The Last Jedi discussion (spoilers, duh)

I’m tired of talking in broad terms and don’t feel like using blurs, so here we go

I just felt like the movie had too many plots, drop either the Finn/Rose plot and have the fleet stuff more meaningful, or focus on Finn/Rose and have their actions matter

I’ve read some stuff about how it’s supposed to be a tonal shift, showing that failure is possible, but hell, Empire was nothing but a string of defeats for the Rebellion, but managed to be entertaining.

Debatable plot decisions and all, I liked the stuff that worked, but the movie got in its own way and kept on killing momentum.

Also, Johnson can’t write humor to save his life. My cringing began when Poe did the whole ‘I’ll hold’ business with Hux…god that was awful.

Rey and Kylo were interesting to watch this time around though, and I really liked Finn and Rose as characters, but feel that plot was wasted.


What bothers me is RJ destroyed of bunch of potential. Snoke, my God Snoke. Instead of building on what TFA started with him, he killed him off, making him a throw away character. Rey’s heritage? Nah, just stamp out anything that could be interesting there. Luke? The legendary hero that the whole first film was about finding? Make him out to be potential nephew killer and then kill him off too.

I’m really disappointed. I have no idea how JJ is going to clean this mess up for Episode IX.


eh, a little more clarity on how he came to power would have been nice, but Kylo and Rey are much more interesting characters because there’s actual conflict within them. Snoke, just another jerk. My 2 cents

But everyone is Star Wars is related to someone, having a new hero come from nowhere born of no one is a welcome change. The idea the the Force has chosen some rando from a backwater to put an end to the heritage of the Chosen One’s lineage has its own dramatic potential.

Thing is he’s doing exactly what both his Jedi mentors did, ■■■■ up then run off to be a hermit. Thinking of killing Kylo shows that his struggles with the Dark Side didn’t end with Anakin’s redemption, which gives some dimension.
Plus I really like the idea of hero deconstruction, the idea that an orphan could have his family murdered, join a terrorist organization, find out the father he never knew is behind the government he’s fighting, and try to reconcile all this with the tenets of an extinct religion he had only the barest level of indoctrination into and somehow emerge psychologically sound is kinda…out there.

If they do find anywhere to take this, it’ll be Rey learning from Luke that the Jedi didn’t have it right in the first place.

I had a lot more issues with the film’s structure, pacing, and stylistic choices rather than the broader beats of the story. That itself is almost more frustrating for me, because there were parts that worked really well, (everything with Rey and Kylo, the kamikaze scene [even if the path to it was a mess], and yeah, Finn and Rose as True Believers) there’s a really good 90-100 minute movie inside this 2 1/2 hour…thing.

I thought I was back in Attack of the Clones during the casino scene… :unamused:


It’s funny how this movie disappointed us the most in different ways.

Rey is already good at everything and had Padawan level skills in the first movie with no training. Any further growth would have to be pretty huge to have an impact at this point. At least for me.

Clones is one of my least favorite SW films. Christopher Lee as Count Dooku was the films strong point for me.


Yas, friendly nerd fight!!

I didn’t have such an issue with this. The title ‘The Force Awakens’ along with the visions, etc put me in the mindset that we were getting back into the idea of a living Force, and away from midicholorians. So, the Force had basically chosen someone, a little hadwavey and all, but spontaneous wild talents were a thing in the old EU as well, weren’t they? And the duel at the end of TFA was cool, so I stopped caring :stuck_out_tongue:

that shows how messy it is :grin:


The one that made Kylo look like a complete amateur? First, one of his ex TIE pilots breaks his lightsaber defense and humiliates him, then another untrained character jumps in and dominates him.

Poor Kylo. :disappointed_relieved:



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storm hump

This gif is all I could think of when I read that. :acmcheese:


Lol, my read was that he was overconfident and toying with them, was caught off guard, then injury began to overwhelm him.

I was entertained so it didn’t take me out of the moment.

Chewie is Keyser Soze


All I could think of was how bad Kylo is with a lightsaber during that whole scene. :acmlol:


He was a Vader fanboi who had likely never been in a duel in any kind of duress.

So yeah, he kinda sucked :stuck_out_tongue:




I came back from the bathroom and Leia flew like superman through space after floating around for a bit, I almost left the theater.

Sure the movie did some cool stuff but sooooo mutch bad stuff, and stuff that didn’t make sense in universe.
Like they forgot that crazy Yoda was just a test not how he acts normally… and ghost thunder
It’s trash.

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A thought occurred to me today that perhaps it was a happy accident that Kylo Ren did get created. As it would have been tough to fight Snoke as someone Snoke didn’t trust (as we saw from Rey’s pitiful attempt). I loved the Last Jedi and how it made The Force Awakens even more interesting. And how we are now in completely different territory for number 9’s background than we were for 6. Even if also in some parallels. I think we will see some years pass in the plot, off screen. I think it’s even possible that Kylo will be off on his own, not part of the first order anymore, but on his own, training force users and struggling with the light and the dark. That perhaps something will twist him back to the light. Ok, but more likely, he’ll be around as the main antagonist, leader of the first order, and perhaps a co-antagonist to someone or something else. The jury is out on whether he can be turned back. The fact that Rey will struggle with whether she can or wants to take down Kylo is interesting and indeed parallel to number 6. And if she can turn him, will it be because of some love growing between them? Following up on a message from 8, (paraphrased) “save what you love, don’t destroy what you hate”.

And more though, even though most of the resistances plans failed during the movie, perhaps those failures can’t be changed because it had to happen the way it did or they might have ended up worse.


I’m glad someone liked it. I wouldn’t say I hated it, just felt weird coming out of a Star Wars film emotionally flat.

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Neither did I, hate is a very strong word. Disappointment seems like a more appropriate way to describe my feelings on it. This is the first Star Wars movie to cause such feelings.



I feel I’m adding to the discussion




Is that really a scene from the film?