The lack of improvement on mouse settings sucks

I love the visual settings, though currently a few of them aren’t working as intended like the monitor’s refresh rate. However the minimum amount you can lower things like sensitivity is still 10, which for many players like myself is far too fast. There also seems to be some type of forced mouse smoothing or acceleration, im not sure which one of the two it is, but i’d like to be able to turn it off…

For example when i play on csgo, i use 800dpi and 0.8 sensitivity, which is actually impossible to get in this game/remaster unless i use the console, and i don’t know the commands to set the verticle sensitivty atm so i can’t do anything about it.

It would be great if these options were added.

aim assist is on by default (…)

that might be the mouse smoothing thing you’re experiencing, as for the other point, seems you’re stuck with lowering your mouse sens in OS


I just reinstalled the game and realized how much of a pain in the ass it is to mess with the mouse scaling in this game. I remember running some hex editor to get it right. This is absurd modernly. Nearly every game since quake 3 let’s you adjust to a 0.01 scale. A large majority of shooter players are playing at about 6 to 8 inches of mouse movement to perform a 180 degree spin. Even at 10 with a 1200 dpi mouse you are talking a little over an inch. most games my mouse settings vary from around 1.23 to about 3.5. (I.e. fortnite, apex, csgo, siege) It makes no sense that the devs would ignore this and just say change mouse dpi, when players avoid changing the dpi as much as possible since it causes issues in competitive games. Please take this as a must since it will be a Gigantic turnoff to the majority of people on day 1 playing borderlands 3. I must bump this thread since it seems that it’s just been a memory lost that has real impact.