"The last patch", is it?

That’s what I meant: without a hacked BAR, those overloads are simply impossible, ence it’s a cheating problem, not one inherent to BAR.

I don’t know about BAR, but TPS allows you to inspect gear.

When a player joins a little pop up will say “khimerakiller has joined with 52643 points of Badassitude!”. Or something like that.

And then you can inspec their gear, skill trees, and BAR by walking up to them and holding down the button the prompt tells you to when it pops up.


Well that makes it easy to spot hackers in co op

I really need to get back to TPS but this definitely should be in BL3…


  1. Bearcat: Reduce the ammo consumption to 3-4, tighten the grenade spread, increase the base/splash damage, and make it able to receive grenade damage bonus. Plus a new weapon skin.

  2. Unforgiven: Change the weapon skin with the Bekah and Godfinger skin.

  3. Carnage: Increase the projectile count to 3-4 (the ammo consumption can increase up to 2 if the gun needs a trade-off for the increased damage output), and make the Juicy variant able to score critical hits.

  4. Storm: Add splash damage to the initial projectile, increase the fire rate to be on par with the Snider, and reduce the distance of the spawn orbs from the target or increase the orbs’ blast radius to hit multiple targets. Plus replace the weapon skin with the Wanderlust color scheme.

  5. Sawbar: Increase the base/splash damage and make the initial projectile able to produce the splash effect upon impact like Conference Call. Replace the current skin with a new unique weapon skin.

  6. Avenger: Slightly increase the SMG ammo regeneration rate and a new weapon skin.

  7. Tunguska: Give the launcher a passive effect of 30-40% splash/grenade damage reduction on the user. Also increase the damage for both of the initial rocket and the orb.

  8. Butcher: Increase the pellet count up to 5, then the Critical variant would become more viable. And maybe change the Torgue barrel to Tediore shotgun barrel, it’s kinda weird to see a quad barrel shotgun that shoots a few pellets.

  9. Stalker: Make the bullets go faster after each bounce or make them accelerate over time.

  10. Wanderlust: Increase the gun’s accuracy, projectile speed, splash damage, splash radius, projectile count, reduce the projectile fuse time, and increase the projectile count or reduce the ammo consumption.


  1. Deliverance: Increase base damage and magazine size.

  2. Flakker: Make the firing pattern similar to the TPS version and increase the gun’s fire rate.

  3. Madhous!: Make the splitting projectiles to work like Gaige’s Close Enough skill.

  4. Veruc: Tighter projectile spread.

  5. Mongol: Reduce the intial rocket speed, increase the fire rate of the initial rocket and make the child rockets sharing the initial rocket’s element.

  6. Bunny: Make the hopping movement less erratic and more predictable and make the RL to produce novas after each bounce instead of dropping live grenades.

  7. Infinity: Reduce the size of the lemniscate pattern to increase the gun’s accuracy.

  8. Shredifier: Increase base damage.

  9. Pandemic: Increase the homing grenades number and their traverse speed.

  10. Impaler: Increase the spike damage.

  11. Slayer of Terramorphous: Increase the skill points bonuses up to +5.


  1. Snipers: Increase base damage, elemental effects, and reduce the critical hit penalty.

  2. Blasters: Increase base damage and elemental effects, reduce the critical hit penalty.

  3. Pistols: Increase splash damage, blast radius, and reduce the fuse time.

  4. Splatguns: Increase the projectile speed, elemental effects, base and splash damage. Make the Splatguns with the critical hit accessory able to score critical hits.


  1. All Seraph Guns: Slightly increase the projectile speed.

  2. Interfacer: Replace the weapon skin with flashy color scheme while faded and worn out. It looks similar to the Green rarity Hyperion shotguns.

  3. Infection: Increase splash damage, elemental effect chance and DoT.

  4. Seeker: Increase the gun’s fire rate, base and splash damage.

  5. Seraphim: Increase elemental effect chance and DoT.

  6. Tattler: Keep the blade attachment as a secondary accessory like the Rapier, make it spawn with different primary accessories.

