The Laser Discer & The Luck Cannon

I have looked every where for the laser discern and luck connonbut i CAN’T FIND IT!!! I have the DLC, I beat the DLC, But life doesn’t feel like doing stuff. I really would like to know how to get it, and if it’s worth getting, because I REALLY need a good laser and pistol. Or just want more. I DONT EVEN CARE! I just need it. So plz help.

The Luck Cannon drops from Ultimate Badass Glitches, Ultimate Badass Bugs and I got one from a loot bug but it might have been a world drop. The Laser Disker drops from Shadow-Trap in the Mutator Arena final round. The Luck Cannon is good on Nisha or an Absolute Advantage focused Jack. And the Laser Disker is good on everyone, especially when you factor in cryo and its powerful throw reloads.

And there’s always EOS.

I got my Laser Disker From Eos…Gamechanger!

Luck Cannons are not good on Wilhelm and yet I seem to get them a lot from the Ultimate Badass Glitches.

I have three I will never use, if your on PC, I will give you one. Johnrr6 is my steam.

best bet is to farm EOS and eclipse, between me killing him for fun and for speedkills, ive gotten 6 luck cannons (two were perfect) and 2 laser diskers (with terrible parts)

How can a Laser Disker have bad parts. You really only care about the grip and half of them are good (Tediore and Maliwan).

hyperion grip! yay accuracy! I care so much because nisha has crap accuracy :Kappa

I’m sorry for your loss. :crying_cat_face: But its still a Laser Disker, so there’s that. :wink:

You can get the luck cannon from those spam bots right near that huge claptrap in the beginning. The laser disker drops from shadow trap.

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Thanks SOOOO Much!!! I REALLY need those guns. Thanks!

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Swarmer bots during the Eclipse/EOS fight drop them quite a bit(Luck Cannon).

You can try your luck at the Grinder. Pun intended. :smile: I would take 2 DLC legendaries and 1 vanilla legendary.