The Latest Cheat!

So here I was, playing a game against an obnoxiously accurate and hard hitting level 1 / 2 Ghalt. Guy was ranking kills, hard. Maybe that was legit, it really didn’t look like it though. Oh well, 14 kills in a few minutes still reeks of foul play.

Anyway, the wonderful part is that when we finally managed to kill him… We didn’t ! Guy would leave the match riiight before the killing blow, and come back a few seconds later. Denying the kill, and then the XP.

Nice, huh ?

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So the thread is titled “The Latest Cheat” but you have no idea if he was cheating or ANY form of video or picture evidence to support any of these claims? Why does this thread exist?

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I’ve actually started to see this, and it’s kinda ■■■■■■■■ in my opinion. It’s essentially a faster “Teleport back to base” except it takes longer to return.


They could fix this issue by forcing a repeated ‘teleport to base’ attempt until successful or dead, for anyone who disconnects.
Then only once back in base, the game can remove the character from the world.


Why not? It happens. Sure, I don’t record all my games, so I don’t have it. And I don’t want to dish out actual names and go through the hassle of editing to hide them.

Three times did it happen, just on the verge of death. It denies XP. It is also a “emergency return to base”. Isn’t that cheating, even if done by hand with a Alt F4 or with a program ? Once, I’d call that bad luck, maybe a crash. Three times? Come oooon.

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Huh… The game doesn’t keep your character in the game world for a few seconds after you disconnect? I know most MMOs I have played do that.

Nah, as weird as it seems. The death animation plays out right when the logout is confirmed, but the death isn’t registered and neither are the XP. So either he logged out and we killed him but since he was “D/C”, we didn’t get any rewards, or the death animation is automatically played when a log out is detected. Either way, no rewards, one “free” getaway card.

I’ll try to keep Shadowplay in the background and hit my record button, but as I’m not paranoid it’s not the kind of things I usually do :confused:

Shadowplay has an option to record everything and save last 5 minutes of video to a file when you ask.

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True. I never used that option. I’ll investigate, it can prove very useful for this kind of situations !