed, although more subtle, and I actually preferred it, it suits their mysterious nature


No, you are wrong on a few things. There was no re-recording of dialogue for Homeworld 1 in the remastered game.
GBX took the original 15-year old audio samples out of storage (from where ever the hell they were archived at) and released it in a higher quality format than what we first heard back in '99.

It is the same voice actor and and the exact same takes (except for the last part) with the only difference being in quality and post-processing effects. You’ll notice the pronunciation, inflection and intonation are the same.

Video comparisons below (set at the appropriate time where he speaks).

The parts that are the same:
"Again we offer you the chance to join us and live here in peace."
"You will fail. The evil that drove us here will find and destroy you."

Homeworld 1 Remastered:

Homeworld 1 Classic:

The parts that are different:
"From you they will know of us and come here. This cannot come to pass."

Homeworld 1 Remastered:

Homeworld 1 Classic:

This is the only time where they differ. In the Remastered version the Ambassador does indeed have a calmer tone while it is more desperate in the classic version.

Voice actors don’t do everything on a first take - they will usually record multiple takes of the same line. What probably happened was that GBX either made a mistake and used the wrong one or they couldn’t find the original audio sample for that specific take.

I do agree that the desperation in the voice of the classic take was more fitting.


Personally I kind of like the calmer one. It gives it that religious zealous edge, as if he can’t contemplate there being any outcome other than them winning so why would he be desperate. The desperate tone does sound more ‘human’ so I can see why it can be considered more fitting. Guess it depends on one’s interpretation :smile:


The Kadeshi didn’t want the Kushan to leave and “bring back the evil” that would defile their nebula. They were so desperate to stop the Kushan from leaving. So it sounds more realistic (and definitely immersive) to hear a voice actor showing this emotion, instead of speaking calmly into a microphone with no emphasis on anything.

The voice acting in classic is way more immersive and gives emotion. You can feel the amount of energy that went into recording the lines back in the classic version. Whereas, in Remastered, it just sounds dull and emotionless. I have no idea if this was because said lines were re-recorded or if HW2’s engine doesn’t allow for a proper emotive speech, but it just wrecks that key point in the story.

They’re meant to be religious zealots who would stop at absolutely nothing to prevent people defiling their nebula and leaving if they did so. But they don’t sound anything like they’re supposed to sound like.

I dunno about you guys but the “THIS CANNOT COME TO PASS” certainly had more emphasis on it and I like that part.

It has a good lead up imo.

I do not appreciate selective quoting, it gives the wrong impression. Please do not do it. Ever.

I explained why I personally do not mind this small change.

I liked the bit about blaming the audio on the engine. That’s probably one of the more absurd things I’ve heard. The engine would have zero bearing on the tone of voice of the lines.

Disregarding all that, any lines that were re-recorded or changed was done so to bring this closer to the original vision. It was stated multiple times that the remaster tried to keep things as close to the original as possible (Hence why the original VAs were brought back to do the lines for HW2) except for specific cases where changes are made to bring it close to the original vision for the game.

If anything a change like this (unless it’s a mistake) was from my understanding made with the blessing and direction to bring the game closer to the original vision.

Again I can see why you would prefer the original recording, I even said as much in my post that you conveniently did not add in your selective quote of my post, all I was saying was that I can see how the new recording fits just as well if not better in my opinion.

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Sometimes I feel my posts are invisible. I just explained in post number 6 that Gearbox had access to the audio samples used in the original game back in 1999. No dialogue was rerecorded for Homeworld 1 in Remastered.
They had multiple takes of the same line by the same voice actor - either Gearbox made a mistake and put the wrong one or they couldn’t find the original “desperation” delivery used in the classic.


Or they decided this take was preferable. It’s just as likely an explanation as having one of the takes disappearing and the others not.

In my post I said any lines that were re-recorded or changed. If it was not clear this meant using a different take for a specific reason, not accidentally or because the original went missing. I read your post and I took it into account in mine.

I also explained how I came to this conclusion based on what I’ve read and seen from GBX videos. Those conclusions may not apply to this but GBX will have to clarify regarding that.


Let’s be cool about differences of opinion.


My last post was a reply to SuperSajuuk’s second post (#8 in the thread), not you.

In any case, while it is a possibility that GBX decided the calm take was better, I would argue that the most likely explanation is that the person in charge of implementing that dialogue only encountered that take from the samples and figured it was the correct and only one.

The whole “original vision” context was mostly applicable to much more major points such as the different voice actors for fleet command and fleet intelligence between HW2 and HW1 - at the very least we knew back then that relic did want fleet command to be the same but the original actress Heidi Ernest had undergone temporary changes in her voice due to pregnancy.

It would be incredibly pedantic that Homeworld 1 had any kind of “original vision” which called for a very specific retroactive change in the Kadeshi Ambassador’s delivery of one line - unlike the situation with Heidi’s voice, this would’ve been something well within relic’s control since they had access to all takes originally.

I do find it interesting how much people comment on perceived and remembered differences without confirming that a real substantive difference exists. and that reality may be simpler (looking through mutable audio takes) then OMGz conspiracy!
Great, find and use of the clips!

Apologies for that then :sweat_smile: That selective quoting ruffled my feathers a bit :3

I’ve also noticed a few different takes on some familiar lines. For Kadesh they edited some of the sentances to be closer together so the dialogue goes shorter. Fleet Intelligence has an, “In fact…” when discussing the Khar-Toba’s sister ship.

I don’t find it upsetting (even if I did like the HW1 deliveries better), if anything it makes me curious what other outtakes and alternate readings GBx had available during the remaster. Because I like that kind of stuff.

Hey guys,
FYI, we didn’t rerecord the Kadeshi Ambassador. Ruskay (the original audio guy) resurrected the original recordings he had done and personally reedited them. The filters used on the voices are a bit different, but are how Ruskay wanted them to be. Also, it’s pretty interesting how higher bitrate audio can sound very very different. Regardless, Ruskay is a badass and did a great job remastering the old audio. We are still fixing some bugs with audio files, but our goal with the audio is to be true to Ruskay’s wishes.


That makes sense, but I think that, in some cases, the original lower quality lines are better. There is no emotion being shown in the cleaned recording, which removes some of the aspect that the Kadeshi are meant to be these religious crazed race who will stop at absolutely nothing to destroy anyone who enters their sacred gardens.

I hope the filters can be tweaked to make the Kadeshi Ambassador sound more like he did in the classic version as he sounds too flat and emotionless right now :confused:

(may contain spoilers just in case)

Quite a few changes to the audio point towards these (Warning, TV Tropes):


and maybe even

even a little bit of

As you can see it is quite popular way to convey the magnitude of things. The HW1 story is an epic space opera. A great many very profound and emotional things happen in a short-ish 15h. Kharak, (presumed)genocide of the kadeshi, revenge, mystery, revelation, urgency, homecoming. It contrasts nicely.

This one is actually listed in the original Homeworld’s tv tropes page:

Edit: I of course don’t presume to speak for Ruskay, I don’t have a musical bone in my body, just giving some examples of of these kinds of things in popular culture :wink:

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