The Latest Takedown Event and My Experience

(Somewhat of a ramble so I apologise in advanced)

First off, I’m a Zane player who knows what weapons I enjoy weapons…though I will admit, they aren’t always the strongest weapons I can have. I have caved in and gotten some of the more meta weapons - such as the light show, monarch and reflux. I have a shock backburner which I’ve always loved using.

I went into this raid when it first came out with my friend. He is an Amara sure. And for the most part, we could handle the enemies. While we - mostly me - has difficulty with the platforming, today we finally achieved it. We beat the takedown on Mayhem 10.

What felt like a victory was really quickly quashed.

The first boss - my friend died. I ran out of ammo on the weapons I had and took a good 40 minutes using weapons lying around before I beat it. There was so much excitement, I was tense and so was he…when I finally beat him - I legit cried out in happiness. But my reward? 9 world drops. None of which are useful at all. The same for my friend. Legitimately nothing.

Okay, that’s fine - that’s just rng. Let’s go on. We struggle through to the end - I switch my build so I use clone instead of shield so he can be the bait and we can unlock the crystals - and we finally get to the final boss.

Fighting him wasn’t an issue. But the nova? Where you have to hide behind a pillar? Only then to have the kamikaze dudes follow you behind there and knock you back from it.

That’s fine, I went down and my friend came to revive me…for a game that encourages multiplayer in order to beat it, the lag was so bad I couldn’t shoot anything.

No lag issues with the Maliwan takedown at all and we took a while to do that when it first came out. And we were rewarded for it - at least one item.

Anyway, I go down and I apologise. And the only reason my friend came in clutch was because they had guardian angel which I kept a mental note of for them. And it was always the kamikaze enemies that would force it out.

You could run with boosted speed all the way to the other end of the room and they’ll still find you. You might be able to stop one but when there’s 6 of them, you just die.

I can’t imagine how users who don’t use an extra life build - guardian angel, pet reviving you, clone takes your place etc.

Anyway, thank the Lord - he did it! He actually did it! Thank god, we’ve been at this since it first came out and we finally did it.

That feeling of satisfaction? Short lived. I got 7 legendaries and my friend got 10. None of them new.

I wouldn’t have even minded if we just got a special head unlock for completing it - just some kind of badge of honour for managing to complete it.

But after all that grinding, all that panicking…there is nothing to show for it. Not even a room decoration for completing it.

There wasn’t anything like that for the Maliwan Takedown But I felt like the new items dropped more often for it. This newest guardian takedown is incredibly tedious. Some what challenging but there were times the modifiers just completely screwed over and I couldn’t prevent it.

This is by far the most difficult takedown/raid I’ve done. And I’m glad for that - I’m glad to be challenged. But there was no reward for all of that effort.

Not even a cosmetic for our room or for us to wear so that we have some pride.

I actually do like this takedown - it’s challenging and you have to be more careful of what you do, what you use etc. I changed my build in the middle of the takedown for survivability - Zane clone incase I get bopped.

But the modifiers - the majority of them - are more frustrating than challenging. And when you finally do achieve that end goal, there’s no reward. And while this is great to do with friends, it is so incredibly laggy that it almost punishes you for playing it with friends. Me and my friend have gone through game crashes, massive lag spikes to where we don’t realise where we are until and too late and the lack of control during platforming just ended in my death a lot. Though that may just be a me thing…I much prefer the zero gravity from the pre sequel. Couldn’t we have just had Rhys chime in and say : “Hey! Atlas found old oz kit technology. Maybe this can help you guys?”

Give Rhys some use and give us control. It would have helped a lot but that’s just a nitpick really.

I’ve watched the videos of what we could find in these raids. But with how tedious, punishing and draining it was with little to no reward - I can’t help but feel like it’s just not worth it.

“But farming is a part of it.”. I understand that and love farming for loot. But the payoff didn’t outweigh the effort for me and my friend. There is the satisfaction of having done it but the goal of this game is to loot and shoot. With a lack of loot, is it worth it?

A little late to the party, I know, but I wanted to beat it myself properly before I gave a true opinion. And I really encourage other people to try and beat it at least once. And just some sort of guaranteed reward would be nice - such as gaining a new cosmetic for defeating it perhaps. Even if it’s purple, I still have some kind of ‘badge of honour’. Or reward a token of some sort - similar to forgive tokens and serif crystals - that we can trade in to some machine for takedown exclusive rewards.

Long story short : I love that it’s challenging. But the modifiers make it a lot more tedious than it should be and the reward isn’t worth it. We did it but I do not want to do it again.

Did any of you guys manage to defeat the takedown? And if so - who did you use? And what are your opinions on it as a whole?


