"The last patch", is it?


@DSs are you still around ?

Could you scale back my suggestion for I’m the Juggernaut from 20% per rank to 10% per rank ?
I’d rather have a decent skill… than a great skill that is unlikely to become a reality.

At 10% per rank, it’s about on par with Krieg’s equivalent conditional skills.


But only after they give my turrets a little more…OMPH!!..LOL

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Is that accurate? We can finally spawn him more easily on Solo?

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That is correct. Vermi is easier to spawn now and also drops a guaranteed legendary.


Best news I’ve heard all day!

Of course, that legendary may be just a skin- but it’s guaranteed…:sunglasses:

Before I add my list of issues, I just want to point out that the typo in Terramorphous’s Tentacles was fixed with the last patch, as was the damage issue with the Sand Worms :slightly_smiling:.

The Handsome Collection specific issues:-

1: As of the 1.02 patch, you can’t do local Splitscreen with 2 accounts in some cases.

2: Most of the Elemental Challenges in BL2 are unobtainable with imported characters because the numbers don’t tally and go massively into minus figures.

3: The contrast levels on the item cards are much too high which makes the details extremely hard to read.

4: The light bar Rarity display feature doesn’t work properly because most items don’t show as the correct colours either at all or only randomly.

5: The Cradle is severely under powered in all playthroughs and needs buffing.

6: Give Saturn a Critical Hit point

7: The ECHO Logs in Stanton’s Liver produce distorted and Echoey audio which is almost impossible to hear.

8: When using a Customised version of the Default controls, the L1 and R3 buttons randomly stop working.

9: Certain loot containers hover above the ground near the Torgue Arena in BL2 because part of the scenery is missing.

10: There’s no DLC menu for the Pre-Sequel but there is for BL2. If there’s no more DLC coming to either game, then it would make more sense to just remove them and free up some memory.

11: I know this probably isn’t possible but I’m going to ask anyway but I would love for the “Extra Wubs” code to be ported to the PS4 version of BL2. I know it doesn’t do anything other than add an extra menu entry but it was still a cool addition when it was discovered for the PS3 version.

12: For some reason, a weird rushing sound occurs when fast travelling/transitioning to certain locations e.g. Marcus’s Mercenary Shop, Serenity’s Waste, Pity’s Fall etc. This bug was introduced with the 1.03 patch.

21: The brightness levels in Washburn Refinery are extremely uneven and get obnoxiously bright in the Engineer’s Ring were you fight Hyperius. This bug was introduced with the 1.03 patch.

22: The “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission has become glitched again, this was fixed a couple of years back on the PS3 but the fix has undone itself. The fix for this is the same as it was back then i.e. you have to complete the mission “Roll Insight” first, then you will be able to Turn In the “Find Murderlin’s Temple” mission. This glitch affects both the PS3 and 4 versions of the game.

23: I haven’t experienced this one personally but after doing some research, it appears that the Zer0’s Kunai have been accidentally nerfed again so don’t do as much damage as they should.

24: I don’t know if this affects the PS3 version or not but the latest patch has introduced a severe connection issue whereby people get frequently and randomly disconnected during area transitions either via
the portals or Fast Travel Stations. This problem also affects The Pre-Sequel but to a lesser degree.

25: Some item cards are too narrow and either crop off the edge of some descriptions or force the text to overlap, thus rendering some sections unreadable.

26: Here’s a list of issues that I maintain on another site, there’s so many that I can’t port them all over: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/borderlands-2-a/177119-borderlands-2-glitches-fixes.html

27: Now Vermivorous has received a spawn and item drop rate buff, it would be great if Triple O could get the same treatment as he’s a pain to spawn and the drop rate for the Twister is lousy.

28: All the Raid Bosses need a health, shield and damage nerf because they do way too much damage and most take too long to kill. Voracidous and Master Gee in particular are a nightmare and I have yet to find a way of killing them legit on Playthrough 3 without using exploits :frowning:.

29: Most of the issues listed here, still haven’t been addressed to my knowledge: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200939380-Handsome-Collection-on-PlayStation-4

30: The Tubby/Chubby loot pools needs redistributing since they drop way too many items and farming for a specific drop gets really annoying after a while. Some of the bosses in the game only drop 1 item so they could easily be made to drop something else as well.

31: Both TPS and BL2 have a problem with some bosses having terrible drop rates, despite the numerous drop rate increases so it would be great if e.g. The Warrior, The Towering Shuggurath of Ice, Son Of Mothrakk (who is buggy as hell anyway), The BNK-3R, Rabid Adams, Felicity etc. could get a drop rate increase that’s specifically targeted at them so we don’t have to spend hours trying to get something from them.

32: There is a bug during the Wilhelm fight which means that a crucial part of the story given by Jack via an ECHO transmission doesn’t play (this affects all versions of the game).

