The Kevin Konundrum

Hi does anyone know how to get the quest exclamation mark for “The Kevin Konundrum” Last two quests i need


Talk to clap trap to the right of crazy earls place

My quest marker isn’t there though ? i have 2 side mission to do and they are the final two for claptrap quest line.

no idea atm sorry man just woke up lol brain is slow as ■■■■ in the mornings where are you in the story

haha no worries just abit annoyed, ive pretty 100% the game, just need these last two missions :frowning:

The Kevin Konundrum is the mission which leads on to the final mission :frowning:

You should have access to it find claptrap and see if talking to him helps

I think the marker gets a bit confused because at times the story requires Claptrap to be on the bridge. If you go down to Ellie’s and he’s in that back room, you should be able to pick it up though.

Hes in the little room, near where you go to the drop pod ?? No quest marker however there is a quest marker on the map ???

Yeah, down off the main floor of the hanger bay. He has a little room with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, where he’s building that other unit from the parts you find.

yeah i know, i was just confirming the room lol! still no quest marker :frowning:

Was he there at all, or is he some place else on the ship? I think you can talk to him to get his quests no matter where he is. Check the bridge, for one.

Ive posted some images, clap trap is there, quest are apparently there ?? but no quest point however do appear on Pandora “The droughts”

do that first then see what happens after that

speaking to claptrap ? ive spoke to him :frowning: ive got all his parts aswell

no the other quest you said showed up

no i have two more quests which are “Kevin Konundrum” and baby dancer! Im going for platinum on ps4 and i need these two mission then i am DONE

yeah do baby dancer first it might be glitching out stopping you from getting Kevin konundrum

they are linked :frowning: Kevin is first then what ive read baby dancer is the last in claptrap quest line

Hmm no idea then I’d check devils razor other than that sorry no idea put in a ticket I guess