The Last Star Armada | Battleborn Fanart Corner: (Illustrations, Comics, Etc.)

(Aljericamora) #1

Shine Brighter Battleborn Badasses of Solus,

2 Years has passed since Battleborn has been out, and we had a pretty great run, but there is more out there in Solus, weave gained and lost precious friends in the community and we also changed how Battleborn is still today, growing bigger, and bigger with each step. With that said and since I now got your attention let continue to the topic.

I now announce to you all “The Last Star Armada.” Who and Whats it about? This armada is a connection to the Battleborn in it attempts to repower the star of Solus from Rendain and the Varelsis doings. We are now orbiting in Solus where we see familiar faces and give condolences to those who passed on. But we aren’t here to stand around and do nothing, we are here to stand along side our fellow members and to retain what was once taken from Solus, we’re taking it all back, so lets dive in and may our battle never end.

So what do ya say? Ready to make real mayhem happen? Its only just begun.

This topic forum is for the artwork I have created for Battleborn over the years. Mainly the things I created for this is Year 1 and 2 anniversary themed merchandise such as stickers, charms, etc., however, I want to end this year of 2018 with a ton Battleborn fanart, we got Year 3 soon to be coming and I dont want to fall behind so soon. Hope you enjoy my works of the Battleborn world; see character interactions, postcards and even character stickers you might take a liking to. There is more to be said but there is a new day ahead, lets go out with a bang.

The (Battleborn Anniversary Sticker for Year 1 & 2) is up on my Redbubble if you want to support your fellow Battleborn comrades, collect it and wear it proud:

That’s all for now badasses, welcome to The Last Star Armada and it a please being among you all.

(Brute 912) #2

Do we just post Battleborn artwork here? Is this an event thing before the end of this year?

(Aljericamora) #3

You may post your own Battleborn artwork here, this topic thread is to have battleborn artists share their works and be known by others in the community. This isn’t a event for the end of the year, but for a continuation commemoration for Battleborn year 3 coming next year! We want to keep Battleborn artworks for the years to come and also be inspired by our fellow artist peers to create diverse artworks. Hope this answers your questions, and welcome to the Last Star Armada!