33: There’s a really nasty Activity Feed bug doing the rounds which really needs fixing: Error in PS4 activity feed please help

Hot Fixes that still need hardcoding (all info taken from the official support site):-

  • Increased Shock Spike shield damage by addressing issue where it was not being calculated properly.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Fixed an issue where the Lootsplosion would not always trigger after defeating Piston. - This was supposed to have been fixed years ago but for whatever reason, the fix didn’t take so still happens. It would be nice to get a legendary out of this Vault since what does come out is 99% junk.
  • (Sir Hammerlock DLC) Fixed an issue where Rakkanoth would not always spawn if players were too far away. - It would be great if this boss could be made respawnable so we have another way of getting the Son of Mothrakk Customisations.
  • Fixed audio issues for clients using the ‘Hide of Terramorphous’ shield.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pimon from spawning in Wildlife Exploitation Reserve if players had completed the “Swallowed Whole” side mission.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause sound effects to loop during the “Train to Catch” mission.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Enemies above Level 50 should no longer appear during “Tier 3 Battle” missions while playing in Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode. - This was supposed to have been fixed years ago but Lv52 enemies still appear on Playthroughs 1+2.
  • Addressed a rare issue where players who did not complete the optional “Collect Slag Samples” objective would not properly spawn back into the Natural Selection Annex.
  • (Tina Tiny DLC) Repositioned the boundary turrets in Unassuming Docks to prevent players from missing a critical area.
  • (Mr. Torgue DLC) Badassasarus now takes proper explosion damage from the Tunguska rocket launcher.
  • Maya’s Blight Phoenix skill is now buffed to be on par with other skills in the tree.
  • Zer0’s Deathmark ability now receives a larger damage boost.
  • Vermivorous will now be easier to spawn in a single-player game.
  • Increased drop rate for the Hyperion assassin skin customizations.
  • Increased drop rate for Maya’s “Frozen Wrath” skin customization.
  • Increased chance to spawn shield boosters when using the “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” shield.
  • Zero’s “ Velocity” skill will now apply critical hit damage correctly.
  • Gaige’s “Wires Don’t Talk” skill now appropriately increase shock DoT damage.

I agree everything that has been said in the OP, especially about the Sir Hammerlock Uniques because those have a abysmal damage scaling. The Cradle is another item which needs a massive damage buff because it’s useless right now.


You know what would be cool?

Get the weapons that were cut off.
Like the Doom, the Fire Cracker, the Weasel, the Flame Tosser…

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I believe this one was fixed, it not longer stacks, but is now an 80% bonus instead of 20

Edit: no longer stacks deathmark, I should say

I have to disagree with the raid boss nerf. Master Gee is the only raid boss you can kill AFK, and as such is the easiest raid boss, even if it is not the fastest. Pyro Pete is the second easiest, but you need the Trespasser to speed up the fight, and you have to play keep away at the scaffolding which blocks the novas. Hyperius is a problem once he starts jumping around, but he’s not impossible. Vorac is the only problem imo, which is why he is the only one I used an exploit to kill. Nobody bothers with Dexi since he is truly optional. The Ancient Dragons are still glitch city, but each character has their own way to solo them. Finally, nobody cares about Son of Craw since he is optional.

Especially Master Gee is nothing more than “get 3 or 4 acid-debuffs on him and then run away till he dies”. You don’t even need to shoot him. But Vorac’s and the chief’s shield could use some tweaking. How about increasing Voracs shield by 20℅ and decreasing the chiefs shield by 25%? Would make the fight a tiny bit less time consuming. The damage on them is OK, they are Raid Bosses nonetheless!
What I’d really love would be some 1-player-raid-scaling. Like scaling down to three-player-difficulty when only one player is present. Would make the Raids doable for far more people and Mayas (pun intended).

Sadly this has been discussed previously: no new guns can be added to the game at this point. Something to do with the limited memory of last gen consoles.

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That’s why those weapons were cut off?.

I have no idea

Fair enough

Maybe some from: Things you wished the classes had?

  • All:
  • Better scaling of Rank # skills.
  • Mods and relics, especially for melee, affecting both character and pet AS.
  • Commando/Axton:
  • Increase resistance/radius of Phalanx Shield.
  • Gunzerker/Salvador:
  • Dahl weapons possibly(?) being usable in Gunzerking: Desires For Borderlands 3
  • Psycho/Krieg:
  • Pull the Pin reviving on a successful kill.
  • Siren/Maya:
  • Phaselock timer drastically slows down while Phaselock: Sub-Sequence is searching.
  • Increased damage from Recompense.
  • Phaselock: Res works with Phaselock: Sub-Sequence: Things you wished the classes had?

@Piemanlee I think those ones can be implemented on the current system, but the one I’m really not sure about is Dahlzerking and the fire options. At the least, Dahlzerking would be better than carrying what is literally a pair of elemental Jakobs.

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Yeah all except the dahlzerkering sound doable on ps3/Xbox 360

Was gonna suggest Laser Sight increase tracking speed, but IDK. Last time I pitted the turret against a Surveyor was in Bloodshot Ramparts, and I do remember that it was detecting the Surveyor just fine, but ultimate forcing me to rely on my Deliverance because turret tracking was a few paces behind, akin to old WW2-esque flak guns:

I had a theory that Scorched Earth might be reducing the tracking speed, but I’m not sure if I ground that out…yet.