"The last patch", is it?

After (probably)everyone lost hope, GBX has surprised us with a big patch(even more so, at least in my case, with their quick response to some concerns about the patch). So, it’s better to never lose hope. With that in mind, let’s try to put up a list for GBX to consider. Who knows, maybe there will be an “Absolutely last patch” :wink:

And please, be reasonable; complete overhauls are out of the question.

Gameplay adjustments:

Make the last round of the slaughter domes repeatable.

Make Grog Nozzle a quest reward.

Make OP8 mini-bosses drop only OP8 gear(or with just one level divergence, for the 50% chance of getting an on-level gear).

Make Son of Mothrak's loot fly back to the arena(similar to Knuckledragger).

Re-balancing the specific gear:

Thunderball Fists(make the electric balls apply DoT)

Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield(the melee damage bonus is too low for UVHM and it’s fixed - it can’t be buffed by skills, etc. Also, the shield doesn’t work with Sharing is Caring )

Rex, Unforgiven, Buffalo, Elephant Gun, Cobra, Godfinger, Damned Cowboy(very poor “damage output - fire rate” ratio in UVHM, buff the base damage)

Hawk Eye(the weapon seems relatively weak in UVHM, considering it drops from the hardest Raid Boss in the game, buff the base damage)

E-Tech Sniper Rifles(in a dire need of re-balancing for UVHM)

Volcano(needs a buff to be competitive in UVHM, a x2.5 DoT damage buff is being suggested)

Pot o' Gold(make the rewards produced by the shield scale according to the player’s level/mode it’s being used in)

Fixing bugged gear/items:

The skins assigned to the four Assassins have a bugged drop rate(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

The Maya’s Frozen Wrath skin seems to have a bugged drop rate(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot(the IED boosters produced by the shield only apply 1 damage DoT)(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

Re-balancing/Fixing the specific skills:

Vel0city(critical damage bonus is broken: x,x% instead of xx%)(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

Like the Wind(15% of additive bonuses seem very weak for a Tire 5 skill)

Nuke(the damage the skill does needs to be increased, allow the skill to get the grenade damage bonus)

Shock Storm(the range of the skill is too short)

Hellfire Halitosis(the damage the skill does needs to be increased)

I'm the Juggernaut(increase the damage resistance to 10% per rank, instead of 4%)

Phalanx Shield(a light buff to the capacity, to make it more adequate in UVHM/OP8)

Steady as She Goes(the skill has inverted accuracy with the Hyperion guns)

Wires Don't Talk(the electrocute damage bonus seems to be broken: x,x% instead of xx%)(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

Raving Retribution(a lot of players would like the original frequency of the rants; an option in the menu to choose between two modes, if possible)

Recompense(the reflected damage is too low for UVHM)

Ranger(1% per rank seems low for a Tire 5 skill, buff to 2% per rank)

With Claws(0.6% melee damage bonus per Anarchy stack seems low for a capstone skill, buff to 1.75% per stack)

Sabre Turret(buff the damage by ~20%, to restore its role of a damage-dealing tool in UVHM)

Money Shot(the skill’s description doesn’t adequately describe the involved mechanics)

Fixing gameplay issues:

Once defeating Hyperius the Invincible, the player will be locked out of arena if he/she is killed by Hyperius/his minions during the same game session.

Fixing general issues:

Lyuda/White Death sniper rifle is frequently changing its name to “Lyudmila” and back across all the platforms since the 29 October 2015 patch.

E-tech relics are disappearing from the inventory after saving and reloading the profile(PS Vita)

Pyro Pete the Invincible doesn’t drop an assigned Seraph item after kill(PS vita)

If a status effect was applied to a creature appearing airborne in the world for the first time(Ancient Dragons of Destruction, loot midgets, etc) this creature will be immune to any further status effects upon touching the ground(with the effect still active).

In the German version of the game the Legendary Soldier COM is spelled incorrectly: “Ledendärer Soldat” instead of “Legendärer Soldat”.

The Terramorphous the Invincible tentacles are spelled incorrectly: “Teramorphous” instead of “Terramorphous”(FIXED! LONG LIVE GBX!)

The Maya’s “Immolate glitch” is back after the October 29 patch:

Some of the gameplay features don’t scale properly in UVHM(and especially in OP8), or scale very aggressively:

Ramming a creature with vehicles doesn’t do enough damage.

Explosive barrels don’t do enough damage to the enemies(but instantly kill the player or put him/her below the 50% HP threshold).