  7. Hoplite: Make it viable in OP levels by reducing the shield capacity and the health penalty.

  8. Patriot: Increase the base and critical damage bonus.


  1. Commerce: Increase base damage, elemental effect chance and DoT.

  2. Chere-Amie: Increase the transfusion effect up to 12% of the damage and give splash damage.

  3. Trespasser: Increase critical hit damage bonus.

  4. 1340 set: Increase the base damage and magazine size for the shotgun. Increase the shield capacity and absorb chance for the shield. Give them some symbiotic bonus passive effects when both of them are equipped, e.g., X% of the damage dealt on enemy is converted to shield and the shotgun receives X% damage boost when the shield is depleted.

  5. Pocket Rocket: Make the bullets able to increase their damage as they travel further, similar to one of Godfinger’s special weapon effects.

  6. Love Thumper: Make the explosive novas don’t damage co-op players.

Common Gears

  1. Tediore Shotguns: Tediore shotguns are generally underperformed in the game. Their base damage and magazine size are needed to be increased.

  2. Hyperion Snipers: Make them able to increase their base damage while on ADS other than increasing their accuracy.

  3. Dahl Snipers: Give them the Reduced Ammo Consumption gimmick like the Vladof RLs for compensation.

  4. Assault Rifles: Reduce the critical hit penalty on non-Jakobs ARs.

  5. Maliwan Pistols: Reduce the ammo consumption to 1.

Vault Hunters

  1. Krieg:
  • Bloody Revival: Change this skill with a better skill that buffs the AR damage, accuracy, recoil management; and further increase the AR damage bonus on FFYL.

  • Make some of his skills able to give melee attack speed and movement speed bonus.

  • Give the Legendary Sickle COM a special effect like movement speed, melee attack speed or damage reduction bonus.

  • Light the Fuse: Make the damage scalable with all game modes.

  • Bloody Revival - Light the Fuse Skill Synergy: Either increase the dynamite damage, fire rate, and accuracy of the dynamite throws; or able to run and gun during FFYL.

  • Rearrange the variables in Krieg’s melee damage formula which the roid damage doesn’t add up to the self-infliction damage.

  1. Maya:
  • Sub-Sequence: Increase the orb traverse speed and make the orb able to phase through environmental objects.

  • Blight Phoenix: Either increase the elemental damage or the elemental damage tick rate.

  1. Zer0:
  • Unf0reseen: Increase the base damage and add splash damage.

  • Like the Wind: Increase both damages to 5-6% per level, and give better bonuses as it is a tier 5 skill.

  • Be Like Water: Increase both damages and the skill duration.

  1. Gaige:
  • Deathtrap: His AI needs a major revision to make him more efficient at killing enemies. e.g., Gearbox can increase his movement speed, melee damage, attack speed and make him move while he attacks.

  • Roboteer Class Mods: Make the melee damage bonus applicable to Deathtrap and increase the cooldown rate bonus. And also make the Legendary Roboteer Class Mod able to heal a percentage of DT’s max health after each kills as a Red-Text special effect, this would improve DT survivability.

  • Legendary Catalyst Class Mod: Make the class mod able to extend DOT durations as a Red-Text special effect.

  • Cooking Up Trouble: Increase the health regeneration rate up to 0.6-0.8% per rank. And make this skill also applicable to DT.

  • The Better Half: Make it applicable to DT’s attack speed.

  • Unstoppable Force: Make the movement speed bonus applicable to DT.

  • Explosive Clap: Buff the explosive damage and speed up DT’s animation on doing his explosive clap.

  • Made of Sterner Stuff: Increase the damage resistance up to 2-3% per rank.

  • More Pep: Increase the electrocute chance up to 5-6% per rank and other elemental effect chances up to 3-4% per rank.

  • Shock Storm: Increase the storm damage and the shock storm radius.

  • The Stare: Increase the laser damage and make the laser ignore the damage penalty on armored enemies, the DOTs from the laser still follow the damage penalty.

  • Strength of Five Gorillas: Increase DT’s melee damage bonus up to 5-7% per rank.

  • Electrical Burn: Increase the burn chance up to 6% per rank.

  • Shock and “AAAGGGHHH!”: Increase the shock damage and electrical explosion radius.

  • One Two Boom: Make DT charge the electric orb faster, increase the electric orb’s traverse speed and make the electric orb generating electrical arcs on nearby enemies like Maya’s Scorn or Doom 2016 BFG’s projectile.

