"The last patch", is it?

Also, what about terra droping Seraph Crystals? He is a Raid boss, after all.
Also, dont remember if Craw Jr drops Seraph Crystals. If doesnt, well, would be nice. Or giving him a higher chance to drop Pearls like his father maybe.

Terra at least got his uniques to farm, little Craw has nothing to offer outside of nostalgia maybe. But I never played BL1, so…

If someone doesn’t have any DLCs, those crystals would have no purpose as all the Seraph items are from DLCs.


Good catch, forgot about that :sweat_smile:

Won’t lie.
GBX should fix the deadly bloom rarity glitch

Can I add something else?
The Boucing Bonny and the Shredifier should be assigned drops. Like the Bonny from Mad Mike or the Shredifier to a determined Ultimate Badass, Flinter, Sinkhole, Deputy Winger, Bone Head…

There are “a couple” of minibosses without their unassigned drop.


The sheriff already has 2 drops. The Sheriff’s Badge and Law.

Thanks for telling me, I forgot that.

I know it just sounds like I’m nagging, but Bone Head already has the Bone Shredder.

It’s a purple.
I’m talking about oranges.

Make mad mike drop one of the two and maybe donkey mong lol

he should, since that guys is respawnable

Does mad mike respawn I never go back there after the quest is done.

But we don’t want to crowd loot pools…

Badmaw, Madmike, Donkey Mong, I think we have a few others without a drop.

That is true.
Bad Maw is respawnable?
Mad Mike and Sinkhole sounds suitable to me.

I forgot about bad maw give him the bonny and give donkey mong the sherdifer

Forgot to add the Fire Bee too.

We have three oranges without assigned source: Bouncing Bonny, Shredifier and Fire Bee.

And three mini bosses with no drop. Hint hint lol.

The Shredifier is in Hyperius’ loot pool, though it should probably be somewhere else too I agree.

Bad Maw should definitely have something

And Mad mike is not a bad choice.

is bad maw a respawnable mini boss?
i don’t remember

Yes. He is.