The latest hotfix sucks the joy out of playing Benedict

“Increased the initial reload speed of Benedict’s UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher.”

I’m sorry, but that’s a terrible, vague description. Let me fix that for you.

“Changed Benedict’s reload so that rockets aren’t replenished until after the reload animation is complete.”


“Changed Benedict’s reload in such a way to completely disallow reload weaving/cancelling, as well as to further restrict his damage output.”

And while we’re at it, maybe add this:

“Firing during the opening frames of a Benedict reload animation can still cause rockets to fail to launch, and doing so after loading multiple rockets can cause a glitch that drops the rocket magazine count back to where it was when you started reloading. Don’t get your hopes up for a fix.”

Also, there seems to be a slight fire rate buff to the launcher, but I guess that wasn’t worth mentioning in the notes.

Look, I get it… constant rocket spam was strong–but it wasn’t any more overpowered than Galilea’s ridiculous stack of CC, or Ghalt’s stupid hook, or any of the other things in this game that players abuse to get an advantage.

The damage nerf was a step in a fair, level-headed direction. Heck, you could have dropped his damage even further. When two experienced teams came up against each other, Benedict wasn’t about crazy burst damage, or diving for a lame rocket kill. It was about space control, denying teams access to certain parts of the map with the credible threat of a steady stream of rockets. It was one of the few skill-based counters to abusive, CC-spam steamroll teams, especially ones that had lag on their side.

So now, Benedict’s damage mechanics have been fundamentally altered from their behavior at launch. Up until now, a big part of managing his damage output was having the ability to quickly get another rocket in his launcher after firing. That’s what enabled reload weaving, sure, but even if you weren’t doing that, he still needed the ability to quickly shove another rocket into the chamber, for that extra little bump of potential damage.

Now, he gets to fire 1-5 rockets, then get stuck an obvious, ugly, predictable downtime, in which any experienced opponent will thrash him into oblivion. His early-game damage output is abysmal, and even after a few levels, it remains constrained to a targeted burst. His combat role is now limited to that of a vulture, who dives on anything he can drop by dumping his entire kit, which will typically be five rockets (or ten, if you’re willing to burn Hawkeye), then later down the Helix, damage-infused Liftoff and the oft-disappointing Boomsday. In other words, he’s a less-effective version of Orendi.

For XP gain, he’s relegated to basic minion clear, as he wasn’t that good at taking out Thralls or Elites to begin with, and now he’s even worse. Of course, this also makes him even more terrible that he already was in certain Story missions, especially when fighting Eldrid minions and bosses.

Is he completely crippled? No. But if I pick him, I can’t make a single mistake, or I’m just going to feed the enemy team XP. It was already hard enough to play Benedict against a good ISIC, WF, or OM, and now, I’m convinced it’s pretty much impossible. So I’m not going to pick him. At all. My teams deserve better.

I’m sorry, but on the surface, it looks like the development team caved in to all the organized whining. What actually happened internally doesn’t really matter, because the front-facing narrative appears to be one in which developers validated recent complaints from the player base. And it sets a really, really crappy precedent–if I don’t like dying to a strong hero, all I have to do is get a bunch of my friends together, set up a big soapbox, and scream the loudest.

I guess with the player population as small as it is, especially on PC, any group that complains qualifies as a vocal majority. I would prefer the devs follow their own compass, but it seems clear that’s not what’s going to happen.


I agree.
Benedict is rather lacking now in my opinion


I think his kit was also lacking. Alt flight. A skill flight. Main is rockets. He shoots more rockets. A rocket he controls. He’s too gimmicky, he’ll either be too strong or too weak.


