The last nine characters

So with the last nine characters yet to be shown or talked about, it shows that there is a common pattern of which kind of classes everyone fits. They are:

  • Assassins
  • Attack gunners/Snipers
  • Attack melee
  • Support/Medic
  • Tanks

Now with only 9 left, we can kind of figure who is left for who

  • LLC is missing their Support and their Assassin
  • The Rogues are missing their Melee and Gunner (hes kinda been shown though, the shotgun guy)
  • The Eldrid are missing their Melee kinda and their Tank kinda…their a funny bunch
  • The Peace Keepers are missing their Melee and their Support
  • The Jennerit are missing their Tank and their Gunner

Now yeah, I said 9 but im including the shotgunner cause we dont know much about him.

Now this is basic knowledge that everyone knows, but im posting this to ask which one of these are you most excited to learn about?

Me, im excited to learn about the Rogues Melee, cause i see him/her/it as a street fighter character, using just their fist, having their ultimate be a crazy beast mode/rage state were they do crazy damage, but he has the lowest range in the game.

How about you guys?

If you mean Ghalt, he’s a Peacekeeper.

he is ex Peacekeeper :slight_smile: or undercover with the rouges one of the 2 :slight_smile:

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this could be the guy :smiley:

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Yeah i Watched the video before, but he hasnt been 100% confirmed to be peacekeepers, so until he is, he is up in the air. And yeah, i meant ghalt, i just couldnt remember his name. He is for the rogues, cause he has the same kinda art design as reyna

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Miko, Mellka, Boldur, Thorn… There are 4 Eldrid already, and Mellka is the assassin.
Depending on whether Boldur is considered attacker or defender, the respective other is missing.

Boldur’s title card says Eldrid Defender

Yeah, i say kinda, cause boulder is their melee and tank, so they can have another in either categories. Yeah, eldrid are weird like that. I feel they should have a better tank, Like a tree like being like groot, he can possibly shoot spikes or something and be really slow. I dont think they need another melee, cause well hes a better melee than tank anyways

edit - I saw what you mean, typed it wrong, I feel they need either a better melee, or a stronger tank. I remember Melka well, cause she was super fun

I heard that 5 characters won’t be revealed until the players see them at launch for the first time. If this is true, and one battleborn from each faction is kept secret, then we won’t know who the last Eldrid battleborn will be until May.

If they’re keeping five secret, and we’ve seen Ghalt (Rogue) and Whiskey Tango (UPR), this leaves one battleborn from the LLC and one from the Jennerit Empire.

Only having two more reveals left would have made sense if the release was still in February because it’s so close. Now that the release is in May they may have to unveil the last five heroes to build/maintain public interest in the game.

Also aren’t the Rogues missing there standard Tank? as isn’t Toby a 26th character only for Playstation? correct me if im wrong just feel like i heard that somewhere?

Edit: Just read somewhere that this 26th Battleborn thats coming to playstation isn’t specified as Toby so ignore my last comment :smiley:

im hope there bing a cat battle born for reason :smile_cat: and I can be a medic that hides and heals his team mats.

Nope. Toby is the 16th character. He will be only exclusive to the PS4 during the open beta, but after that, he’s all yours :smiley:
We do not know anything about the 26 character at the moment.



How do we know he’s exclusive to PS4 during the open beta?

“As a bonus, you’ll get your chance to try Toby for the first time on PS4 during the Open Beta.”

There’s nothing in that quote explicitly stating exclusivity. The only things suggesting this are the use of the words “bonus” and “you’ll.” The exclusive was the early access to the open beta. The bonus is that they’ll get to play as Toby for the first time during the beta. The word “you’ll” was used to address the audience, but the same word would have been used to address an Xbox One or PC audience.

Look at the official announcement of Toby at Battleborn’s site:
quote: “Toby makes the 16th Battleborn hero that we’ve revealed out of the 25 that come with the game”
And now let’s look at the official announcment of the PS4 beta:
quote: “Toby is the 16th playable hero out of the 25 heroes available at launch. He is not the currently unannounced 26th playable hero available after the game Launches on May 3, 2016.”

The offical announce at the stage of Sony was really confusing and alot of people (me too) did not really understand what was the meaning of all that. I did some research and find out all that. :smiley:

I’m confused. You say he will be exclusive to PS4 players during the open beta, I ask how are you so sure he’s exclusive, and you respond with two quotes stating that he’s the 16th of 25 Battleborn hero?

My point is that you could say “you’ll get your chance to try Toby for the first time during the open beta” to any platform and it would be true because no one has played him yet.

The only thing exclusively true to PS4 players is that they’ll be the first to try Toby because of the head start they get with the beta.

If you look at gameplay from persons who visited gearbox you can see outlines from every Battleborn

Ans I think that the villian (Redain?) will be playable and klees (?)

I honestly don’t think so. The story is serious enough, to not allow you to fight yourself at the final boss stage.

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Well in the closed beta in the mission you mest isic so that’s where my theory Come from