"The last patch", is it?


so yeah
i like bad maw, mad mike and sinkhole for the new legendary sources!

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Fixes to enemy behavior are top of the list that seems doable: Things the AI has done to piss you off

Would also like all forms of currency – crystals, E-bars, tokens, and cash – to be made transferable, but would that be too much?

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Do you mean transferable between characters or between different players (as cash can be traded to someone else)? While ths is a nice idea it would kind of defeat the purpose of playing the game with other characters if you could transfer those items. After all, if we just farm with one character all the time what’s the incentive to try another character? Part of learning how to play them is to use them in situations where they can get their own crystals, tokens, etc.

@Carlton_Slayer I meant between characters, but between players is also something to consider, considering we’re already trading cash.

It all started with frustration over my Axton/Gaige/Maya having gotten all Black Market upgrades, and still accumulating E-bars that are just going into the closet and sitting there…unless I hit Terramorphous, the altars, or Moxxi’s machines (Flamerock Refuge).

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I’m sorry in advance if this post is too off topic, but I’ve got a doubt.

I know there’s a thread similar to this about the first Borderlands, but is there one about TPS? So far, I haven’t been able to find it.

If the answer’s no, would anybody be annoyed if I made one?

Is there a need for such a thread? Don’t get me wrong, I like TPS, but considering TPS’s UVHM is not as hard as BL2’s, doesn’t even have OP levels, and most people are not playing it anymore, I don’t think there are any standing issues in TPS that require a new patch.


I mostly agree with you, but since there still are some interesting hot-fixes active for that game as for Borderlands 2 (which I assume are all going to be definitively implemented in a future patch) maybe some minor and non game-breaking issues could have been fixed in that occasion.

Oh well, no big deal anyway. Thank you fo answering :+1:

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There are a few issues that should be addressed in TPS, so it could be productive to have one.

Some skills scale badly
Old Hyperion guns don’t get matching grip bonus

…there isn’t a ton of them but even if the thread is small, it could be worthwhile


Question, was the behavior of the Ancient Dragons fixed in the last patch? If not, add that to the list of hotfixes that need to be patched in.

What do you mean by their behavior? I haven’t faced them in a while but I’ve never had an issue with the way they acted…

A few problems.

  1. A landed dragon will take off a second after it landed. 2) A landed dragon will take off almost immediately after it used its ability. Worst possible occurrence would be Boost, if it happens early in the fight, and Incinerator if you’re trying to do a speed run. 3) Sometimes a landed dragon will glitch halfway into the floor. 4) In one video I watched, Boost had somehow got himself stuck in a wall far away from the arena (this one is probably rare though).

Those are the ones I can list off the top of my head. There might be 2 or 3 more, but I don’t know. The glitches are not too much of a problem if someone is farming or killing them for the first time, but they are extremely annoying when someone is trying to do a speed kill. After many mishaps, I finally managed to beat my old time, and I will be uploading that video soon. This time, I also did it with no legendary guns. “Legendary” includes seraphs and pearls.

Ok then, I’ll be a bit busy in the next few days, but I’ll get around to make one as soon as I can :ok_hand:

Ah, OK- gotcha. Now that you mention it I’ve had Incinerator and Healianth both glitch into the floor. They eventually came out of it but it was unusual to say the least…

Was this mentioned?

Buff Triple-O spawn chance.


Totally agree…and it seems like it would be an easy fix…just change the percentage in one line of code…

UBA Savages have x% chance to evolve

But then again…I’m no coder

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They could do with OOO the same they did with Vermivorous. Just saying…

They did something with Vermi? Is he easier to get now? oO

Yes they increased his spawn rate.

Yeah, but solo only if I remember correctly.

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Yes, varkids have an increased chance of evolving into him in solo gameplay now, but it’s still only a hotfix and not patched in. He still has a higher chance of showing up in a 4 player game, but at least it’s not next to impossible to get him in solo play anymore. I was able to spawn him while playing solo a couple of times after the hotfix.