The sand worms damage while being run over is too high in UVHM/OP levels.

Hyperion turrets’ health regeneration is too aggressive in UVHM/OP levels.

Gatling and (especially)mountable turrets scale VERY poorly in UVHM; mountable turrets can basically be destroyed with one shot.

The Handsome Collection specific issues:


Adjust the Hyperion turrets’ health regen on OP8. I know that the health regen is a flat amount that’s basically applied across the board, but as current the health regen compared to the amount of health they have makes them extremely difficult to deal with.

Lower the sand worms damage when being run over by a bit in the higher difficulties. I don’t mind being punished for being irresponsible, but I feel paranoid about one appearing in front of me while driving around.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the only qualms I have that can be realistically fixed.

Edit: Oh yeah, and that below me :P.

Raving Retribution rants back xD


I’d like the bugged skins to be obtainable, the skins from The Assassins and Frozen Wrath.

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What’s up with the Frozen Wrath?

I’m pretty sure that skin’s drop rate is bugged, I’ve farmed for it ever since I knew about it and those Slagged Scaylions never drop anything at all except vehicle skins in rare instances.

My luck isn’t bad either, I’ve even gotten a Cobra once. (This was before they increased the drop rate)

O.K, I’ll add it.

Buff Nuke to a satisfatory level so we can tactically play with it: throw the Turret as grenades and recall them back to refund cooldown or throw the first in a safe spot and use the second, that can be redeployed after destruction, as a grenade. Fastball level of damage could be satisfatory enough for a capstone skill.
Also, allow Nuke to get grenade damage bonus so it can synergyzes with the Gunpowder tree skills.


Also, adjust Shock Storm range. As it is now, we need things to literally be on top of each others. Two things can not be in the same place at the sime time, as we know!

Krieg Fire Breath could get some love, too.

Please, be more specific :wink:

Buff Hellfire Halitosis to a satisfatory level of damage, like they did with Gaige Shock and ARGH!

Oh those bloody Hyperion turrets, the only annoyance with that Slaughter Dome.

+Vote to everything, especially the Arena reset with their own Badass round.

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I don’t know this as a fact but I’m pretty sure enemy Health regen is a flat rate that goes up at certain level points.

This is why you really don’t notice it on UBA or enemies with large health pools, but you really notice it on enemies with small health pools.

So if this is correct, I could be wrong, then the chances of changing a single enemies health regen isn’t going to happen.

I’m just a messenger :wink:

But the regen. does seems a bit high. If it’s a flat regeneration, though, that means the HP of the turrets are quite low(and thus, there’s no way of truly fixing the issue).

What about the Frozen Wraith skin? Is it bugged?

I’ll only ask one thing for Salvador.

Buff I’m the Juggernaut.

This skill suffers from bad planification and has almost no effect. (8% damage mitigation at 5/5 ? ) and it’s a kill skill!

Make it 20% damage resist per rank instead of 4%.
This may sound unbalanced at first but it’s the kind of numbers Krieg gets and he’s been designed later in the game’s life, so the devs were a bit more savvy with their own maths.

This change alone would make Brawn builds viable, open up a world of options for Sal, make 3 more COMs usable and save us from the obligatory off-hand Moxxi gun.

Simply put: no one at high level relies on the Brawn tree for survival… It’s inefficient, plain and simple.

The health regen from the Brawn skills would be enough to keep you alive if you have damage reduction to ensure it has time to do it’s job.

It would also allow an unprecedented number of new combos by freeing the off hand. Pretty much all Sal builds are the same except for a few exceptions. And they rely on either money shot or Hoarder COM for their main focus.

Just one skill fixed… Makes a whole Tree viable.


The turrets do seem to have a huge health regen increase… as I was OP levelling my Maya, I once spent all of my ammo on a pair of turrets, they kept regenning to full every time I reloaded. Especially noticeable in OP4 peak where the whole run is turrets.

I wanna add my +1 to fixing the drop rate for the Hyperion assassins exclusive skins. It’s the only thing that still really bothers me. But I’m liking the suggestions so far, specially the repeatable slaughter domes.

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Has anyone else noticed that equipping a Bee and then using a flamethrower hovercraft in Hammerlock’s DLC gives unlimited Bee range to the flamethrower, with pinpoint accuracy? Seems like a glitch to me. Might only be off-host, I’ve never tested.

Yeah, and I think it’s an engine issue(same with Gunzerker’s shenanigans).

How about when we die in hyperius’ arena we arent locked out?