The lack of good aesthetics is disturbing

Can GBX change how a skin already looks? can GBX change Rath’s “Possibly a Vampire” skin? like just get rid of the bone face, the bone arms and legs and design on the buster sword and just give him pale skin and cool bats design cuz his best skin is one of the worst compared to other battleborn and it’s cuz of the details and it’s seems he’s not getting good ones anytime soon, also his two taunt are a joke compared to his standard taunts and to other battleborne taunts (note that i depise Pendles “Dancing Shoes” taunt, Alani’s “Danger Splashdown” taunt and Ghalt’s “Last Watch” taunt because im not fond of some pop culture trends humanity has come up with and should be buried under the sea, but they’re still better taunts than Rath).

I love Edgy, literally the whole reason why I think Jennerit Faction is Best Faction, I love the Goth, Dark and Brooding, Black and Red are my favorite color and Rath is the main and sole reason why I play this game, every else is extra and I really hope GBX doesn’t take me through the Smite route where I literally stopped playing it because my main Bakasura didn’t have anything worth to invest on because im willing to give over 1000 bucks a year for this game cuz its so damn fun and good.

The Dreadwind nerf kinda put me off cuz it turned a good character with a great Ult into a good character with an underwhelming and dissapointing (use on specific situations) Ult, but its nothing i can’t deal with, though it be nice if you reduced the cooldown to 40 or 55, cuz having an ult that can’t secure squishy characters kills in 3 sec, can be evaded, escaped and/or interrupted and having a long cooldown is not a ult worth using cuz you gain nothing from it.

@Jythri and @JoeKGBX I don’t want spoilers nor nothing like cuz im prety happy about Beatrix but i kinda want to know if there’s something worth investing in the future and to stay hopeful, Im not really a Borderlands fan and probably won’t be but I love Battleborn and Id be sad to drop this game just because aesthetics reasons cuz it’s my all time favorite game to date and this is coming from someone who plays Final Fantasy and Pokemon, at least some confirmation that you can actually rework skins would be nice at least, The kind of guy who needs to look good while killing the enemy,

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I really really doubt they’d change any skins like that, just because one person would like a change to it.
People have bought that skin believing that’s what they get, they wanted that skin, not the skin you hope it would be.





I would want an Orendi skin. I also dislike Ambra’s but other people do and so I’m okay

Im pretty sure Orendi is getting good ones and hers won’t dissapoint, everybody likes her, not like Rath which apparently isn’t that many people with makes me think either people hate Rath or just don’t care about him, I just want to know either is it possible to rework skins or if there’s something good on the wings cuz i do want to invest on things that i actually like.

But i’m not just one person, i’m one of the few players this game has, someone that has invested on this game a lot of money and time and I would like to be heard, you don’t know or can’t assume anything by the fact that you’re not affiliated in anyway to GBX other than a forum user, maybe they can and would, maybe they don’t have the capabilities to do so, whether yes or no I want to know then will there be something worth for me buying for the character I main? which is the sole reason I play this game, should I just wait indefinitely until something comes up? should I just buy whatever they give me? GBX is known for listening to their community well i’m one, just because i’m not backed up by the community doesn’t mean I should be dismissed by them, they want ideas in order to retain a player base, well here’s one, If you’re gonna go with micro transactions then give me good quality stuff for me to give you my hard-earned money because im more than willing to.

And if GBX were to give me a response like yours then I would have to think that they’re a worse company than Blizzard which would be sad because i’m sure GBX isn’t the type of company that would take my money and just give me and pardon the phrase crap or something I’m not willing to pay for, would that be fair to someone who’s so invested to this game as I am? just because i’m the only one with this opinion? Is it bad of me for asking or giving my opinion? geez who would’ve thought in a place to give an opinion about a matter you would be shutdown by the " one person so nobody cares " line.

There’s a reason why I tagged @Jythri and @JoeKGBX in here because whether it’s vague or straight answer I would like to be heard and respond to because the last thing this game needs it’s losing more of it 's dedicated players just because i’m just one person that asked a simple question that wasn’t answered by the people who can actually give me a response and wanted to know that his money isn’t going to waste.

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Changing skins probably won’t happen because for every horrible skin out there, there is someone who likes it and vice versa. I like the Ops skins that Rath got but don’t care for the platinum skins too much, Possibly A Vampire is cool and I bought it but it’s not my favorite Rath skin and Alternate history just doesn’t appeal to me.

I really like Rath’s taunts except for the Balanced Blade, that one is meh at best. But The Final Nail is great, just so nonchalant and I love it. The only taunt of his I didn’t love that was in the game by default was I’ll Just Leave This Here. I laughed at it once or twice but then never used it.

As far as the changes to Dreadwind go: Any one of the three nerfs made to it (DPS, Duration, Cooldown) could be reverted and I think it would be in a perfect place. Cooldown would make it so that you didn’t have to hold off on using it just because you don’t want to feel like you’re wasting it because it will be on cooldown for 75 seconds. Duration or DPS would make it so that it still had some bite to it and you can use it on someone not at full health and get some good damage in.

They are likely able to make changes to skins, I just really doubt they will because for everyone who thinks the skin is ugly there is guaranteed to be people who think it’s good looking. They bought it, suddenly it’s changed to something they might not even like anymore and their money is wasted. Do you think that’s fair?

But sure, they might make new skins based on community feedback and I wasn’t at all dismissing that. The only thing I was trying to say was that it would be very unlikely and frankly unfair of them to change existing skins.

Hey there! We totally understand that every skin won’t appeal to every player, so that’s why we decided to include so many! As far as your question about whether or not a skin can be changed after the fact goes, unfortunately, the answer is no. But again, we feel like there’s a lot of great variety in the skins, so hopefully there’s a Rath skin in there that you can connect with better.