  • Wires Don’t Talk: Make the bonus applicable to DT’s ranged electric attack and increase the extra-damage bonus up to 4-5%.

  • Annoyed Android: Increase the movement speed bonus up to 8% per rank and add melee attack speed bonus for DT.

  • Death From Above: Increase the Digi-splosion damage that is worth consuming the Anarchy stacks.

  • The Nth Degree: Make the damage boost scalable with the skill rank.

  • With Claws: Increase the melee damage bonus up to 0.8-1% per stack and increase the life-steal percentage.

  • Legendary Anarchist Class Mod: Make the class mod able to gain x2 amount of Anarchy stack as a Red-Text special effect.

  • Buck Up: I think Gearbox need to recode this skill to make DT being less occupied on recharging players’ shield.

  1. Axton:
  • Sentry - Gemini Skill Synergy: Make the burst shot bonus applicable to the second turret.

  • Laser Sight - Scorched Earth - Double Up Skill Synergy: 5/5 on Laser Sight makes the rockets to miss the target at long range; plus both turret guns from Double Up doesn’t aim at the same position as the laser sight due to their offset positions, so they tend to miss the target as well. It would be great if Gearbox able to make rockets homing at enemies and tweak the turret guns to fire at the same position by change the angle of the trajectory with the points allocated on Laser Sight.

  • Scorched Earth: Remove the damage reduction penalty on the main turret gun and increase the rocket damage.

  • Grenadier: I think Gearbox should add more grenade bonuses like blast radius and fuse time for tier 4 skill.

  • Double Up: Remove the damage reduction penalties on the rocket pods and turret guns.

  • Overload: Add one assault rifle bonus to this skill like 4-5% AR critical hit damage per rank.

  • Duty Calls: Change the bonuses from additive to multiplicative bonuses.

  • Phalanx Shield: Increase the shield capacity enough to take 2-3 hits from a rocket launcher, make the shield follow the elemental effectiveness/ damage coefficient system, and show the shield bar along with the turret health bar.

  • Mag-Lock: Enemies destroy the turret with Mag-Lock more quickly compared to the turret without Mag-Lock due to hitbox issues. Gearbox can either fix the hitbox issues, give additional turret health bonus, or both.

  • Legendary Engineer Class Mod: Make the class mod able to 1) Increase the turret health, 2) grant damage resistance bonus to turret, or 3) Increase the turret gun damage as a Red-Text special effect.


  1. Iron GOD: Improve his quality of loot drop on the OP levels like give him a 100% Pearlescent or Legendary drop, increase the quantity of Eridium drop, and reduce both of the drop rates for Green and White rarity gears.

  2. OMGWTH: Make him able to drop all 12 Pearlescent guns on OP8.

  3. Seraph Raid Bosses: Make them drop Seraph Crystals on TVHM, increase the quantity of crystal drops on UVHM and even more on OP levels.

  4. Terramorphous: Make him less bullet sponge and able change his combat phases more frequent and unpredictable in higher difficulties.

  5. OOO: Increase his spawn rate.

  6. Dexiduous: Make him able to drop Seraph Crystals, increase the quality of his loot drops like more Eridiums and High Rarity Gears, and also make the crit. spots to spawn more frequent.

  7. Son of Crawmerax: Increase the Legendary/ Pearlescent drop rate, and the quantity of Eridium drops.

  8. BNK3R: Increase his designated Legendary drop rate.

  9. Warrior/ Handsome Sorcerer: Increase his designated Legendary drop rate, remove the Handsome Jack’s Mask Heads from the Warrior’s loot drop.

  10. Handsome Dragon: Change his AI be more aggressive, make him less flying around and more on hovering near the bridge to attack the player/s.

  11. Treants: Add Hornet in their loot pool.

User Interface

  1. Improve the UI for the menus. They are clunky and not PC user friendly.

  2. Make the DLC map pins can be highlighted on the Fast Travel menu, it’s tedious to scroll through the map list to find the desired destination.

  3. Make a button to sort locations by game content and quests.

  4. Color code the maps or map pins to indicate the game content.

  5. Make a button to auto refill ammo in the ammo vending machine menu.

  6. Make a button to auto refill health in the medical vending machine menu.


It’s sad to see this thread goes unseen for a long time.

