The last update does not let me enter the game

Well, as the title says, this is happening to me with the latest update. I played the previous update until the last day and everything was correct, but with the last one released in the game every time a 3D model of a Vault Hunter is shown the game crashes (even the models from the kinematics before choosing characters (on the other hand if I skip it I will be crashed by the models of the choice of characters x’D)).

In another post I read that I only change your graphics card and it works for you, but I don’t have a card or money for another, but this makes me think; My pc is out of date to play borderlands 3, or does it only need an update for it to work again?

PS: My graphics card is an Intel 520, and I still ran the game and only with the last update are I still having problems with everything updated
PS2: Forgive me if you don’t understand anything, I only know basic English and use the google translator to ask for help in the forum, Thanks<3

Do you know if your game is trying to use DX11 or DX12?

It is running with dx11, in the same way I doubt that it is the dx since before with dx11 and dx12 I ran the same way.