The latest hotfix sucks the joy out of playing Benedict

(Benedict Informant) #21

He is not for everyone, that’s for sure, and a lot of peoples play him wrong (Too static, etc) which is why i made a whole guide about him (Which i should update after his recent buffs and nerfs.)
But i guess that’s why peoples don’t like him at first, because they don’t get him.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #22

Ohh he just never clicked with you huh, I’m the same with thorn

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(Benedict Informant) #23

I say this everytime:
He is not a DPS character. He is a burst damage. Which is different.
I can kill any character faster than any other Battleborn can with Benedict. El Dragon or Rath included. (As long as it’s 1on1)

I always told that to peoples using the Reload glitch: If you do use this, you play him wrong.

He is (As said above), and you are not supposed to reload while fighting. Or barely.
That’s why you have 5 rockets, not 1.

You know that’s actually one of his Helix choice? (A bad one, btw)

If you are curious, i got a guide and a build about Benedict which seems to have helped some peoples who were not super fond of Benedict’s playstyle. And after reading them, you might see why i say the Reload glitch was completely superfluous.

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(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #24

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the mutation multi fire better (called multiloader?)


Yeah, that’s awful, and not at all what I mean. I think it would have been cool to have burst fire and continuous single shots both be useful in different situations.

Clearly not, but he could have been designed to do both. And thanks but no thanks, with respect to the guide.

(Mshldm1234) #26

Gearbox logic:
Benedict was created as a high skill level character.
Many lower skill and unskilled players were underperforming, resulting in a major buff.
Damage was nerfed, to bring him more in line.
Let’s nerf him further than he was in the beginning, instead of just 100% reverting the changes

(Benedict Informant) #27

It feels like loading two rockets take more time than shooting two. Which is not really useful. Also, it hinder the normal firing (Like… 10% slower? And a bit sluggish)

So it’d need a slightly shorter animation, less slugish, and the “normal” animation should stay the same.

Also, as far as i remember, it automatically shoot after loading the 2 rockets, which it shouldn’t (I’m not 100% sure about that, as i obviously haven’t used it since the last time i tested it… which is months ago, during the Beta)

And talking about Helix they should change on Benedict: I never understood why they changed his Slow from 2 to 1 second… It’s barely noticeable, and now that it doesn’t affect Attack speed, it’s even more useless.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #28

It used to slow for 2, never knew that

(Benedict Informant) #29

They changed it before the Release, if i remember well…

(Ambra's Arbiter) #30

Yeah, kinda same for El Dragõn. Picked up Phoebe, triple kill. Picked up Ernest, 160 k damage after three matches. With Benny, I feel… odd. Permanently gimped. I don’t use him in PVP as I’d be hurting the team. It’s sad cuz he seems so cool with high damage per shot which I love.

(Master of Lore) #31

Fun? What fun?

I suck with him so hard it is unbelievable.

All I want is getting 10 kills while airborne for his lore, but I couldn’t score a single kill, even though a lot of people claimed he is a Wrecking Ball.

Never was for me, and never will be, especially if he gets nerfed more and more.

Unless someone would be kind enough to get himself killed on purpose for me, I will never get this lore done :sob:

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(The 8-Bit Wonder) #32

Maybe they should buff the aoe on his rockets so he can actually be as good at clearing waves as OM and Ernest. Not the Hawkeye rockets though. That would be overpowered.

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(Benedict Informant) #34

There is an Helix for that.

Really, Benedict was fine before (Probably still is, haven’t played him yet since the last patch)
The only thing that need(ed) change was the Reload glitch, the Multiloader Helix, and to get his Slow back to 2 seconds.


A point of clarification seems to be in order.

Benedict’s damage, on balance, has not been nerfed; it’s been buffed. They originally buffed it by 18% then reduced it by 10%. Mathematics tells us that, on balance, he got a 8% buff (18% - 10% = 8%).

(The 8-Bit Wonder) #36

Oh, I know. But why does a character labeled as pusher need a helix to be as good as OM at pushing at a later level?

Edit: Maybe they can move the level 7 helixes farther up the tree.

(unmaking the universe with math) #37

10% reduction on the new value
Base damage went from 184>211>190
So it’s a buff but not really. 3.157895%

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #38

His wave clear is good without that helix actually just shoot on top of the wave


Point taken and thanks for the precise numbers. But my larger point remains. Those who keep claiming that his damage has been nerfed have it wrong. It has been buffed, though tiny, it’s still a buff. And we are talking about a game w/ stat boots like 5.06% and 2.02%, etc. Big numbers are not a thing in Battleborn.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #40

I think by “damage”, they mean the DPS damage they USED to be able to put out when his rocket launcher reloaded more reliably. It certainly FEELS like i put out way less damage with him now, even if he still does more damage per rocket than he originally did. Damage per rocket/burst? Yes, TECHNICALLY buffed. DPS? Definitely took a large hit with the reload nerf/bug.


Gotcha! Well in that case, the rest of you, resume arguing. I’m headed over to the Earnest topic to see if the screams that he is OP has reached fever pitch yet :smile_cat:.