Benedict spent too much time on the spotlight as the most OP character in the game. Even I stopped playing him because of how easily I was killing even skilled players. I didn’t have any opponent that can hard counter me when I played Benedict. Constantly getting 20-40+ kills on every match even against full premade of lvl 100’s team was just too much

If you are one of the truly skill based players of Benny that learned his tactics other than just spam his dps then he’s still good, but I do agree that he is definitely now lacking. I may not be able to relate as well as others because I only ever excelled in capture but now it takes even more skill or much rather caution to play him and feels as though he’s now required to have reload speed gear along with the RS helix and his damage buff at lvl7 to be normal benny again, therefore being a more late game character without his inf. ammo method. It may have been a good thing and also not, but he had his nerf, he was just fine. Taking that 45% down to its real % would’ve been fine. But if they can (assumably) cave in to those that wine about how godly he was I’m hoping they hear out or get notified about all the ruckus going on with kleese’s taser range and hot fix that and hopefully not pummel benny down even further into the depths of becoming worthless

I don’t have a problem with the change, really, but if they were going to do that, it should have been done PRIOR to the reversion of the damage buff.

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Didn’t they say this was not permanent (it ain’t that bad anyway)

he shoots rockets thats pretty much all he does. He doesnt really have much of a “kit” to use unlike gal and ghalt who can almost guarantee a kill each time they get someone in i agree.

Yeah, he’s extremely one dimensional.

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It’s not a question about nerfing him because he is OP but fixing a glitch that shouldn’t exist. That’s tottally different, or i just didn’t understand the problem xD


I thought we agreed he used to be completely balanced (and fun)

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“How dare they fix a glitch.”

Seriously, i was playing him without using that glitch. Was doing more than fine.
Won’t change anything for me. And you shouldn’t have counted on the glitch to play him in the first place, since you knew it was bound to be fixed.

And “He only shoot rockets” is a funny argument considering he is the only character who can fly and ignore terrain.
If you think he is one dimensional, you play him wrong.


The ironic thing is, i purposely stopped using Benedict when he got his damage AND health buff; Too much hate mail… :,(
Now that he’s been “fixed”, i can’t play him anymore, because the reload speed is a killer until i get vyn’s quiver AND ready rockets going. The bright side is that i don’t have to listen to him anymore…

No, we didn’t, since there was no any of knowing if it was intended or not. But the changes make no sense in the bigger scheme of things. They increase his damage, making it hard to believe the reload thing was intended, then they revert that change, THEN adjust the reload. Boggles the mind,

I’m just saying compared to a character that can do a lot, like Mellka or Ambra. Benedict jumps in the air, shoots several types of rockets. Reloads, reappears, shoots some more rockets.

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I thought he was balanced and possibly fun. But his first skill is just a better from of his main attack, and Liftoff is really just to use his alt better. His ult is another rocket. There’s not much versatility at all. He’s wave clear with burst. Or burst with wave clear. He can’t really assassinate, skirmish, brawl, tankx heal, defend very well, etc.

Well that is his thing and everyone thought of him as the hard to play character and was fun for them

Yeah, because every games only need 1/3rd of the reload animation to be done to consider it a full reload.
Why bother make a full animation, eh?

I could say the same thing about those two:
Melka: Shooty shooty, jump, run. Repeat.
Ambra: Sun, sun, punch, punch, heal. Repeat.

But that’s not the truth.

If you don’t know how to play a character, it might looks like it’s simple.
It’s not. Even OM is more than “Shooty McShoot”.
I do more different stuff and playstyle with Benedict than i do with Melka. (I don’t play Ambra, so i can’t compare)

But whatever, i’m not going to preach for my church.

Yeah, I don’t play Benny at all. Totally clashes with my personality, playstyles, everything. I’ll probably get to him right before Montana. I really wanted to like him, but… nope. I probably shouldn’t have argued something for a character I don’t play as. Ik his mechanics as I’ve played a few pve missions but not much.

Do you really want to make the case that every design decision makes sense? At any rate, there’s no need to be disrespectful.

There’s also the fact that his raw dps is quite low without it.

My preference would have been to reduce rocket damage but increase firing speed a little and maybe add a helix that increases reload speed when reloading successive rockets. I think Benedict was intended to be a burst damage character, but (for me) he shoots so slow and reload takes so long it doesn’t feel good to play him that way. I think with a little adjustment, he could have had almost two operating modes, a continuous fire mode for sustained damage and (keeping in mind I said his rocket damage should be lowered) a burst fire mode by holding the fire button down.

That’s what I would have liked, and I think it would have made for more varied, tactical gameplay, but we don’t always get what we want.

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