I like your suggestions. My additions/changes and questions to your suggestions would be in bold:

I’d also like some changes to Axton but I have too much things in my head.

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This but not just for the examples used but for all bosses with Heads/Skins which is the vast majority unfortunately.
If the boss has multiple Legendaries/Uniques they should also either have an increased chance to drop one of them or have multiple chances per kill, depending on how much they drop. It’s honestly pretty nonsensical how an easy mini-boss like Boll, who now drops one of the strongest grenades, is far more reliable than a tough pseudo-raid like the BNK-3R or, even worse, The Warrior to drop the stuff you want.

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About your changes:

  • Bearcat: Lowering the ammo consumption to 1 is too much, 3-4 AR ammo consumption is appropriate as it fires 3 grenades.

  • Sawbar: I was thinking of the initial bullet does its splash effect upon impact before the “fuse” time. I’m pretty sure CC works like that.

  • Krieg:

  • I read some people mention the StV self-infliction chance is depends on the melee button mashes instead of the actual melee animation played. Which is why others are complaining about the chain self-infliction and feeling the self-infliction chance being more than 12%. So I think if the melee animation speed is more in sync with the clicking/mashing speed, the chain self-infliction will be less frequent.

  • I agree on the need of synergy between Bloody Revival and Light the Fuse.

  • I like some of your changes, so I’ll add them into my suggestions.

And I have added some suggestions on the common guns.

EDIT: I have added and edited suggestions on my previous post.

I forgot to mention on your changes on my suggestion on Iron GOD; Iron GOD is basically a hidden raid boss plus he’s at level 92 at OP8, which he receives 99.2% damage reduction from the players and he’s tough. So I think it’s fair to give him a 100% Pearlescent or Legendary drop.

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Ah, I meant that. So each grenade consumes 1 ammo.

Interesting though I don’t know if CC works like that. I’ll check later.

I might have underwhelmed the fight against Iron GOD. Yeah, he’s tough. A cut on the Blue loot pool would still give him immense increase in his drops, especially when told to drop like 10 from said pool. Maybe 100% legendary? Idk. Good idea.

I agree on the rest.

  1. The latest hotfixes need to be patched in.

  2. I want Krieg’s Raving Retribution rants back. I never got a chance to hear them. Give us the option to turn them on/off.


Oh man, those suggestions are awesome, come on gearbox, even if you guys don’t do it for the last
gen versions at least make one more patch for the xbox one/ps4 versions, I mean why make them for the newer systems if your gonna just leave them alone? I understand the restrictions that the last gen brought
but technically the handsome collection is a new game and can receive new patches and EVEN DLCS(I know I know, that’s not gonna happen).

Added more suggestions on UI and Maliwan pistols on my previous post.

The only thing I really, really want is repeatable Slaughter Domes. But anything on top of that would be appreciated

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Last Gen patch updates would also be a good idea, bad enough with GTAV getting all the love on current gen and were left with just reading the emails. Not to mention the fact of being ripped off with the last gen BL2 GOTY that was short of the content promised when bought new.


I’d like it if Deathtrap’s electric beam counted as a melee attack and received melee bonuses. That, or remove the electric beam altogether. Few things frustrate me more than a perfectly stationary enemy that DT decides to use his (useless) electric beam on.

Also, maybe make Dahl Allegiance Relics boost damage instead of recoil reduction?

Might sound like an overly simple request, but improve the drop rates on particularly rare gear. Not all of us have the time to grind for these things, but it doesn’t mean we don’t or wouldn’t like to have them.

For instance, when I learned about the drop rate for the Cobra, a vague memory came to mind. I can’t say with complete certainty, but I think it may have been possible I had one once and might have gotten rid of it without even knowing it was so rare (underleveled item would be the reasoning).

Dumb move, I know, assuming my memory had any validity, but some of these items could be as good as once in a lifetime acquisitions for some of us. Is it really necessary to have such rare drops be so ridiculous? Can some potential errors never be redeemed by making the chances more reasonable for those of us who would like to farm for unique gear without spending time we can’t spare?

They already increased the Cobra’s drop rate in the Oct 29th patch, but I would appreciate an increased OOO spawn rate :stuck_out_tongue: