The Kerboom on frozen targets at range

So I want to do the challenge I welcome your attack fool at the hollodome. But I always seem to go down at the most in opportune time…lately wave five or six.

I have a great set of weapons that will freeze at extreme rage. And have been using a torque rifle or spintter to engage with explosives. But I just find those two somewhat lacking for marksmanship at long-range.

There are times when I think I’m just want to retreat back into a tunnel and freeze and pick off targets one at a time not under any stress to get through those bad spots.

I was thinking that the kerboom matched with a bomber oz kit and a howitzer mod might just be the ticket. Freeze at long-range and then engage with that assault rifle and marksmanship does not matter that much as the grenades Will help seek the target. And with the bonuses from the bomber oz kit and the howitzer mod, explosive damage is tremendous.

What is your take? What is the best explosive weapon at long range.

This game needs an explosive sniper so badly!

If you have vengeance cannon and overcharge, definitely go with the Kerboom. The fire rate of the kerboom means you can put of explosions down range fast to take out shields, then the cannon blast will demolish any fleshy enemies.

A longbow or homing mirv might help too

Was doing great… Wave five and cruising…never really in difficulty when all of a sudden a Reaperr spawnd behind me and downed me. I immediately froze him and killed him and came back up. Finished the round just fine…

But so much for the Challenge…LOL

I will get it done because I’m a stubborn SOB

The Kerboom is fantastic at range with good accuracy,

But dat Firerate…

Molasses in January runs faster

Emergency response and overcharge help for a little bit. Shoot the ground, strip your shield, and throw out the drones.