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i always says this. completing the takedown is a reward on its own.

this is my zane run back in 57.

you can either, stand behind a pillar (my favorite spot is near the corners). or you can shoot the diadems when it is near scourge, for even riskier strat, just stand near scourge and bump every diadem you see then run (it will blow up and end scourge invincibility and nova phase).

It can also skip straight to the next one or at least deal huge dmg to Scourge.

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Congrats on beating it!

Are you now intent on - or at least tempted to -repeating the feat?

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But that’s the thing - for me, it wasn’t. I was happy about completing it but to go through as much work as I did and come out with nothing on the other end is a slap in the face. The drop rate needs to be looked at, I feel. Because it’s a very dissatisfying feeling to get something that I could just as easily get from chests from the beginning of the game.

The whole purpose of doing these is for the new loot or new cosmetics.

I know how the fight works for the final fight. The scourge fight itself is interesting and fun. But my main complaint wasn’t so much that but more how punishing it feels to play with your friends. Those one shot enemies are rough - the ones with big orbs on their head? But the lag was so bad at one point, I couldn’t move my character on the screen.

If you look back, my complaint wasn’t just ‘its hard’. It’s - ‘this is a very punishing raid with little to no reward’.

And yes, there was brief satisfaction in beating the raid. But to then get nothing for achieving it on the hardest difficulty doesn’t exactly make me want to do it again.

Not asking for ‘let it rain all the best legendaries’. But just that little glimmer that’ll make me want to come back and do it again.

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Definitely not. And it’s kinda disheartening to say that.

Between the time it took, how poor the drops are (plenty of them but the quality is so poor) and how the modifiers feel more like a nuisance than an actual challenge - it just didn’t feel worth it to me.

I would have much rather have seen two legendaries the whole raid - one from each boss - but it be a new one then see 20 legendaries (as I got some from enemy drops) that I can get from much easier fights elsewhere. All that work for those legendaries which are unusable for the fights themselves…just left me not wanting to do it again :frowning:

Same here - and your answer about sums up the main problem for/with Takedown At The Guardian Breach: Zero desire to replay.

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You get a skin, “Bad Astro” for completing it btw. And a pretty dope one. Also an Echo skin.

  • You can kill kamikaze dudes, and even bait them towards Scourge and nuke them next to him. This will cancel his nova cast.

I went back to check my inventory, which wasn’t full, and I didn’t see it there. And I checked my machine to see if perhaps it auto unlocked but I didn’t see it there either. I double checked all the loot I got from him too and I wasn’t pretty sure I didn’t get any skins.

Not long after we beat him, my game did crash (for both me and my friend) so I’m not sure if that maybe meant I lost the skin? At least it wouldn’t have been mid takedown like it had so many times before but still…

As for luring then close to him, that is still an incredibly risky move. In our experience, especially near the end, the pillars were right on the edge. My Zane has speed from his build but if you didn’t have build that could be very risky.

I suppose if you use a clone to teleport between or to attract the enemies away from you…

I’ll probably have to change my entire build again which sucks as I really do enjoy the build I have now.

Which is fine - I get that games have superior builds and weapons. But for a game that boasts about having so many options and weapons, it’s be nice to be able to use them. For example - I had a clairvoyance hi from dlc2. And I loved that gun. Got it perfect for my build - on level, damage and anointment.

It was basically a shiny peashooter ._.

Skin and echo theme are added directly to QCS, check there.

For the first time, GTD is really hard, especially crystals sections. It will be easier with every attempt. Meanwhile they will booost and fix drop rates, the same way as in MTD.

For me GTD is pretty fun to play, it’s different than MTD and thats nice.

I didn’t mind the crystal sections actually…though maybe that’s because we found a way to cheese it.

Step 1 : Have a Zane player.

Step 2 : Have the clone equipped with the skills that not only make enemies go for it instead of you but also have damage go from you to it.

Step 3 : put the clone away from you then you and your coop friend charge the crystal.

In the final crystal area, we charged all three crystals no problem at all. They charge rapidly, we had to deal with maybe 3 enemies at most and if I did get knocked off (which I didn’t but if I did!) I just swap places with my clone.

I’ll check again but I really did have a good look and didn’t see anything new or with the names mentioned. We did crash (a gripe I have along with how laggy co op is) so not sure if that mattered.

I’m with the OP here. Totally not rewarding to do, either solo or co-op. The combat is fine, the platforming sucks.

I have beaten it a few times on M10 with a co-op buddy. Very unrewarding. Why not have a line of chests appear up on the shelf after Scourge dies and turn on the jump pad to get to them?

MTD was unrewarding at the beginning too. It should change with the next patch.

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I do hope so, because I currently have no reason to do it apart from bragging rights…

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So which patch has made this takedown rewarding? I’m not a fan of the charging and platforming in this takedown. Maybe if it was Super Mario.

Any gear here that I should farm here that I can’t get any better in dlc3? Sorry I was away for 3+ months.